Cast Interviews

#ByeAndy: The video vault

As Andy Sugden goes on the run, we've put together a collection of clips including his arrival in the Village, memorable scenes and the moment Andy left Emmerdale for the open road #ByeAndy

Dancing with danger - George Sampson

When Ryan makes a deal with Robert, could he be dancing with the devil? George Sampson reveals on his special guest role.

Tess's hit and run: Behind the scenes

The loss of Tess's life at the accidental hands of Kirin starts a heartbreaking journey for Kirin, Paddy and Rhona's. Adam Fielding explains.

Aaron's agony over Robert

There's a fine line between love and hate...and Aaron may have crossed it when it comes to Robert. Danny Miller reveals all.

Thanks from Ryan

Ryan Hawley has a special message for all the Robron fans.

Ross's Return

Ross is back, let the hell fire begin...Mike Parr spills all.

Behind the scenes of the Summer Fate stunts

Go behind the scenes of the explosive stunts and dramatic moments of the Summer Fate episodes.

Goodbye Val

The Summer Fate claims another victim. Eccentric, exciting and irreplaceable, Charlie Hardwick says goodbye to the iconic Valerie Pollard.