Adam Barton

Adam Barton is played by Adam Thomas

Adam is a down-to-earth lad with a good sense of right and wrong. He’s a grafter, loyal to his family and friends but does have a mischievous sense of fun and enjoys banter with his mates. He’s certainly had his ups and downs, and got himself in some sticky relationship situations.

Ali Spencer

Ali Spencer is played by Kelli Hollis

Fiercely loyal to her family and protective of her kids, Ali’s a salt of the earth type who’s blunt and gritty - but funny and likeable. Ali and her girlfriend Ruby set tongues wagging in Emmerdale when they first moved to the village but they have now become a strong, positive presence on screen and formed solid friendships throughout the village.

Alicia Metcalfe

Alicia Metcalfe is played by Natalie Anderson

Alicia landed in the village like a thunderbolt and she has never shied from the limelight since. Her arrival with her son Jacob to Emmerdale turned her sister Leyla’s life upside down as Jacob is secretly Leyla’s son.

Amy Wyatt

Amy Wyatt is played by Chelsea Halfpenny

Amy's edgy, sassy, and exudes wisdom beyond her years. She's not had an easy start at life, having been bounced around from foster home to foster home, but she seems to have found a kindred spirit in Val.

Andy Sugden

Andy Sugden is played by Kelvin Fletcher

Andy came to the village as a troubled 10-year-old. He was over the moon when the Sugdens fostered him . Although he has had some dark times in the past, including accidentally killing adopted mother Sarah, being involved in a hit and run and domestic abuse, he has now matured into a responsible, dependable conscientious father to his two children with his former girlfriend Debbie, Sarah and Jack.

Arthur Thomas

Arthur is a cheeky little chappy, who never sits still. A handful at times due to his boisterous nature, he loves nothing more than to have a kick about with his family.

Keywords to describe character: cheeky, noisy.

Domestic Set: Tall Trees

Work Set: Attends Connelton Primary School

Relationships in show: Laurel (mum), Ashley (dad), Marlon (mum's boyfriend), Sandy (granddad), Gabby (sister).

First appearance: 26th August 2007

Likes: Football, messing about.

Dislikes: Arguing, being on his own.

Ashley Thomas

Ashley Thomas is played John Middleton

Ashley spent many years as Emmerdale’s well loved and respected vicar. He had it all - a loving wife and family, and despite the curve balls thrown at them, they always came through.