Charity Dingle

Charity Dingle

Video preview: Tue 5 Sep 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: Charity's having a meeting at a posh hotel with a new client, Graham, when Debbie turns up. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Wed 23 Aug 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: Megan's caught when Frank makes to call the contact in Spain. Charity answers the phone and it looks like the plan could be blown. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Fri 2 Jun 7pm

Friday's preview clip: Charity arrives in a flash car and Debbie is furious to think she's been up to her old tricks again. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Tue 23 May 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: As Charity and Debbie wash the car, Debbie's less than impressed with her mother's business ideas. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Mon 6 Feb 7pm

Monday's preview clip: Charity and Frank prepare to execute their jewellery scam. Elsewhere in the village...

Video preview: Mon 16 Jan 7pm

Monday's preview clip: At the Woolpack, Chas is gobsmacked when Charity spills the beans about her one night stand. Elsewhere in the village...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Charity calls Ross

EXCLUSIVE: Charity calls Ross from the hospital...and tells him about his son! Take a look at the moment you DIDN'T SEE in Tuesday 30 June's episode.

The TVChoice Awards 2015 is now open for the second round of voting:

Best Soap Actor:
Danny Miller (Aaron Livesy)

Best Soap Actress:
Natalie Anderson (Alicia Metcalfe)

Best Soap Newcomer:
Ryan Hawley (Robert Sugden)

Best Soap: Emmerdale

The first round in voting closes at 12am on Friday 10 July, so get your vote in!

Video preview: Tue 30 Jun 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: Charity tells Moses she's going to track his dad down for him and heads to the pay phone. Elsewhere in the Village...