Charity Dingle

Charity Dingle

Video preview: Tue 30 Jun 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: Charity tells Moses she's going to track his dad down for him and heads to the pay phone. Elsewhere in the Village...

TRAILER: Who's the daddy to Charity's baby

TRAILER: 29-3 July
Someone's about to get the shock of their life...#WhosTheDaddy

Video preview: Thu 11 Jun 7pm

Thursday's 7pm preview clip: Charity's shocked when Debbie tells her she's cheating on Pete with Ross. Elsewhere in the Village...

Caught and caged: Goodbye Charity

You can only run from your troubles for so long before the end of the road catches up...
Emma Atkins says a temporary goodbye to jailbird Charity Macey.

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Video preview: Tue 20 Jan 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: Sam takes to the witness stand and is torn as he looks at Charity, who fears he might be about to give her one final dose of revenge. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Fri 16 Jan 7pm

Friday's preview clip: Ali tells a shaken Charity that she believes Rachel is dead, insisting that she deserves to be locked up for what she's caused. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Mon 29 Dec 7pm

Video preview: Mon 22 Dec 7pm

Monday's preview clip: Moira storms in and calls an end to the party, but Charity remains defiant and urges everyone to stay. Elsewhere in the Village...