Chas Dingle

Chas Dingle is a confident, loud and proud Dingle! She's fun-loving, gutsy, brash and in your face. She doesn't take life too seriously and doesn’t care what others think about her…..unless they are her family.

Video preview: Tue 14 Nov 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: Chas walks in on Rhona and Paddy laughing at some unfortunately shaped ice buns. Elsewhere in the Village...

Chas is back!

Chas has returned to the Village - and it's all about to kick off! Lucy Pargeter spills on what's to come.

Video preview: Fri 31 Mar 7pm

Friday's preview clip: At the Woolpack, Chas tells Liv that Sandra's had an accident and is very ill. Elsewhere in the Village...

Deleted scenes: Cain's plan for the family

Deleted scene! Thu 23 Mar 8pm - episode no. 7780
Cain and Chas have a sibling moment over family when Marlon interrupts about the psychic night.

Want more?

Video preview: Mon 20 Mar 7pm

Monday's preview clip: Chas is shocked to see the state of Aaron when she and Robert visit him in prison. Elsewhere in the village...

Video preview: Tue 14 Mar 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: At Butler's Faith winds up Paddy about his relationship with Chas. Elsewhere in the village...

Deleted Scenes: Dating Dilemmas

Deleted scene! Wed 4 Jan 7pm - episode no. 7713
Chas can't hide her confusion over Paddy but Rhona convinces her to go for it! Should Chas and Paddy be together?

Deleted scenes: Disastrous date!

Deleted scene! Tue 3 Jan 7pm - episode no. 7712
Chas and Paddy return from their date only to be quizzed by Aaron, Rhona and Vanessa!