Christmas: A hectic Christmas lunch at Wishing Well

We go back to 2004 with this vintage clip of Christmas lunch at Wishing Well. All the Dingles are there and the table is set, but Lisa's about to go spare when she discovers the prize dish is missing and one of the lot is to blame.

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Christmas: Chas and Carl ALMOST get married

We go back to 2010 with this vintage clip of Carl King's (almost) wedding to Chas on Christmas Day. Just when you thought it would end kind of happily ever after, Chas gives Carl the ugly truth before running out of the church - setting off a series of events to follow for the next few years and leading to the infamous siege of 2013.

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Christmas: The cast rock out to a Christmas classic!

Watch the full performance of Emmerdale's rockstars belt out 'Merry Christmas Everyone'

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Christmas moments: Guess the celebrity

This Christmas moment takes us back to 1999 - Christmas Day at Wishing Well where the Dingles were celebrating Belle's birthday with a fun little party game. But not everyone was enjoying it and getting into the holiday spirit...

Christmas: Steven rehearses his lines for the parish Christmas play

We go back to 1977 with this very vintage clip of Steven (played by Tim Healy no doubt!) rehearsing his lines for the parish Christmas play. We don't think Steven would be cracking the West End nowadays with that memory (or that jumper).

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Text Santa and Emmerdale: Dan's dream

Kebabs, drink and festive cheer...sweet dreams are made of these (well, if you're Dan anyway). Dan goes from Village zero to local hero in a great sketch for Text Santa.

Want to know more about Text Santa and how you can donate? Visit the Text Santa website.

Trailer: Andy and Katie's wedding... (22-26 December)

TRAILER: 22-26 December
Something old, something new...who will get married on Christmas? #WeddingCrasher

Merry Christmas from Emmerdale

From all of us at Emmerdale, we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and brilliant 2015. x