Emma Barton

Played by Gillian Kearney, Emma Barton is the 'widow' of James Barton and the mother of Pete, Ross and Finn Barton.

Trailer: The killer is revealed #WhoKilledEmma

Time is running out as the walls begin to close on the killer of Emma Barton.

Deleted scenes: Emma and Finn reflect

Deleted scene! Fri 28 Aug 7pm - episode no. 7920
Finn and Emma have a moment as Emma reflects on events...could there be a clue as to #WhoKilledEmma?

Trailer: The suspects #WhoKilledEmma

PROMO: 30 October +
Everyone's got a secret to hide - and one of them is deadly. #WhoKilledEmma

The Return of No Return: Behind The Scenes

No exchanges. No returns. All decisions are final. The past has come to collect what Emma owes. Take a look behind the scenes of our incredible #NoReturn week!

The return of No Return: Recap

The past is inescapable. Re-live the moments that brought Emma to the edge of #NoReturn - and back again.

Video preview: Tue 3 Oct 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: Ross and Charity bicker over who is looking after Moses. During the squabble, they find Adam and Victoria in a sticky situation.... Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Mon 2 Oct 7pm

Monday's preview clip: Gabby comes clean to Diane and Bernice about what she's been doing to Emma. After hearing about the fight that broke out, Bernice heads out, ready to confront Emma. Elsewhere in the Village...

Trailer: The return to #NoReturn

PROMO: 2-6 October
The past has come full circle, and it's looking for Emma. #NoReturn #EmmaDale