Extra Scenes

Deleted scenes: Emma and Finn reflect

Deleted scene! Fri 28 Aug 7pm - episode no. 7920
Finn and Emma have a moment as Emma reflects on events...could there be a clue as to #WhoKilledEmma?

Deleted scenes: Gerry makes himself at home

Deleted scene! Fri 28 Jul 7pm - episode no. 7892
Gerry makes himself nice and cosy in Home Farm - much to the annoyance of Chrissie!

Deleted scenes: Gerry's birthday plans

Deleted scene! Tue 25 Jul 7pm - episode no. 7887
Gerry master plans Lachlan's birthday celebrations...but is it how Lachlan wants to celebrate turning 17?

Deleted scenes: Bernice's beauty therapy

Deleted scene! Thu 7 July 8pm - episode no. 7870
Bernice tries to offer a bit of therapy counselling to Frank during a spa treatment.

Delete scenes: Sam returns to the Dingles

Deleted scene! Mon 1 May 7pm - episode no. 7813
After Megan kicks Sam out, he goes to the only place that's ever been home: Wishing Well.

Deleted scenes: Dingles try to make things right

Deleted scene! Mon 27 Mar 7pm - episode no. 7783
Faith tries to make things right with Chas after the psychic night and Cain tries to console a distraught Debbie.

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Deleted scenes: Sandy's call to Edna

Deleted scene! Fri 24 Mar 7pm - episode no. 7782
As the search for Ashley continues, Sandy finds the walkie-talkie, wishing he could speak to Edna for advice.

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Deleted scenes: Cain's plan for the family

Deleted scene! Thu 23 Mar 8pm - episode no. 7780
Cain and Chas have a sibling moment over family when Marlon interrupts about the psychic night.

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