EXCLUSIVE: Kerry's Glamma 4 Kidz

EXCLUSIVE: Kerry's business presentation for her college course will leave the kids saying 'WOW!' and the parents exclaiming 'Why?!' - take a look at the full presentation as sampled in Monday 22 June's episode.

Will Charity reveal the father of her baby? Watch the drama unfold with NEXT WEEK'S (29 - 3 Jul) trailer:

DELETED SCENES: The Kings and Dubai

Deleted scene! Wed 25 Feb 7pm - episode no. 7120
As Nicola gets excited about the move to Dubai, Jimmy seems to be getting more anxious over leaving the Village.

Half an hour isn't enough for a small Village with TONS of Drama. See never-before-seen scenes that didn't make the broadcast:

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Sorry, this content isn't available on your device.

Bye Donna: A message to April

"Live BIG. Love well. And remember, it's all just one big adventure really." Donna Windsor may be gone, but she left this incredible video message for April to remember her mother.