Macey Madness: Behind the scenes

Charity's played some terrible games to get what she wants, but has she lost this time...and for good?

Jason Merrells, Emma Atkins, Gaynor Faye and Jamie Shelton take you behind the scenes of the #MaceyMadness. Will this game of cat and mouse end in tragedy? Watch and find out...

Has Megan gone too far?

You can only treat people like dirt for so long...

– Megan Macey

Megan suspects foul play and deception in getting her brother Declan to the alter, so she'll stop at nothing to expose her "gold digging" sister-in-law Charity. Has the blame for Charity's fake miscarriage sent Megan over the edge?

Gaynor Faye lays it bare on the #MaceyMadness and the shocking revenge that leaves a tragic aftermath for Charity, Megan, Robbie and Declan.

Bye Donna: A message to April

"Live BIG. Love well. And remember, it's all just one big adventure really." Donna Windsor may be gone, but she left this incredible video message for April to remember her mother.