Behind the scenes: Robert and Aaron's Christmas photoshoot

EXCLUSIVE: Go behind the scenes of the eerie #Robron Christmas photoshoot with Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley.

Christmas moments: Guess the celebrity

This Christmas moment takes us back to 1999 - Christmas Day at Wishing Well where the Dingles were celebrating Belle's birthday with a fun little party game. But not everyone was enjoying it and getting into the holiday spirit...

Trailer: The killer is revealed #WhoKilledEmma

Time is running out as the walls begin to close on the killer of Emma Barton.

60 seconds on set with Natalie J. Robb

Natalie J. Robb goes against the clock to answer as many of our questions as possible in 60 seconds - watch now!

Timewarp: Behind the scenes of Faith and Cain's past

Watch how we set the scene for Cain and Faith's 80s flashback episode.

Deleted scenes: Emma and Finn reflect

Deleted scene! Fri 28 Aug 7pm - episode no. 7920
Finn and Emma have a moment as Emma reflects on events...could there be a clue as to #WhoKilledEmma?

#WhoKilledEmma suspects: Gabby Thomas

What motive did Gabby have for killing Emma Barton? Rosie Bentham reveals all.

#WhoKilledEmma suspects: Moira Dingle

What motive did Moira have for killing Emma Barton? Natalie J. Robb reveals all.