Two sides to the story - Nell

The truth can be stranger than fiction. Scarlet Archer talks about Nell's web of deceit.

The story of Jai and Nell

Love is blind, but has Nell opened Jai's eyes? Watch their love story unfold.

TRAILER: Business...or pleasure?

TRAILER: September 2017
A tantalising transaction leaves Debbie tempted...

Razzle Daz-zled Kerry

With the return of Dan's older brother, will Daz spark another twinkle in Kerry's eyes? Laura Norton reveals all.

Missing in action: Daz Spencer

To be an older sibling is to protect the younger kin...but Daz is far from being brother Dan's keeper. Recap on Daz and Dan Spencer's rocky relationship.

Trailer: Pete and Leyla's wedding (14-18 Aug)

TRAILER: 14-18 August
Will it be a sprint into matrimony or a run towards singledom for Leyla and Pete?

Deleted scenes: Gerry makes himself at home

Deleted scene! Fri 28 Jul 7pm - episode no. 7892
Gerry makes himself nice and cosy in Home Farm - much to the annoyance of Chrissie!

Deleted scenes: Gerry's birthday plans

Deleted scene! Tue 25 Jul 7pm - episode no. 7887
Gerry master plans Lachlan's birthday celebrations...but is it how Lachlan wants to celebrate turning 17?