Christmas moments: Guess the celebrity

This Christmas moment takes us back to 1999 - Christmas Day at Wishing Well where the Dingles were celebrating Belle's birthday with a fun little party game. But not everyone was enjoying it and getting into the holiday spirit...

Christmas moments: 2007 in Emmerdale!

This Christmas moment takes us back to 2007 and sums up a dramatic year in the Village: Diane’s almost-affair with Billy and her split from Jack, Rosemary's murder, Matthew's release from prison and Perdy's leaving of Grayson (but not without consequences later on...)

Christmas moments: 1977 in Emmerdale!

This Christmas moment takes us back to 1977 with a very vintage clip of Steven (played by Tim Healy no doubt!) rehearsing his lines for the parish Christmas play. We don't think Steven would be cracking the West End nowadays with that memory (or that jacket).

Christmas moments: Who killed Tom King?

This Christmas moment goes back to 2006 to the highly controversial and much talked about murder of Tom King on Christmas Day. The poor sod was getting ready for his wedding to Rosemary Oakwell when he was hit over the head and pushed from a window - but who did it? (Not-so-spoiler alert: It was his own son, Carl King).

WINTER TRAILER: Coming up this Christmas

Put away your jacket and hang up your scarf - this festive season has just gone from frosty to fiery hot. Check out what's in store on Emmerdale during the holidays.

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