Frank Clayton

Played by Michael Praed, Frank Clayton is the father of Tracy Metcalfe and Vanessa Woodfield.

Video preview: Wed 1 Nov 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: Frank mentions that Gabby purchased some roses the other day and is confused when he realises they weren't for Laurel. Pete overhears all of this and is suspicious. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Thu 26 Oct 7pm (and 8pm)

Thursday's preview clip: Megan confides in Frank about Eliza. Elsewhere in the Village..

  • Charity is confronted.
  • Jai is apprehensive....
  • Chas makes a declaration!

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Best Serial Drama:

Best Serial Drama Performance
Gillian Kearney
Charlotte Bellamy
Natalie J Robb
Jeff Hordley
Ryan Hawley
Danny Miller

Best Newcomer
Ned Porteous

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Video preview: Wed 18 Oct 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: Vanessa feels confused after what happened with Charity. She goes to see Frank who gives her some advice. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Fri 13 Oct 7pm

Friday's preview clip: Megan and Frank are back on good terms, but Megan still feels like Charity is getting in the way of their happiness.

Video preview: Wed 23 Aug 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: Megan's caught when Frank makes to call the contact in Spain. Charity answers the phone and it looks like the plan could be blown. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Mon 14 Aug 7pm

Monday's preview clip: At the cafe, Frank follows up with Marlon about the timeshare but he's sad to admit he can't afford it. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Fri 11 Aug 7pm

Friday's preview clip: Megan's unimpressed to find Frank selling timeshares to the Villagers at the Woolpack. Elsewhere in the Village...

Deleted scenes: Bernice's beauty therapy

Deleted scene! Thu 7 July 8pm - episode no. 7870
Bernice tries to offer a bit of therapy counselling to Frank during a spa treatment.