James Barton

Bill Ward Is Back!

Bill Ward makes a 'ghostly' appearance to give us the goss on Emma's comeuppance...watch now #NoReturn

Deleted scenes: James makes his escape!

Deleted scene! Wed 19 Oct 7pm - episode no. 7645
James makes a break for it as a barely conscious Emma struggles in her attempts to stop him.

Deleted scenes: Run to Moira!

Deleted scene! Wed 19 Oct 7pm - episode no. 7645
James tells Emma exactly what he thinks of her before making a break for the door as she looks on desperately.

Video preview: Fri 4 Nov 7pm

Friday's preview clip: Emma breaks down at James funeral and apologises to him. Suddenly, Ashley bursts in. Elsewhere in the Village...

The story of James and Emma Barton

Love can be amazing...and all consuming. Watch how James and Emma's second chance at love started - and tragically ended. Together. Forever. OR ELSE.

Video preview: Wed 19 Oct 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: James is trying to escape before Emma returns. Throughout the episode...

Video preview: Thu 13 Oct 8pm

Thursday's 8pm preview clip: James tries to leave but slips onto his broken leg and screams in agony. Emma pretends to call for an ambulance. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Mon 10 Oct 7pm

Monday's preview clip: James tries to reason with Ross but he shoves him hard -causing James to fall down the stairs! Elsewhere in the Village...