Katie Sugden

Behind the scenes of Katie's kidnapping (2011)

Go behind the scenes of 2011's tense kidnapping as Henshall holds Katie captive.

AUDITION TAPE: Sammy Winward

EMMERDALE EXCLUSIVE: Check out Sammy Winward's never-before-seen audition tape!

The price of truth: Bye Katie

Searching for answers can lead down a deadly and irreversible path. Sammy Windward says goodbye to Katie Sugden after 13 years on screen.

Video preview: Wed 4 Feb 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: Katie feels utterly alone when Chas doesn't believe her about what Robert's really like and tells her to get a grip. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Tue 3 Feb 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: Katie barges into Home Farm and refuses to leave until Robert admits he started the fire. Elsewhere in the Village...

Trailer: Robert and Aaron CAUGHT!

TRAILER: 2-6 February
The secret's out and let the pieces fall where they may...#Robron

Video preview: Fri 30 Jan 7pm

Friday's preview clip: Katie's shocked to realise Robert knows about yesterday when he tells her he's going to wreck her life like she tried to with his. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Fri 23 Jan 7pm

Friday's preview clip: While Andy and Chrissie talk business Katie warns Robert that she's still watching him. Elsewhere in the Village...