Paddy Kirk

Paddy is a loveable softy. He rarely has a bad word to say about anyone and can usually be relied on to keep an air of confidence despite what it may do to his personal mental state. However he found it difficult to handle his break up with Rhona.

Video preview: Tue 24 Oct 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: Paddy is proving to be a bad influence on April. Elsewhere in the Village...

  • Cain is concerned about Moira!
  • Sarah is suspicious...
  • Vanessa‚Äôs interest is piqued.

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Best Serial Drama:

Best Serial Drama Performance
Gillian Kearney
Charlotte Bellamy
Natalie J Robb
Jeff Hordley
Ryan Hawley
Danny Miller

Best Newcomer
Ned Porteous

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Video preview: Fri 22 Sep 7pm

Friday's preview clip: In the cafe, Pearl suggests spending time together to Paddy as a way of getting his mind off of Rhona. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Thu 27 Jul 7pm (and 8pm)

Thursday's preview clip: As Rhona spends quality time playing with Leo, she makes it clear to Paddy she's determined to be in court to watch Pierce testify. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Thu 15 Jun 7pm (and 8pm)

Monday's preview clip: Rhona tells Marlon and Paddy she's keen to get things back to normal but Marlon is reluctant to let her spend time with Leo alone. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Mon 5 Jun 7pm

Monday's preview clip: Marlon wakes up in a strange bed. He receives a call from Paddy who is outside. He then works out it's Lydia's bedroom! Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Wed 10 May 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: Rhona and Leo arrive home and she admits to Paddy she and Pierce are over. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Wed 5 Apr 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: At the surgery, Paddy tries to convince Vanessa to forget about the sex tape but she's determined Rhona should know it hasn't been deleted. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Tue 14 Mar 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: At Butler's Faith winds up Paddy about his relationship with Chas. Elsewhere in the village...