Pete Barton

Played by Anthony Quinlan, Finn Barton is the son of John and Emma Barton.

#WhoKilledEmma suspects: Pete Barton

What motive did Pete have for killing Emma Barton? Anthony Quinlan reveals all.

Mr. and Mrs. Right (now): Behind the scenes of Pete and Leyla's wedding

Going to the chapel - but will they get married? Go behind the scenes of Pete and Leyla's wedding.

Video preview: Wed 16 Aug 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: At the cafe, Pete tells Adam he's decided not to confess the affair. When Emma turns up she insists Ross keeps an eye on Pete but he decides that means Pete should have a stag-do! Elsewhere in the Village...

Trailer: Pete and Leyla's wedding (14-18 Aug)

TRAILER: 14-18 August
Will it be a sprint into matrimony or a run towards singledom for Leyla and Pete?

Video preview: Fri 23 Jun 7pm

Friday's preview clip: Pete tells Leyla he's booked a pampering session at Bernice's for both of them, declaring his love for her. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Thu 5 May 7pm

Thursday's 7pm preview clip: Fresh from prison, Pete hands Robert a letter for Aaron, telling him he crossed paths with Aaron's dad. Will Robert give it to Aaron? Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Tue 27 Oct 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: Pete comes round and is panicked when he sees that he's hanging upside-down from a high viaduct. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Mon 26 Oct 7pm

Monday's preview clip: Pete's shocked when he opens the caravan to find Ross inside with a baseball bat. Elsewhere in the Village...