Picture preview: Mon 18 Jan - Fri 22 Jan

Mixed feelings for Leyla?

Coming up in The Village: First dates, celebrations and confessions. Get a taste of next week in pictures.

Priya is stunned when Rakesh admits he kissed Chrissie. Will this be the end for the couple?

Robert visits Aaron at the hospital when Aaron whispers something in Robert's ear, leaving him shocked. What is Aaron hiding?

Chas reveals to Diane that Gordon has offered to buy her share of the pub but she's worried when she finds out Aaron didn't come home the previous night.

Robert feels out of his depth as Aaron continues to confide in him.

Leyla is gutted that Jacob wants to live with David but Nikhil offers some good advice and Leyla accepts an offer of a date with him.

Leyla is thrilled to discover that Jacob is staying but covers her hurt when he says he's got his old room back at Farrer's.

Carly is smug about her date with Duncan but soon finds out from Finn that he's married. How will she seek revenge?

Chas and Gordon are celebrating at the pub but Gordon's soon left shaken.

Picture preview: Mon 11 Jan - Fri 15 Jan

How will Adam cope seeing Kirin and Johnny together?

Coming up in The Village: Lies, scuffles and upset. Get a taste of next week in pictures.

Adam can't help himself and punches Rakesh square in the face as pay back for the mix up.

Moira gives Pete a peck on the cheek after sharing a beer together but Pete can't resist and kisses her on the lips!

Zak lets himself into the Dingle's and is concerned to see Alfie the dog isn't well. They all head to the vets.

Cain warns Pete to stay away from his wife and Ross guffaws at the idea of his brother making a move on his aunt.

A drunken Lisa, becomes stressed when Brian invites her out to dinner. Rhona realises she's having an angina attack.

Belle is furious Zak changed his mind and slaps Joanie. Zak is worried about Belle's state of mind, will she use this to her advantage?

Jimmy’s son arrives the The Village after Jimmy called Juliette. Nicola is aghast to see Jimmy has now taken Carl in as well as Elliot!

Belle meets Zak for a drink in the café and lies to him about the voices in her head and he's left guilty.

Belle admits she hasn't really been hearing voices. She says that she just wanted them to talk to each other. Is everything as it seems?

Rhona is confused when she hears a beep coming from Paddy’s coat. He lies that his second phone belongs to Aaron. Aaron wonders why Paddy has a second phone.

Kerry is annoyed Chrissie is in charge of the salon but when Chrissie proves Kerry's been exaggerating her illness, she soon pulls her weight!

Kirin struggles with Johnny, who won't stop crying but Adam can't stay as he's unable to take seeing them together.

Picture preview: Mon 4 Jan - Fri 8 Jan

Will Chas take things to the next level?

Coming up in The Village: Revelations, shock, new flames and more. Get a taste of next week in pictures.

Emma Barton wants to see Moses, but Moira refuses and won't back down.

Aaron is annoyed when he finds out Chas has seen Gordon.

Vanessa uses a DNA testing kit to take a swab of Adam bottle top.

Ashley is confronted by Harriet and Sandy about a care home leaflet.

Sandy is clearly struggling with Ashley news and becomes upset and unsteady on his feet.

The kids hear from Ashley about his diagnosis but will they truly understand what this means and how will the news go down?

Chas is glammed up and dashing out, lying she is off to see the brewery. Soon she and Gordon are kissing

Vanessa talks to Adam about the DNA test but how will he take the news having utterly bonded and fallen for the boy?

Kirin is soon shocked to hear from Vanessa that he is Johnny's father!

After offering lots of support - has Pete got feelings for Moira Barton?

Victoria is frustrated by Adam's actions. Can she get through to him that the ramifications could be serious?