Trailer: The return to #NoReturn

PROMO: 25-29 September
The past has come full circle, and it's looking for Emma. #NoReturn #EmmaDale

Trailer: Pierce's trial (24-28 Jul)

PROMO: 24-28 July
Taking the stand is TAKING A STAND. How will Pierce's trial go?

Emmerdale: A year In soap

The residents of Emmerdale have had quite a ride this year. Take a look back at some of the biggest moments the villagers have endured over the last 12 months in Emmerdale

Trailer: Ashley's life (3-7 Apr)

PROMO: 3-7 April
Life goes by quicker than the blink of an eye...but the story will last forever.

Who will take their final dance?

This October... #Emmerdale

Who will take their final dance - behind the scenes

Who will waltz into epic danger? Go behind the scenes of the filmic October promo.

TRAILER: Summer on Emmerdale

EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: Get a sizzling summer peek into the weeks ahead in the Village...


TRAILER: 27 - 1 July
Rakesh's burning desire to keep his secrets could reduce the Village to ashes...