Trailer: Pete and Leyla's wedding (14-18 Aug)

TRAILER: 14-18 August
Will it be a sprint into matrimony or a run towards singledom for Leyla and Pete?

Emmerdale: A year In soap

The residents of Emmerdale have had quite a ride this year. Take a look back at some of the biggest moments the villagers have endured over the last 12 months in Emmerdale

Robron wedding teaser

The big day is nearing but will Robert and Aaron make it down the aisle?

TRAILER: Ashley's special episode

TRAILER: 20 December 7pm
The epitome of tragedy is forgetting who you are...

Who will take their final dance?

This October... #Emmerdale

TRAILER: Summer on Emmerdale

EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: Get a sizzling summer peek into the weeks ahead in the Village...


TRAILER: 27 - 1 July
Rakesh's burning desire to keep his secrets could reduce the Village to ashes...

The story of Robron: Part 1

The line between love and hate can be VERY thin. Watch how Robert and Aaron's tumultuous love story started - and a hint of what's to come for Robron.