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Christmas: Dinner at the farm 1979

We go back to 1979 with this very vintage clip of Christmas dinner at the farm. Everyone's in attendance, with Amos and Mr. Wilkes both saying a few words before carving into an absolutely tiny goose. Surely Christmas dinner is about pigging out, right?

Christmas: A hectic Christmas lunch at Wishing Well

We go back to 2004 with this vintage clip of Christmas lunch at Wishing Well. All the Dingles are there and the table is set, but Lisa's about to go spare when she discovers the prize dish is missing and one of the lot is to blame.

Video preview: Fri 22 Dec 7pm

Friday's preview clip: Robert's unaware that Chrissie plans to sneak Rebecca and Seb back into Home Farm for Christmas. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Thu 21 Dec 7pm (and 8pm)

Thursday's preview clip: Vanessa prepares to schmooze a client. Paddy clocks Veronica the client and vanishes in the opposite direction. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Wed 20 Dec 7pm

Wednesday's preview clip: Sam is still angry about Bernice and Laurel snaps at Sam. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Tue 19 Dec 7pm

Tuesday's preview clip: Laurel is alarmed when Brenda voices her suspicions about her and Bob. Elsewhere in the Village...

Video preview: Mon 18 Dec 7pm

Monday's preview clip: Bernice is pleased to learn the salon is doing well and hopes the extra revenue will clear her debts. Elsewhere in the Village...

Christmas: Chas and Carl ALMOST get married

We go back to 2010 with this vintage clip of Carl King's (almost) wedding to Chas on Christmas Day. Just when you thought it would end kind of happily ever after, Chas gives Carl the ugly truth before running out of the church - setting off a series of events to follow for the next few years and leading to the infamous siege of 2013.