Two's company, three's a crowd...

The Poison Tree- tonight & tomorrow 10pm

'" I wish I had written it. " Stephen King

Tonight & tomorrow at 10pm on Encore we have the two-part psychological thriller The Poison Tree based on the novel by Erin Kelly.

Starring MyAnna Buring (Downton Abbey & Twilight Saga), Ophelia Lovibond (Mr Sloane, Nowhere Boy), Matthew Goode (The Good Wife & Death comes to Pemberley) , and Patrick Baladi (Stella).

Karen Clarke (Buring) is a woman haunted by tragic eventsfrom her past. Flashbacks reveal how Karen entered the extraordinary world of Biba Capel and Rex Clarke, while in the present day she is living in Dungeness with Rex, recently released from prison, and their daughter Alice. Karen finds herself being stalked by a mysterious stranger and is desperate to protect her family...

Tommy Cooper: Not Like That Like This

The acclaimed one-off drama based on the life of the legendary comedian Tommy Cooper, written by Simon Nye (Reggie Perrin, Just William) will be coming to Encore on Sunday 13th at 9pm.

David Threlfall (Shameless, Nowhere Boy) will play the iconic comedian, Amanda Redman (New Tricks, Little Dorrit) takes the role of Dove and Helen McCrory (Peaky Blinders, We’ll Take Manhattan) plays Mary.

Revisit the award winning British drama DCI Banks Series 1

From the mind of writer Peter Robinson and brought to life by Stephen Tomkinson.
DCI Banks Series 1 kicks-off tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV Encore.

Series 1 adapts three Inspector Banks novels: Playing with Fire, Friend of the Devil and Cold is the Grave.

In Playing with Fire two bodies are found after a fire on some narrow boats and Banks and DS Annie Cabbot find themselves on the trail of an arsonist who has killed two people. In Friend of the Devil a young student is attacked in the middle of the city and in another part of Yorkshire a woman has her throat cut, but the two different murders have disturbing similarities.

Cold is the Grave is a case terrifyingly close to home as Banks is asked by his boss, Superintendant Gerry Rydell, to find his missing teenage daughter…

DCI Banks Series 1 begins Friday at 9pm

Go back to the start with Life Begins & Kingdom tonight...

Life Begins Series 1 - Available from June 30th at 7pm

From the writer of Cold Feet, Life Begins starts tonight at 7pm and stars Caroline Quentin as Maggie Mee and Alexander Armstrong as her husband Phil.

When Maggie's husband walks out on her and their two children, he leaves her back at square one and trying to rediscover herself. Feeling desperate after she is abandoned, Maggie does her best to keep life on an even keel for her children and find a job.

Kingdom Series 1 -Available from June 30th at 8pm

Starting tonight at 8pm, Kingdom Series 1 stars the quintessential Stephen Fry in his first acting role since Jeeves & Wooster, the series follows Peter Kingdom's life in Market Shipborough as he takes on the responsibility for everyone's welfare.

Stephen plays country solicitor Peter, and when his brother disappears leaving only some clothes on a beach, Peter forces himself to put on a brave face and return to his work as a solicitor. He soon finds himself dealing with two very different cases, one focussing on planning regulations, and the other concerning the untimely death of a woman in her jacuzzi. Then Peter's younger half-sister (Hermione Norris) arrives to stay, having just discharged herself from rehab.

Also stars Celia Imrie as Gloria Millington, the faithful receptionist and confidante, Phyllida Law plays Peter's eccentric Aunt Auriel, and Karl Davies plays the quick-witted young trainee solicitor, Lyle Anderson, who dreams of escape.

Not interested in the World Cup? Tune into Encore this weekend!

DCI Banks: Aftermath - Concludes Friday June 27th at 9pm

The death of the serial killer Marcus Payne leaves more questions than answers.

DCI Alan Banks still has to find a missing girl, time is against him and he is hindered by DS Annie Cabbot, who wants to spend time investigating the now-suspicious death of the killer.

Banks knows that Payne must have had an accomplice. Can a victim also be guilty?

Stephen Tompkinson (Wild at Heart, Grafters) leads the cast as DCI Banks, in the drama based on the hugely successful novel from award-winning international crime writerPeter Robinson.

Vera Series 1 continues Saturday at 9pm

Vera, accompanied by her loyal team of Sergeant Joe Ashworth (David Leon), DC Holly Lawson (Wunmi Mosaku) and Forensic Pathologist Billy Cartwright (Paul Ritter), delve into the secrets and lies of a small community that continues to be rocked by Abigail's murder. For some, the wounds remain close to the surface, while others seek to put the past behind them. It's not long before the case takes a violent and unexpected turn with another potentially connected murder...

Join us tonight for The Bletchley Circle

The Bletchley Circle Series 1 - Continues Thursdays at 10pm

Go back to the start for Series 1 of The Bletchley Circle. Join four ordinary women with an extraordinary flair for code-breaking and razor-sharp intelligence skills who worked at the top-secret HQ Bletchley Park during World War II.

Set in 1952, Susan, Millie , Lucy and Jean have returned to their normal lives, modestly setting aside the part they played in producing crucial intelligence, which helped the Allies to victory and shortened the war.

Until now that is... and the unresolved murders of Jane Hart and Patricia Oakes. With her handwritten charts of numbers, dates and times and stretched lines of wool connecting pins to clips, Susan has spotted a pattern of behaviour no-one else has...

Twice BAFTA award-winner, Anna Maxwell Martin (Accused, South Riding,Bleak House) stars as Susan, Rachael Stirling (Women in Love, Tipping the Velvet) is Millie, RADA graduate Sophie Rundle (Episodes, Garrow’s Law) plays Lucy and Julie Graham (Lapland, Survivors, William and Mary) is Jean.

ITV Encore this weekend

DCI Banks Aftermath - Available from June 20th at 9pm

Stephen Tompkinson (Wild at Heart, Grafters) leads the cast as DCI Banks, based on the hugely successful novel from award-winning international crime writer Peter Robinson.

The two-part Aftermath tells the story of an ordinary house in an ordinary street, which is about to become infamous. When two young police constables are sent to the house following a report of a domestic disturbance, they stumble upon a truly horrific scene.

For DCI Alan Banks it is the most difficult case of his life. Five young girls have gone missing and he has just discovered the lair of a serial rapist and killer but only four bodies are found. Which means one, Leanne Wray, could still be alive...

Starring alongside Stephen Tompkinson are Andrea Lowe (Coronation Street, Route Irish), Charlotte Riley (The Take, Wuthering Heights), Monica Dolan (U B Dead, Occupation), Samuel Roukin (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Solomon Kane) Lorraine Burroughs (Identity, New Tricks), Jack Deam (The Street, Shameless), Colin Tierney (Nowhere Boy, Cracker) and Barry Sloan (Hollyoaks, Revenge)

Vera Hidden Depths Series 1 - Available from 21st June at 9pm

Vera is the creation of acclaimed crime writer Ann Cleeves with Oscar nominated Brenda Blethyn playing the lead role Detective Inspector Vera Stanhope.

After two young people are killed in the same way ­ placed in water and surrounded by flowers ­ DCI Vera Stanhope knows that she must catch the murderer before they strike again. Aided by her team, especially her trusted right­ hand man Sgt Joe Ashworth (David Leon), she unpicks the complex and dysfunctional relationships amongst a group of bird ­watching friends. As the friends' loyalty turns to betrayal, Vera finds that a small act of teenage blackmail and an illicit affair may have driven someone to kill.

Tonight at 9pm on Encore

Sheridan Smith stars in her BAFTA-award winning role as Charmian Biggs in the five-part series Mrs Biggs. She is joined by Danny Mays (Ashes to Ashes) who assumes the iconic role of Charmian’s infamous ex-husband Ronnie Biggs.

Written by award-winning writer and Executive Producer Jeff Pope (|Philomena, The Widower ) Mrs Biggs chronicles Charmian’s life from the fateful moment that, as a teenager on a train, she first met and fell in love with the flirtatious and worldly Biggs.

Sheridan and Danny are joined by Adrian Scarborough (Edge of Heaven, The Paradise) and Caroline Goodhall (The White Queen) as Bernard and Muriel Powell, Charmian’s parents.

Available from June 18th at 9pm