TOWIE Style: Danniโ€™s Nautical Number

Nautical stripes remain a strong trend this spring, and Danni knows how to wear them to perfection.

Putting her assets to good use, this feisty fashionista takes inspiration from the high seas, and shows us how to rock this timeless sailor staple, giving us her insider tips on how to avoid a fashion faux pas.

Lydia Vs. The World! She's received all the Twitter beef

Lydia contends with a Twitter backlash, there's an announcement about a big return and Gem denies allegations. See the tasty tweets...

There was an alarming sound on Wednesday night. At first we thought it the smash, bang wallop of Madonna falling onto her bum, but then, no, we realised it was Vas furiously mashing away on his phone in response to Lydia asking what he does other than hang around with celeb friends...

Well, that was Lydia told, so no-one else needed to step in did they? But step in they did! Lockie decided to have a pop in defence of his ladyfriend, Danni, who Lyd also had a rant about...

... Danni decided to put the designer boot in too...

Enough was enough for Lydia's sis, Georgia!

Wetting the baby's head... Essex style!

We're hoping Lockie will start coming to Sugar Hut in a tux after he's had a few more elocution lessons

SO much love for Georgia and Tommy... But we defo prefer it when they're not wearing matching outfits

He's single, she's single... they DO look pretty good together. Maybe. One day.

Is there a cute new friendship forming here? Pops does needs new BFF after all!