There's a horror in store for Pegan when Lockie airs his opinion in tonight's spooktacular TOWIE

With Pete ill at home, Megan arrives at the party alone and there's more tricks than treats as...

Lockie has some strong opinions on the state of Pete and Megan' relationship to get off his chest!

Meanwhile, Chloe and Courtney find themselves in a haunted maze with Danni and Kate. Now, there's a real horror story!

Have you ever seen a zombie bride and creepy doll look more awkward?! No, us neither.

Pete's fighting for Megan and Lauren Goodger returns in tonight's TOWIE

Megan's still struggling to come to terms with Pete's betrayal and seeks out Lauren and Chloe for advice...

Yep, you heard us right - Lauren Goodger makes a welcome appearance in support of Megan!

Lauren offers her opinion to Megan, but ultimately the question is; can Megan move on from this?

Pete pops round as Chloe is hoovering her garden. Hoovering. Her garden. Only in Essex!