Megan McKenna

Name: Megan McKenna

About: Fiery, passionate, confident and not to be messed with!

TOWIE Tree: Pete invited Megan along as his plus one to the #TOWIE200 party, and things kicked off straight away as Megan leapt to the defence of her best friends Chloe M and Courtney. Then, at a pub quiz event, Kate jokingly answered a question about the name of Pete's new dog with "Megan"... unaware that Megan herself was waiting in the wings! After such drama, Megan's masterplan was to get all the girls together for a countryside retreat, but was shocked to find herself at the centre of an almighty row, when Chloe Lewis revealed the rumour that Megan had slept with her long term boyfriend Jake. Megan strongly denied the rumours in a series of explosive arguements, but Chloe couldn't be convinced. But as one relationship came to an end, Pete and Megan made theirs official, and "Pegan" are going strong.

Chloe Meadows

Name: Chloe Meadows

About: No-nonsense blonde bombshell, Girlband member, tortoise racer.

TOWIE Tree: Helping to set the record for the most Chloes appearing in one TV show at once, Miss Meadows burst on the the scene alongside BFF Courtney and faced a long hard battle to be accepted by the rest of the girls. Following a clash with Kate, relations hit an all time low when Chloe made a dig about Kate being dressed for a wedding on Brentwood High Street... which, of course, Kate overheard. Fellow BFF Megan organised a trip to the countryside to smooth things over, but she found herself in the middle of a huge drama once more after rumours emerged regarding Megan and Jake - Chloe was alleged to have let slip to Danni that the rumours were true, which she categorically denied. Elsewhere, Chloe and Mike seemed to be getting on very well at one stage, but it all fizzled out very quickly, and ended very badly. When Mike retweeted and liked mean tweets about the girls, a huge argument erupted in the middle of a supermarket, with Chloe accusing Mike of being as dry as a wet fish.

Courtney Green

Name: Courtney Green

About: Feisty, flirty, cereal-loving pocket rocket!

TOWIE Tree: Courtney is best friends with fellow newbies Chloe M and Megan - the trio are otherwise known as the "Girlband". But Courtney's time on TOWIE has been tricky right from the start, as she found herself on the wrong side of Danni when rumours emerged that she'd slept with Lockie. Then, when Megan clashed with Kate, Courtney found herself in the firing line for liking nasty tweets about Kate. However, relations with the rest of the girls improved after a weekend away in the country, and Courtney also made a good friend in Chris. They initially went on a few dates together, but having chosen friendship over romance, Courtney remains single and ready to mingle...

Chris Clark

Name: Chris Clark

About: Hard working student, baby brother, and fresh-faced fittie.

TOWIE Tree: Chris is the younger of the two Clark brothers, juggling his university studies with his membership of Team Alpha - barely surviving the SAS assault course battle! Upon arriving on the scene, he found himself drawn to fellow newbie Courtney, and they made a cute couple as they went on a series of daytime dates. But it was not to be - they clashed after Chris disapproved of Courtney's behaviour in an argument with Kate, and the prospect of romance was taken off the table. They remain firm friends, but much to the joy of women up and down the country, Chris is still on the market.

Jon Clark

Name: Jon Clark

About: Ladies man, loyal brother, lovable hunk and Team Alpha member.

TOWIE Tree: The older brother of Chris Clark, we first met Jon through his connections to pals such as Lockie, Mike and Pete, and these five formed Team Alpha in a series of battles against Jake's Team Real. Jon immediately took a shine to Chloe Sims, and the pair shared a quick drunken snog and a series of dates. But the age difference was always a sticking point for Chloe, as she expressed doubts over Jon's maturity. They agreed to stay good friends, which leaves Jon still looking for the woman who can turn him from a multi-coloured caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly...

Liam Blackwell

Name: Liam Blackwell

About: Entrepreneur, rapper, rich kid, helicopter owner. Essex’ answer to Jay-Z, if you will.

TOWIE Tree: Dubbed ‘Gatsby’ by, well, himself (no, he isn't lacking in confidence), Liam burst onto the scene in a red suit (like any self-respecting ladies’ man) ready to romance fiery Ferne! He took her on a helicopter ride on their first date, and then when she dumped him after two dates, he wrote a rap about it and penned the iconic lyrics “Helicopter ride on your first date, imagine what I could do for your birthday”. Rapping may not win you back the girl, but it will win you mad respect/ ensure you’re the butt of a long-running joke from man like Tommy Mallet and the rest of Essex’ finest.

Michael Hassini

Name: Mike Hasssini

About: Self-confessed playboy and oozing more game than the Premier League, Mr. Hassini isn't lacking in confidence and can usually be found chatting up someone's ex...

TOWIE Tree: Mike ruffled quite a few feathers when he arrived in Marbs and immediately tried to woo Chloe L, and then had Lewis on his back when he shared a sneaky kiss with Nicole. It's safe to say he didn't exactly get off on the right foot with Essex' alpha males, but after the most embarrassing confrontation of all time with Lewis and Jake declaring all out war, Mike seemed to win round the rest of our favourite residents. Now if he can just stay away from everyone else's ex, he might actually stay agg-free! Let's not hold our breath though, eh?

Kate Wright

Name: Kate Wright

About: Another Wright in Essex, but despite the name and the feisty attitude, this blonde bombshell is no relation to Jess and Mark!

TOWIE Tree: Kate made an appearance in Marbella, to the surprise of everyone... not least her ex-boyfriend Dan Edgar! Kate was a woman scorned after Dan ditched their three year relationship and cracked on with Jess, and then Lauren. After a public serenade, being thrown in the lion's den and just generally romancing the pants off her, Dan finally won Kate over and now the two are competing for the title of Essex power couple. Watch your backs Tommy and Georgia!