Dan Osborne

Name: Dan Osborne

Occupation: Model and tattoo artist

About: The model "DILF" is deemed the nice one from #TeamNaughty (that's the self-proclaimed name of Dan and his gym life-partner, James). Dan used to be a semi-pro footballer and apparently he's not a bad singer either! Some guys get all the luck...

Elliott Wright

Name: Elliott Wright

About: Elliott is a globetrotting geezer. When he's not visiting family or making plans in Essex, he's out in Spain eating patatas bravas (probably) and looking after his restaurant business.

Gemma Collins

Name: Gemma Collins

Occupation: Plus size clothes shop owner and designer and former car saleswoman

About: Gemma is a confident lady who speaks her mind (through a series of footballer-like clichés 'you know', 'it's one of those', 'at the end of the day', 'not being funny'). She is looked up to by her female friends and slightly feared by the male of the species.

James Lock

Name: James Lock

Occupation: Electrical company supervisor

About: No matter what his TOWIE future holds, James will forever be known as "the one with the husky voice". Why? Well, he's got a husky voice, obvs.

Jess Wright

Name: Jess Wright

Occupation: Owner of a fashion company and a salty potato. Swit-swoo!

About: Don’t mess with the Jess! Family comes first in Jess' world. Got a bad word to say about the Wrights? Don’t let Jess hear.