Bobby Cole Norris

Name: Bobby

Occupation: Wordsmith, former party planner and, like Gemma, a life guru

About: Straight-talking Bobby is always there for his Gemma. She wanted Bob to move in to give her company? He moved in. She wanted Bob to move out so she could spend time with Rami? He moved out. Yep, he's loyal, sensitive and hilarious. Such is his owl-like wisdom, everyone in TOWIE seems to be confiding in him . Well, wouldn't you when he says pearlers like, "It's no skin off your m***e"!

Carol Wright

Name: Carol Wright

Occupation: Full-time mum

About: Carol tells it like it is and we wouldn’t want to cross her... or anyone in the Wright family, come to think of it! She was often left to sweep up her offspring's Lauren Goodger-sized problems, but nowadays she's the shoulder for daughter Jess to cry on when she's having boy trouble. Carol can have fun with the best of 'em though and she's often seen partying away with her mum, Nanny Pat.

Elliott Wright

Name: Elliott Wright

About: Elliott is a globetrotting geezer. When he's not visiting family or making plans in Essex, he's out in Spain eating patatas bravas (probably) and looking after his restaurant businesses.

James Lock

Name: James Lock

Occupation: Electrical company supervisor

About: No matter what his TOWIE future holds, James will forever be known as "the one with the husky voice". Why? Well, he's got a husky voice, obvs.

Jess Wright

Name: Jess Wright

Occupation: Owner of a fashion company and a salty potato. Swit-swoo!

About: Don’t mess with the Jess! Family comes first in Jess' world. Got a bad word to say about the Wrights? Don’t let Jess hear.