Kate Wright

Name: Kate Wright

About: Another Wright in Essex, but despite the name and the feisty attitude, this blonde bombshell is no relation to Jess and Mark!

TOWIE Tree: Kate made an appearance in Marbella, to the surprise of everyone... not least her ex-boyfriend Dan Edgar! Kate was a woman scorned after Dan ditched their three year relationship and cracked on with Jess, and then Lauren. After a public serenade, being thrown in the lion's den and just generally romancing the pants off her, Dan finally won Kate over and now the two are competing for the title of Essex power couple. Watch your backs Tommy and Georgia!

Peter Wicks

Name: Peter Wicks

About: The sexiest hunk of Pirate man beef to ever grace the glamorous streets of Essex. He has a bucket load of wisdom and straight talking to boot.

TOWIE tree: Pirate Pete arrived in Marbs with his old pal, Lockie, causing heads to turn at a whiplash-inducing speed! He’s the man the boys want to be, and the ladies want to be with. So it's no surprise that after a short time on the scene, he’s had Ferne, Jess, Verity and even Nanny Pat fighting for his attention! He put the graft in with Jess, a LOT of graft, and then found out she was kissed Lewis. Ouch! After that slight hiccup, they're hoping to get back on track... but will it last?

Dan Edgar

Name: Dan Edgar

About: Smouldering eyes, heart-breaking smile, but minus the arrogant attitude. Dan is one serious, mysterious, bona fide fittie!

TOWIE Tree: Safe to say, Dan E turned a lot of perfectly coiffured heads when he arrived on the scene in tow of pals, Arg and Diags, but he only had eyes for Jess. Lucky for him, she seemed pretty keen too (she doesn’t half have a type, doesn't she?!). Yep, slowly moving on from Ricky, Jess agreed to a few dates with our man Dan, but she quickly blew cold, hot and cold again.

Jess didn't seem too bothered to let Dan go, which is probably why Dan made moves on Lauren. After courting her for the length of series 15, Dan finally got his girl and kissed Lauren at the series finale carnival. Aw. He also caused Lauren and Jess to fall out. Not aw. But then his ex, Kate Wright, arrived back on the scene in series 16 and he ditched everything to win her back... and succeeded! Aw, again!

Jake Hall

Name: Jake Hall

Occupation: Part-time footballer, fashion designer

About: Cocky, delusional, spontaneous, good looking... Jake is one dangerous combination!

TOWIE tree: Jake stepped onto the Essex scene by kissing Popey and then denying it (why? No-one knows), but once his ex captured eyes (and hearts) of the hunky, hunky men of TOWIE, it wasn't long before Jake realised he needed Chloe L back in his life. He followed her to Wales in a taxi (which must have cost at least £300!) before running into the freezing cold Welsh sea to prove his love. Did the romantic gesture manage to turn the tide? For a while, yes, but then Jake started hanging around with models before rumours surfaced that he kissed Verity while he was still with Chloe L. Relationship: Over. But then they realised they actually cannot be apart, so they're back on. Again. They are officially Essex' light switch couple!

Chloe Lewis

Name: Chloe L

About: Beautiful, sweet and mild-mannered, Chloe L is quite simply a delight.

TOWIE tree: After six years on and off with Jake, Chloe L was taken under the wing of Ferne and Chloe's former girl bandmate, Jess. With Chloe now on the Essex scene, it wasn't long until her ex, Jake, followed suite to try and win her back. After skinny-dipping in the freezing Welsh sea to prove his love, Jake weaseled his way back into her life despite kissing Popey.

Pictures then surfaced of Jake hanging around with models. To make matters worse, the appearance of new girl Verity caused Jake to confess - he once kissed her. We then saw a side of Chloe L we've never seen before as Chloe stood strong and dumped Jake's sorry botty. But of course, that was never to last long as the pair can barely stay apart for more than five minutes and have decided to give things another go!

Tommy Mallet

Name: Tommy Mallet

Occupation: Club promoter

About: There's cheeky chappies then there's Tommy Mallet. He quite literally danced into our lives when he Mallet Skanked his way to Ibiza in 2014. His energetic ways have yet to diminish!

TOWIE tree: His best bud, Lewis, took Tommy to Beefa where he fell in love with the gorgeous Georgia K. Since then, his friendship with Lew has taken a backseat, as Tommy and Georgia strive to become THE power couple of Essex and dish out relationship advice to all lose less fortunate in love. Couple. Goals!