Jess Wright

Name: Jess Wright

Occupation: Owner of a fashion company and a salty potato. Swit-swoo!

About: Don’t mess with the Jess! Family comes first in Jess' world. Got a bad word to say about the Wrights? Don’t let Jess hear.

Lydia Rose Bright

Name: Lydia Rose Bright

Occupation: Designer and director of Bella Sorella

About: The clothes shop owner has been in and out of TOWIE more than a Chihuahua in a designer handbag. Will the lure of her first love finally get the jetsetter to settle down in Essex?

Lewis Bloor

Name: Lewis Bloor

About: Lewis, or 'Lewbloor', as his mate Arg likes to call him, is as confident as Mario in a room full of girls. It's not just charisma that oozes from his pores, it's a competitive edge. The man never knows when he's beaten.

Nanny Pat

Name: Nanny Pat

Occupation: Master chef and domestic goddess

About: Essex royalty, Nanny Pat is always on hand to dish out advice or dish out some excellent food including her now famous sausage plait.

Vas J Morgan

Name: Vas J Morgan

Occupation: Fashion designer and celeb news guru

About: One minute Vas is the bitchiest man alive, the next he's the most vulnerable. Sometimes you just want to give him a hug, a pat on the head and say, "There, there!"

TOWIE tree: Vas swaggered into Marbs (and onto our screens) in the summer of 2014, establishing his fashion credentials (and his penchant for a massive hat) in a rather elaborate summer suit.

Georgia Kousoulou

Name: Georgia Kousoulou

Occupation: Owner of So Glam

About: It's a closely run thing, but we'd say Georgia is THE chattiest member of the Essex lot... or maybe she just talks the fastest. Either way, Georgia likes to gossip!