Lewis Bloor

Name: Lewis Bloor

About: Lewis, or 'Lewbloor', as his mate Arg likes to call him, is as confident as Mario in a room full of girls. It's not just charisma that oozes from his pores, it's a competitive edge. The man never knows when he's beaten.

Mario Falcone

Name: Mario Falcone

Occupation: Tailor extraordinaire, fashion label owner

About: The Italian stallion Mario was a massive hit with the ladies as soon as he stepped out of THAT shower and dropped THAT towel. He used to be a self-confessed player - involved in "threesomes, foursomes, and even fivesomes", but now he's just a player in denial.

Nanny Pat

Name: Nanny Pat

Occupation: Master chef and domestic goddess

About: Essex royalty, Nanny Pat is always on hand to dish out advice or dish out some excellent food including her now famous sausage plait.