Lydia Rose Bright

Name: Lydia Rose Bright

Occupation: Designer and director of Bella Sorella

About: The clothes shop owner has been in and out of TOWIE more than a Chihuahua in a designer handbag. Will the lure of her first love finally get the jetsetter to settle down in Essex?

Lewis Bloor

Name: Lewis Bloor

About: Lewis, or 'Lewbloor', as his mate Arg likes to call him, is as confident as Mario in a room full of girls. It's not just charisma that oozes from his pores, it's a competitive edge. The man never knows when he's beaten.

Nanny Pat

Name: Nanny Pat

Occupation: Master chef and domestic goddess

About: Essex royalty, Nanny Pat is always on hand to dish out advice or dish out some excellent food including her now famous sausage plait.

Vas J Morgan

Name: Vas J Morgan

Occupation: Fashion designer and celeb news guru

About: One minute Vas is the bitchiest man alive, the next he's the most vulnerable. Sometimes you just want to give him a hug, a pat on the head and say, "There, there!"

TOWIE tree: Vas swaggered into Marbs (and onto our screens) in the summer of 2014, establishing his fashion credentials (and his penchant for a massive hat) in a rather elaborate summer suit.

Georgia Kousoulou

Name: Georgia Kousoulou

Occupation: Owner of So Glam

About: It's a closely run thing, but we'd say Georgia is THE chattiest member of the Essex lot... or maybe she just talks the fastest. Either way, Georgia likes to gossip!

Fran Parman

Name: Fran Parman

About: Angel by day, devil woman by night. Fran is the nicest person you will ever meet provided she's sober. Meet her when she's had a few and you could well face her wrath. The girl does not hold back after a few, that's for sure.

TOWIE tree: The love of Diags' life, Fran, originally had a kiss and a cuddle with Tom Pearce back in Ibiza in 2013. However, Fran soon realised it wasn't Tom she liked, it was his best mate, Diags. They hooked up OFFICIALLY in Essex during series 11 (Diags was dressed as a block of cheese at the time, of course). They've moved in together and got a cat. Nothing says commitment like a cat ('catmitment'?).