TOWIE Tweets

The girls are in a fierce war of words and Pete and Megan are making bold statements on Twitter

Now, we're not usually ones to gossip (LOL, who are we kidding?!) but we've all seen some serious girl drama go down on screen in the past two episodes of TOWIE. However, what you may not know is that the real beef is all going off on Twitter! From Chloe Lewis and Amber trading accusations, to Georgia's full blown rant, there's been a lot going on - and that's before we even mention Megan and Pete making some fierce statements! Grab the popcorn, you're in for a treat with these tweets...

From Megan's one-liners to Jon's meltdowns, relive Series 18 in tweets

It's safe to say it's been eventful in Essex this year. There's been breakups, make ups, tiffs and tantrums and the cast have had a lot to say about it all on social media. Take a look back over the most controversial moments from one of the most exciting series yet!

Is Mike still trying to wind up Pete? And see which TOWIE boy is after Megan's sister

Agg! Essex is full of of recently, and to be honest... we're absolutely loving it! Between Mike and Pete, Megan and Girlband and Dan and Tommy it's all been kicking off and when it's not on our screens it's been rife on Twitter. See who's been adding more fuel to the fire online and who's been eyeing up Megan's sister, Milly! It's all in your Twitter round-up...