TOWIE: Epic trailer

As if you needed a reason to watch TOWIE, we've made you a whole trailer of reasons! Watch this video and watch TOWIE on Sunday and Wednesdays at 10pm on ITVBe...

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TOWIE Style: Co-ord Copycats

The co-ord is here to stay, fashion fans! And whilst this popular trend comes in all shapes and sizes, one particular outfit has caught the attention of two of our Essex beauties.

You may remember Georgia K stepping out in this number, straight from sunny Tenners. Well, newly single-and-ready-to-mingle Jess followed suit, and is making us see double!

Equally stunning, we break down how each fashionista wears the trend, in their very own individual style.

Vas' message, Chloe's hurt and the Rayments response

They've all been having their say on Twitter. Find out why...

There was lots of support this week for our man Vas as he dealt with issues surrounding his sexuality. Is he gay? Is he straight? Is homophobic abuse and a religious background influencing how he feels? Vas doesn't know, but he does want to thank you all...

Jas, who was briefly part of the best couple name ever (Vasmin), added...

Yep, TOWIE's been an emotional affair of late. Georgia shed a tear over her fella, Tommy, who's spent more time down his club than in the arms of his lady...

Glitter, glamour and cocktails from space

Nothing goes together like meditation and bright green drinks that are defo made of poison from the future. Get your zen on, Gem

Chlo and Danni are never ones to let family feuds and kick-offs spoil a good pose!

The boys are ready for a bigg'n...

Errrr... haven't you got the memo, boys? Shots of wheatgrass is where it’s at!

Fights, fears and fellas' face masks...

It’s stand-off central in Essex, leaving everyone waiting longer for an apology than a spray tan in February. Jas was left in limbo by Vas, the Sims siblings are still at war, and Lydia and Debbie can’t face each other. But Bobby’s been sorting out problems for Ricky and Jess, and in an unlikely did-that-just-happen occurrence, Gemma’s had her past dramas put to rest after a surprising visit from Arg. Must be all the good meditation juju…