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Kate feels silly but Dan doesn't understand her frustration

That was definitely the most dramatic doggy birthday party we've ever seen! Kate's clearly upset that she laid her feelings on the table and didn't get the response she hoped for, but Dan says he's been straight with her about his reservations about getting back together. Watch as they both explain how they feel now in this video...

The girls are in a fierce war of words and Pete and Megan are making bold statements on Twitter

Now, we're not usually ones to gossip (LOL, who are we kidding?!) but we've all seen some serious girl drama go down on screen in the past two episodes of TOWIE. However, what you may not know is that the real beef is all going off on Twitter! From Chloe Lewis and Amber trading accusations, to Georgia's full blown rant, there's been a lot going on - and that's before we even mention Megan and Pete making some fierce statements! Grab the popcorn, you're in for a treat with these tweets...