TOWIE Style: Lydia's Christmas queen

The Brights were sparkling in white during the Essexmas spesh, but it was Lydia that was the true belle of the Christmas ball.

Never one to fall in line, this striking starlet pulls out all the stops with a custom-made get-up that’s fit for a queen!

Here, she breaks down her ballerina look, revealing the age-old adage ‘beauty is pain’ still rings true in Essex. Happy Christmas!

Who's fake and who's not? The TOWIE lot beef!

Let's face it, the Gemma and Ferne fallout was darn confusing! Gemma accused Ferne of backstabbing five minutes after Gem stabbed her in the back. To add insult to injury, Gem also threw Ferne under the metaphorical bus. However, at the end of it all, Gem was the one furious with Ferne. It's no wonder these lot are tweeting the below...