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The girls are in a fierce war of words and Pete and Megan are making bold statements on Twitter

Now, we're not usually ones to gossip (LOL, who are we kidding?!) but we've all seen some serious girl drama go down on screen in the past two episodes of TOWIE. However, what you may not know is that the real beef is all going off on Twitter! From Chloe Lewis and Amber trading accusations, to Georgia's full blown rant, there's been a lot going on - and that's before we even mention Megan and Pete making some fierce statements! Grab the popcorn, you're in for a treat with these tweets...

Pete's fighting for Megan and Lauren Goodger returns in tonight's TOWIE

Megan's still struggling to come to terms with Pete's betrayal and seeks out Lauren and Chloe for advice...

Yep, you heard us right - Lauren Goodger makes a welcome appearance in support of Megan!

Lauren offers her opinion to Megan, but ultimately the question is; can Megan move on from this?

Pete pops round as Chloe is hoovering her garden. Hoovering. Her garden. Only in Essex!