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From Megan's one-liners to Jon's meltdowns, relive Series 18 in tweets

It's safe to say it's been eventful in Essex this year. There's been breakups, make ups, tiffs and tantrums and the cast have had a lot to say about it all on social media. Take a look back over the most controversial moments from one of the most exciting series yet!

Dan demands the truth and Chloe L wants answers from Megan. It's all in tonight's TOWIE finale

After telling Kate that he wasn't sure the rumour was true, Jon's going back on his word AGAIN and telling Dan he does think Kate's slept with his mate. We can't keep up!

Unsurprisingly, it causes major drama once again and Kate is forced to defend herself to Dan. But will he believe her?

Chloe makes one last attempt to get a confession from Megan when she sees her at the party...

Will Megan really give her the answers she so desperately wants?