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Episode 7 preview: Calabria

Gino samples a new wonder salami in Calabria

Gino reveals the rugged and wild region that is Calabria. Its landscape is as breathtaking as the powerhouse ingredients it produces and this week it’s about fire and spice, with eye watering chillies, a new wonder salami, and then an Italian ingredient that is as English as they come.

Join Gino as he explores this vast region by train, taking in the coast and the mountains, and creates two dishes in honour of this wild region.

Spaghetti with clams and mussels

During a visit to the pretty port town of Castellammare I couldn't resist making the classic dish of the region - the chilli-spiked spaghetti vongole. Traditionally spaghetti vongole contains just clams, but as I was in Castellammare, of course I had to include some mussels.

Mixed fried seafood with spicy lemon mayonnaise

You will find fritto misto in every restaurant along Italy's Mediterranean coast. The classic ingredients are large prawns, anchovies, squid, sardines and sometimes whitebait, but the beauty of this dish is that you can use whatever is on offer at your fishmonger's.

Episode 6 preview: Naples

Gino makes Spaghetti Vongole

This week Gino returns to the area he grew up in, the bay of Naples.

Home of the pizza, street food and fantastic seafood, this is foodie paradise. First Gino shows us how to make THE Neapolitan breakfast, then for lunch he goes up on the roof to make a classic fish dish and then after a flying visit to the foothills of the mighty mount Vesuvius, Gino’s back on the coast to whip up a romantic dinner for two.

Aubergine, mozzarella & roasted red pepper stack

This super-simple but impressive dish is ideal for a first course or a light lunch. Serve with toasted ciabatta.

Fusilli with vegetables, pancetta, pesto & mozzarella

When I was filming in southern Campania, in the medieval town of Felitto, I met the wonderful Rosy - the 'First Lady' of fusilli lunghi (long pasta spirals). She still makes fusilli the traditional way, hand-rolling individual lengths of dough around a square wire to make a long, gently twisty thread of pasta with a small hole in it.

Episode 5 preview: Salerno and Paestum

Gino D'Acampo prepares a vegetable fusilli pasta dish

Tonight, Gino is in Italy’s food basket, Salerno and the home of one of its food heroes… water buffalo Mozzarella.

Gino has to get his hands dirty before he can claim this world-class cheese by massaging the majestic beasts.

He also takes a trip to the ancient ruins in Paestum and learns how to make handmade fusilli pasta the traditional way, up in the beautiful mountains that overlook the sea.

Saffron risotto with wine and peas

This simple risotto is perfect for lunchtime entertaining or a light supper. The saffron gives the dish its wonderful rich golden colour and distinctive flavour, and the peas provide sweetness and contrast in texture and colour.