Episode 8 preview: The Aeolian Islands

All aboard as Gino ends the series sailing around the Aeolian Islands

Often featured on bucket lists, The Aeolian Islands is the final destination on Gino’s epic coastal journey.

He visits the two contrasting islands of Salina and Panarea to find out what they contribute to the Italian kitchen, and it turns out, quite a lot!

Join Gino as he finds out what keeps Robert Di Niro coming back to these islands, and has a watery encounter with a creature of the deep.

Episode 7 preview: Calabria

Gino samples a new wonder salami in Calabria

Gino reveals the rugged and wild region that is Calabria. Its landscape is as breathtaking as the powerhouse ingredients it produces and this week it’s about fire and spice, with eye watering chillies, a new wonder salami, and then an Italian ingredient that is as English as they come.

Join Gino as he explores this vast region by train, taking in the coast and the mountains, and creates two dishes in honour of this wild region.