About the show

Gino's Italian food odyssey

For Italians, the most important thing in life is food and I believe that is the best way to discover Italy.

– Gino D'Acampo

Gino travels around two of Italy’s biggest islands in the sun for his Italian summer, to meet the people, experience the culture and of course taste the food of his beautiful home country.

He will take viewers on a magical journey through stunning locations which are largely undiscovered. The brooding yet beautiful island of Sardinia, and the bustling, energetic and evocative island of Sicily.

Across six episodes, Gino encounters wonderful characters, experiences authentic Italian island traditions and sources the finest local ingredients – while cooking his own dishes along the way.

Gino's Italian Escape: Islands In The Sun recipe book is packed full of delicious recipes, including those from the show, and is available to buy now

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