Episode 3: Southern Sardinia - Celebrate the Sea

Gino takes to the sea off the coast of Sardinia

They get all sorts of fish from sea bass, sea bream, octopus, fresh prawns - unbelievable

– Gino D'Acampo

Gino leaves behind Sardinia's rural inland and heads to the coast to celebrate the sea.

Sardinia has more than 1000 miles of shore with turquoise waters, golden sand, secluded coves and rugged cliffs with hidden caves. With all that coastline comes a sea full of sea life.

Gino heads south to the seaside region of Oristano where there's a thriving fishing community, and takes a trip on a fishing boat to meet a local fisherman.

Episode 3: Preview

Gino discovers the fishy delights of Sardinia in this week's episode

Gino's back on the road in Sardinia, heading south to the coast and the capital Cagliari.

On his way he takes a fishing trip and learns how fishing in the deep blue Sardinian waters runs a close second to farming on the island.

In Cagliari, Gino is introduced to the unique textures and flavours the locals use to enhance their fish dishes.

After a whistle stop shop at Europe's largest covered market, he makes his way to the magical site of Nora, where he cooks a succulent tuna dish, as the sun sets over the ruins.

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Episode 2: Unlocking the Secrets of Sardinia

Political paintings can be found on walls all over Orgosolo

I want to learn what it is to be a true Sardinian... their traditions, their passions, and of course their food

– Gino D'Acampo

Leaving the coast behind, Gino travels inland to the mountainous heart of the island.

Gino visits Orgosolo, deep in the Barbagia region, a town with an abundance of art adorning every wall.

These murals started by way of political protest and now the tradition continues. The town has become infamous for art.

Episode 2: Preview

Gino tastes a fiery Sardinian tipple

Gino's journey across the stunning island of Sardinia continues, as he leaves the coast behind and heads deep into the mountains to unlock Sardinia's secrets.

Sardinia is home to more 100 year olds than any other area, and it's in the mountain region where Gino finds out why.

Gino visits the town of Orgosolo, made famous by the abundance of murals on the walls, which depict its proud history.

Then it's onwards to a working farm where he meets a shepherd who explains how the simple food from the land sustains the Sardi people.

A visit to a distillery and a taste of Sardinian moonshine gives Gino more than he bargained for.

Finally, Gino whips up a hearty rustic pasta dish, using traditional but simple ingredients, and serves it to his new found friends.

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Episode 1: Sardinia - Gino's Home From Home

Gino hosts an Italian Festa

My journey begins in Sardinia - my home from home.

– Gino D'Acampo

Gino begins his latest Italian escape in a place very close to his heart, Olbia on Sardinia's North East coast, where Gino has lived for the past 3 years. As a chef Gino is passionate about fresh produce, so at his beautiful home he grows his own vegetables and tends to his very own vineyard too.

What better than to invite a few close friends over for an Italian Festa to celebrate Sardinia's national dish? As Gino prepares Porcheddu, the mouth-watering roasted suckling pig.

Episode 1: Preview

Gino makes the king of traditional Sardinian dishes

Having made Sardinia his home for the past 3 years, Gino's keen to explore this beautiful island, through its food, people and unique landscape.

In this first episode Gino learns about the national iconic dish, roasted suckling pig, and hosts a traditional Italian Festa for his closest island friends.

Then he sets off across the north of the island, and visits Alghero, a medieval walled town on the northwest coast. Influenced by the Spanish, he experiences its architecture and of course, the food.

He ends his visit by catching a boat to a cave network 20 minutes across the bay for a truly spectacular end to his first few days exploring the island.

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Gino's Italian Escape is back!

Gino continues his Italian food odyssey

It's going to be an adventure full of memorable moments.

– Gino D'Acampo

Gino D'Acampo's back on home soil for series 3 of Gino's Italian Escape.

Join Gino on his trip to the beautiful islands of Sicily and Sardinia on a journey of discovery of authentic and delicious Italian food.

Delving into the gastronomic history of these islands he will uncover the signature dishes, and secret recipes that encapsulate two of Italy's biggest islands and their people.

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Gino reveals D’Acampo family’s secrets in Bologna

Gino D'Acampo

Gino D’Acampo’s final leg of his Italian Escape takes place in the fascinating city of Bologna.

This city is seen as Italy’s gastronomic capital. As a chef, Gino isalways on the lookout for incredible dishes, so he can’t come to the city of Bologna without investigating its world-famous sauce – Bolognese.

He makes his way to an unassuming trattoria to find a formidable Italian chef, who has been honing her Bolognese sauce recipe for almost thirty years. After Gino devours her stunning sauce - mixed with hand-made tagliatelle - he heads up to the rooftops of Bologna to get cooking.