Gino reveals D’Acampo family’s secrets in Bologna

Gino D'Acampo

Gino D’Acampo’s final leg of his Italian Escape takes place in the fascinating city of Bologna.

This city is seen as Italy’s gastronomic capital. As a chef, Gino isalways on the lookout for incredible dishes, so he can’t come to the city of Bologna without investigating its world-famous sauce – Bolognese.

He makes his way to an unassuming trattoria to find a formidable Italian chef, who has been honing her Bolognese sauce recipe for almost thirty years. After Gino devours her stunning sauce - mixed with hand-made tagliatelle - he heads up to the rooftops of Bologna to get cooking.

Gino explores the timeless city of Siena

Gino with his chocolate panforte

This week Gino D’Acampo travels through the spectacular landscape of unmistakableTuscany.

As both a chef and a tourist, he is eager to experience the glorious, timeless city of Siena. Gino is drawn to this unique place, especially its famous sloping Piazza del Campo and its magnificent gothic cathedral, whose beauty leaves Gino mesmerised.

Siena is renowned for its ‘panforte’ – a rich, spiced fruit and nut cake that originated in the area during the 13th century.

Our chef is invited to taste this ancient Christmas cake and although initially apprehensive, Gino is inspired by its exciting flavour combinations. He decides to create his own chocolate version of panforte, on a terrace overlooking the striking cathedral.