Carpaccio of beef with gremolata

Gino's stylish starter that looks very smart but is actually really simple.

Carpaccio of beef

Credit: Matt Russell

"Carpaccio of beef is one of those dishes that every Italian serves on a Sunday. Although fillet beef is expensive, it is cut into thin slices so it goes along way, making you look more generous than you really are! This recipe is ideal to have as part of buffet-style lunch or as a starter."

– Gino

Series 1 Episode 3: Bari

One of the gnarled olive trees that dominates the Puglia landscape

In the next episode of Gino's adventures in Italy he explores the intriguing region of Puglia – where centuries old tradition meets modern day Italy.

The region is world-famous for its olive oil and Gino takes a close look at the gnarled olive trees, which have dominated the landscape for thousands of years. In the shade of an old masseria – or farmhouse – Gino dishes up a carpaccio of tender beef fillet, served with a refreshing Italian gremolata dressing and rocket salad.

Gino’s culinary quest continues in Puglia’s capital – Bari – where he samples an innovative olive oil ice cream. And later, tucked away in one of Bari’s medieval side streets, Gino discovers a group of local ladies who spend their day skilfully and rapidly handcrafting orecchiette - or ‘little ears’ - pasta.

As Gino finishes his time in Bari, he heads out to the town’s harbour at sunset, to see how the locals spend their evening.

Tune in Friday 27th September ITV.

Series 1 Episode 2: Naples

Gino looks out over the volcanic landscape of Naples - the city where he was born

Anyone who knows me, they know that I love my coffee. But when I say I love my coffee, I’m talking about 10 to 15 coffees per day!

– Gino D'Acampo

Gino's Italian adventures continue in Naples - the area of Italy where he was born and where he trained to be a chef. Here, he examines the foods and ingredients that have made the city famous - pizza and coffee!

Naples is world famous for its pizza and credited for inventing the Margherita pizza of mozzarella, tomato and basil in 1889.

Whilst in Naples Gino investigates the Neapolitan food trend of fried pizza – and helps an award winning chef make this surprisingly tasty street snack.

I know it sounds a bit strange, but believe me it is sensational. I grew up with it and I want everybody to see it

– Gino D'Acampo on fried pizza

Enthused by the mouth-watering food around him, Gino shows off a dish invented by his mother – chicken in breadcrumbs, topped with fresh mozzarella with a pizza-style sauce. A dish Gino stills makes for his own sons today. Before he leaves the city centre, Gino is thrilled to find a tiny café, which serves sixty-three different types of coffee! Fantastico!

The region’s volcanic landscape is the inspiration for Gino’s final Neapolitan location. To the west of Mount Vesuvius lies an extinct volcano, which houses a quaint organic restaurant. Gino picks vegetables and herbs inside the fertile crater – and creates a sumptuous courgette frittata, topped with a vibrant tomato, basil and olive salsa.

Courgette frittata with tomato salsa

A frittata makes for one of the easiest and tastiest weeknight suppers possible – try this recipe from Gino, packed with courgettes and peppers.

Gino's courgette frittata

Credit: Matt Russell

Frittatas are one of my favourite lunchtime dishes. In Italy I cooked this recipe at Casolare da Tobia, a restaurant on the volcano just outside the city of Naples. The fertile soil in its garden yields the most delicious produce for the chefs.

– Gino

Chicken in breadcrumbs with pizza sauce

Gino’s delicious Italian supper using classic pizza ingredients, and inspired by his mum!

Gino's parmesan chicken

Credit: Matt Russell

Having grown up around Naples, I am inevitably a pizza lover. As a child I could easily have eaten it every day and for every meal, but my mother refused to let me. She invented this dish using all the classic pizza ingredients – tomato sauce, bread and mozzarella – and turned it into this amazing dish.

– Gino

Mozzarella, Parma Ham and Rocket Rolls

Gino’s super quick canapé, using simple and fresh ingredients.

Gino's mozzarella and parma ham rolls

Credit: Matt Russell

When guests unexpectedly turn up at that awkward time between late afternoon and supper, a glass of wine is quite acceptable, but it is always nice to be able to give them a little something to eat as well. These rolls use ingredients that I always have in my fridge, and they are super-quick to make

– Gino

Lemon and Limoncello Mousse

Try Gino’s tangy, refreshing mousse, with plenty of zing!

Gino's Lemon and Limoncello Mousse

Credit: Matt Russell

The Amalfi coastline is one of the most stunning in Italy and its natural beauty brings many tourists to the area. The area’s other claim to fame is its production of lemons. The coastal cliffs are dotted with terraces of lemon trees, some of them bearing fruit the size of rugby balls. The locals use these versatile fruits to their full potential: many lemon grove owners make and sell bottles of limoncello, and street vendors sell refreshing lemon sorbet

– Gino