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Royal wedding date is announced!

Kensington Palace has today announced the date Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle.

The pair announced their engagement last month and have already revealed that they plan to marry at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in May. Now we can clear the diaries for the big day, which will take place on Saturday the 19th of May.

The Judge rules: Office Christmas party etiquette

Today is 'Mad Friday', the most popular night for office Christmas parties. Should you be able to let your hair down at the Christmas work party, or should you be on your best behaviour?

We invited Judge Rinder to preside over the arguments for and against wild behaviour and liberated fun at your works do!

Arguing you should let your hair down is Jane Felstead - who says work parties shouldn't be taken too seriously. Jane believes that in today's culture many people make their best friends at work, therefore people should feel free to be themselves and have fun.

To the contrary, Liz Brewer says the work Christmas party is an extension of the work place - you still need to behave. She believes colleagues will lose respect for anyone making a fool out of themselves at the office bash.

What do you think? Will you be going wild tonight? Watch the full debate in the video above.

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Judge Rinder has an unlikely new dance partner ...

Judge Rinder brought some order to the studio this morning, and showed our presenters how the Strictly Core Challenge is done! Following on from the tangled mess our presenter's ended up in earlier in the show, Rinder performed the move with relative ease!

Robert Rinder was on the show ahead of his show Judge Rinder's Crown Court that has returned to ITV after 30 years. Re-enacted from real criminal cases with arguments from defence and prosecution teams, Rinder told us the show is as near to being on a jury as you can get. Watch his interview and dance skills above.

Judge Rinder's Crown Court is on ITV tonight at 8pm.

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Stormzy and Idris Elba take up the role of Santa Claus!

In Richard Arnold's Showbuzz, Hollywood superstar Idris Elba and rap sensation Stormzy paid a surprise visit to children's hospital wards dressed as Santa Clause.

Plus, music giants Eminem and Ed Sheeran have released an exciting new track together called River!

Get the latest entertainment news with Richard Arnold.

When should you let your children drink?

One in six parents in the UK allow their children to drink alcohol by age 14, according to new research from the Millennium Cohort Study. However despite the perceived wisdom that giving your children alcohol helps them to develop a healthy relationship with it, there's no strong evidence that this is true. So should we be allowing youngsters a glass of something with their Christmas dinner?

This morning we were joined by Dr Richard Piper from Alcohol Concern and and mother of four Shona Sibary who debated the issue on this morning's show.

TV gold: Kate Garraway and Richard Arnold try the Strictly core challenge

This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway and Richard Arnold tried their hand at the ‘core challenge’ seen on last weekend’s Strictly Come Dancing, with hilarious results…

Watch the chaos unfold!

Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. The Prime Minister was given an unexpected round of applause by other European leaders as the EU prepares to give the go-ahead for the next stage of Brexit talks. At a working dinner in Brussel, Theresa May said she would approach the next phase of the talks with “ambition” and “creativity”.

  2. A train and school bus collided in southern France killing four children and injuring 11 others. The crash happened at around 3pm GMT on Thursday as the 20 children on the bus - who were aged between 11 and 15 - were being taken home from school. French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted: "All my thoughts go to the victims of this terrible accident and their families. The government is fully mobilised to give them emergency help."

  3. It’s around that time of the year when you eat, drink and dance with your co-workers at the office Christmas party. But should you be able to let loose and let your hair down at the Christmas work party or should you be on your best behaviour?

  4. In the wake of recent stories involving sexual harassment, triggered by disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, a ComRes poll for ITV News found that employees behaviour at work Christmas parties have changed. Their results found that one in four men (24%) and 16% of women say that the recent news stories of sexual harassment make them worried that a colleague could misunderstand their behaviour at this year’s Christmas party.

  5. Ho ho ho. Idris Elba and Stormzy paid a surprise visit to children's hospital wards dressed as Santa Clause. The Hollywood actor and rapper brought the festive cheer to two London hospitals and put a smile on the children’s faces.