What are your experiences with hospital food?

Have you or someone close to you stayed in hospital recently? And were you or they offered food during your or their stay? If so, we would like to hear from you!

We are inviting our viewers to send in their photos of their less than appetising hospital meals. Send us a photo that you have taken along with a phone number so that we can contact you via Twitter, Facebook, or by emailing gmb@itv.com by 5pm Thursday 28 August and we may use it on the show. You must be 18 and over and have the permission of any person that appears in the photo, terms at itv.com/terms.

G4 back together for 'One Night Only'

To celebrate the return of The X Factor on Saturday night, 2004 runners-up G4 join us to chat about being on the very first series, and what life has been like since the show.

In July, the quartet announced via their Twitter page that they would be reuniting for one night at the Barbican Hall as part of their ten-year anniversary.

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A brother's gift of life

A baby boy has saved his sister's life by giving her his bone marrow.

Two-year-old Seren-Rose Davis was diagnosed with a metabolic disorder last December. She was unable to speak and her condition left her with brain damage and learning difficulties.

Her parents, Elouise and Simon, were told that if Seren-Rose was left untreated, she would be unlikely to live to adulthood.

Neither of them were suitable donors, but son Jacob, did have the bone marrow match.

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