Celebrity Weather with Katie Price

She's been a pit girl, a model, a singer, a reality TV star and author and now she's appearing in Woking this Christmas when she plays the Wicked Fairy in pantomime Sleeping Beauty.

Is there anything Katie Price hasn't turned her hand to?

Well, yes, actually. She's never presented the weather....until now! Ladies and gentlemen please allow us the great pleasure in introducing Katie Price and the weather in your area for the forthcoming week ahead.

Find out how The Teletubbies and blogger Marcus Butler faired as our Celebrity Weather presenters

Katie Price's wicked new panto role

I am going to do everything!

– Katie has big plans for the future - including having more children

Model, television star and businesswoman Katie Price will be bringing some glitz and glamour to Woking this Christmas when she plays the Wicked Fairy in pantomime Sleeping Beauty.

The former glamour model tells us about unleashing her wicked streak in the production which also stars Ben Faulks, aka CBBC's Mr Bloom, as Prince Charming.

We also catch up with Katie about what else is happening in her world - including how son Harvey is doing after a recent routine operation.

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Which Christmas classic winds you up the most?

Today Tony Mortimer of East 17 fame is joining us to discuss the best and worst Christmas songs of all time!

Is the Spice Girls' 2 become 1 one of your Christmas favourites?

We want to know which Christmas classic winds you up the most? Is it Wham's Last Christmas? Or East 17's Stay Another Day? Perhaps it's Mr Blobby's Christmas Song or the Spice Girls' 2 become 1? Let us know!

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Children return to school - with armed guards

Schools and the Metro in Brussels will be reopening today, following the lockdown in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

The city does however remain on its highest level of alert.

Hate crimes against British Muslims soar

It's been 12 days since the atrocities in Paris - and while many people have been left shocked and even worried about safety since those attacks, Britain's Muslim community seem to be paying the price for the actions of a small minority.

The number of hate crimes against British Muslims has soared by almost 300 per cent since the Paris attacks.

In the first week after the attacks, 115 anti-Muslim hate incidents were recorded compared to just 42 in the same period last year.

Most of the incidents involved street abuse with the majority of victims being Muslim women aged 14 to 45 years old.

About a third of cases took place on buses, trains and on the London Underground.

Ruhi Rehman who was racially abused on a train in Newcastle, just one week after the Paris attacks, but in a show of community spirit, other commuters on the train rushed to her defense and managed to force the man off the train.