The Inbetweeners head Down Under

The cast of the second film The Inbetweeners 2, Blake Harrison, James Buckley, Joe Thomas and Simon Bird join us on the sofa to talk about the film's DVD release.

The Inbetweeners first appeared on our screens back in 2008 following the mishaps of the hapless yet always endearing schoolboys Will McKenzie, Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland.

The Inbetweeners Movie released in 2011 set a new record for the most successful opening weekend ever achieved by a comedy film in the UK, and the sequel sees our favourite foursome visit Australia.

The Inbetweeners... our perfect Friday guests!

Technical gremlins or Jonathan Swain?

Poor old Nick Dixon didn't get a look in with his Gemma Collins exclusive this morning when his live failed - he blames technical gremlins but this photo seems point the finger at another one of our correspondents!

WATCH: Gemma Collins says people 'don't know the full truth of what happened'

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Parents of Aysha King give first network TV interview

Until things are established, exactly what's going to happen to Ashya, we feel too scared to return with Ashya

– Ashya's dad Brett speaks out

The parents of Ashya King, who triggered an international police hunt when they removed their five-year-old son from Southampton hospital to seek treatment in Europe, join us today for their first ever network TV interview.

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Is the snow in America heading our way?

Snow amounts from Tuesday to Friday

It’s the big question with an easy answer - no! Unfortunately (for most). While many storms in America cross the Atlantic and reach our shores a few days later, this one is going to track north into Greenland and will never come anywhere near us. We stick with unsettled weather, spells of rain and wind, thankfully nothing as stormy as last week.

'They don't know the full truth of what happened'

I'm sorry if I let anyone down but I was in a real bad way

– Gemma Collins on her exit from the jungle

She's arguably been the most entertaining personality so far to watch on this year's I'm A Celebrity.... Get Me Out Of Here but, after struggling with jungle life Gemma Collins sensationally quit the show and has just arrived back in the UK.

Arriving back at Heathrow this morning she told Good Morning Britain correspondent Nick Dixon: "I decided to leave the jungle because what a lot of people didn't know is 24 hours before I went in something really bad had happened to me, I had quite bad injuries, I had injuries to my head and all over my body but I didn't want to let anyone down."

She added, "I'd just been through so much trauma and when I got in there it was just the shock come out and I was in shock, I was in trauma and I was in a really bad way."

She also told Good Morning Britain she was advised by a counsellor before she went into the jungle not to go, "I thought I'd just had such a terrible time of it that I deserved to go in and be Queen of the Jungle".

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