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Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. A coalition of cross-bench peers are expected to amend the Brexit bill to make clear that EU citizens who were in Britain before the referendum will be allowed to stay in Britain. The Lords have been warned by senior Conservatives that they face public outrage and even abolition if they go ahead with the amendments.

  2. Around 350,000 children are trapped in western Mosul, Save the Children warned on Sunday as Iraqi forces launched a fresh offensive on jihadists defending the strategic city. The charity's Iraq country director, Maurizio Crivellaro said: "This is the grim choice for children in western Mosul right now: bombs, crossfire and hunger if they stay -- or execution and snipers if they try to run".

  3. The NHS is at "breaking point", with a decline in the number of hospital beds leading to delays and cancelled operations, the British Medical Association warned. Analysis by the BMA found the number of overnight beds in English hospitals fell by a fifth between 2006/7 and 2015/16. The report found that in the first week of January this year, almost three-quarters of trusts had a bed occupancy rate of 95% on at least one day.

  4. President Trump has been in the White House for a month and during the last four weeks he has shocked the world with his controversial policies. But what do ordinary Americans make of the man they voted for President? We discuss this more during the show.

  5. The maximum prison sentence for people convicted of animal cruelty offences should be increased tenfold to five years behind bars, a charity has said. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (BDCH) will launch a campaign today aiming to get the "shocking" six-month maximum custodial term raised, saying England and Wales lag behind most other western nations in penalising abusers.

Golden couple of hockey set to receive honours

Lots of people work with their spouse and there are pros and cons of it... at work we're Kate and Helen and we're hockey players

– Kate Richardson-Walsh on being a part of a sporting team with her wife Helen

They've been playing hockey together since they were teenagers and then Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh made history becoming the first same-sex married couple to win an Olympic Gold medal together. They also became the first married British couple to win Gold together since 1920 and this week become the first same-sex married couple to be honoured on the same honours list.

They joined us this morning to talk about their excitement over the honour and of how their sporting partnership blossomed into love.

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John Partridge... as you've never seen him before!

We know him and loved him in EastEnders as Christian Clarke as well as his antics in the I'm a Celeb Jungle - but now we're set to see John Partridge as we've never seen him before as he adorns full drag for stage musical La Cage Aux Folles.

He joins us to talk tumbles in high heels (which he wears with socks!) and more!

John knows how to work a pair of neon pink heels!

Did Sheila Ferguson find love in India?

If someone else calls me an OAP or senior citizen I'mma knock them out

– Sheila Ferguson

The Real Marigold Hotel stars Sheila Ferguson and Lionel Blair brightened up our studios to talk about their new TV series filmed in India.

They shared interesting stories of how they adapted to the Indian way of life and Sheila opened up about her glamorous holiday romance.

Did Sheila find love in India? Watch the video above to find out the juicy gossip.

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The seven year old who got noticed by the boss of Google!

A letter written by a seven-year-old girl asking for a job at Google has gone viral after the youngster received a reply from the head of the multinational technology company.

Chloe Bridgewater, who loves computers and robots, was encouraged by her dad to write a letter about her dreams for her future career - which also include becoming an Olympic swimmer - and received a very encouraging personal response from Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

We were joined by Chloe and her family to talk about how they felt when they received the letter!

High street sizes: What you need to know

Are you different clothes size in every shop? A Good Morning Britain investigation put the UK high street to the test to see if UK sizes are uniform across all stores.

A OnePoll survey commissioned by GMB found that 92% of women in the UK don’t fit into the same size clothes across the high street.

Of the 1,800 women polled, 83% were forced to buy a larger size, while one in three say fitting into a larger size has a negative impact on their self-esteem.

Frustrated shoppers are keen for a standardised guide, with 82% of women surveyed saying sizing should be uniform across the country.

GMB put shops on trial, with size-16 model Gemma Cruickshank trying on clothes in various popular stores. While some fit perfectly, other items were too tight or couldn’t be done up.

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