Record numbers set to appeal GCSE results

Up and down the country, thousands of teenagers will find out their GCSE results today.

Record numbers of appeals are expected this year amid a toughening up of the qualifications.

Katy Fawcett is live at a school in Manchester with nervous pupils.

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Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. An international manhunt has been launched by both MI5 and the FBI to find the suspected British executioner of James Foley.

  2. Teenagers waking up to their GCSE results are being warned they may face disappointment with head teachers reporting a fall in grades after the biggest shake up of the exam system for 26 years.

  3. Energy suppliers who don't treat their customers fairly could lose their licenses under new proposals by Labour.

  4. MH17 plane crash victim Liam Sweeney will be buried in Newcastle today. It's the first funeral of the ten British victims to die in the Malaysian Airways' flight, which was shot down over Ukraine five weeks ago.

  5. It's emerged that one in every five people travelling to Switzerland to take their own lives are British.

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Calls for compulsory eye tests for motorists

Regular eye tests for drivers could cut the number of casualties on UK roads by almost 3,000.

Road safety charity Brake is calling on motorists to visit the opticians at least every two years.

Failing to make sure your vision meets legal standards for the road is an offence.

However motorists are usually only tested for this during their driving exam, where they have to be able to read a number plate 20 metres away.

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