Kanye West to run for President?

I have decided in 2020 to run for president.

– Kanye West

Kanye West dropped a bombshell at the MTV Video Awards last night - he's going to run for President in 2020!

Accepting the prize for Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award from Taylor Swift, Kanye revealed how fatherhood had changed him.

Ross King has all the latest gossip from the event, which also saw Miley Cyrus wear more risque outfits and Justin Bieber's tearful performance.

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Worried about getting kids back into school routine?

It's back to school time for children across the country and a fifth of parents say it takes up to two weeks to get kids back into the term time routine.

If you're worried about how you or your children will cope, we've got help on hand.

Perhaps you want to know the best way to get kids back into doing their homework or want to know how to get them to bed early.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

Alison Parker with boyfriend Chris Hurst

  1. In his first live interview on UK TV we speak to the father of Alison Parker who was shot dead on live TV last week

  2. Bank Holiday misery for thousands of British holiday makers who were left stranded in Calais overnight after a strike by ferry workers

  3. Back to school - but can you get your children back in to the routine? With many parents struggling we'll have all the tips you need.

  4. And Miley's racy outfits, Justin Bieber's tearful performance and a shock revelation from Kanye West, Ross King has the gossip from the MTV Video Awards

  5. TV chef Gregg Wallace joins us in the studio to tell us how we can eat well for less

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Exclusive: Alison Parker's father speaks to GMB

She was the best thing in my life, the best thing in lots of people's lives. I was the love of her life too. That's been giving me the strength.

– Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker, the father of murdered reporter Alison Parker and Chris Hurst, her boyfriend, joined us live from their Virginia studio in their first UK television interview today.

Together they want to ensure a tragedy like this never happens again.

Andrew said: "We're going to make this stop, whatever it takes we're going to do it, to close the loop holes in these gun laws."

Last week the WDJB reporter was shot and killed live on air during an interview by a former colleague. She had just turned 24 and had recently moved in with Chris, who says they planned to marry. Cameraman Adam Ward also died in the attack.

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Alison Parker with boyfriend Chris Hurst