Deadly diet pills still available online

A Good Morning Britain investigation has found that potentially deadly diet pills are still widely available to buy online, more than four months after the death of 21-year-old student Eloise Parry.

Eloise died after overdosing on unregulated slimming tablets containing dinitrophenol - or DNP - a drug that contains chemicals similar to that used in explosives. Nick Dixon also found that some tablets sold are far more potent than advertised, with one supposedly 200mg pill actually containing 242mg of DNP. Just four of those tablets could kill you.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. A third of the ten million children going back to school this week are worried about bullying, with a quarter of those pupils feeling suicidal about their fears

  2. A Good Morning Britain investigation has found that potentially deadly diet pills are still widely available to buy online, more than four months after the death of 21-year-old student Eloise Parr

  3. A new vaccine to prevent deadly meningitis is to be given to babies in England and Scotland from today

  4. Not getting enough sleep dramatically increases the chances of catching a cold, research has shown. People who sleep six hours or less a night are four times more susceptible than those who get seven or more

  5. Fly-tipping is on the rise across England, with taxpayers footing a multimillion-pound bill to clear up illegally dumped waste, figures show

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It's time to get tough with Susanna and Kate!

Kate and Susanna donned combat trousers and personalised t-shirts to film at an obstacle course ahead of our Tough Mums challenge launching on the show in September.

No, Susanna, this isn't going to be an easy ride!

Soon 50 Good Morning Britain mums will complete a 5k obstacle course, designed by Tough Mudder and featuring some of its most exciting signature obstacles, and our presenters will help cheer them on. The Tough Mums will push themselves to the limit mentally and physically as they take on 10 obstacles which will see them climbing walls, jumping into ice and crossing muddy pools.

You're going to have to work harder than this, ladies!

For our promo, Susanna and Kate were filmed with a drill sergeant and are seen giving him a £20 note when he asks them to drop and give him 20.

Susanna Reid said: “We’re hoping to get some really inspirational mums taking part in the assault course for Tough Mums. It’s definitely going to push them to their limits but it will be a great challenge and they'll be able to raise money for charity too.”

Tune in on September 1st to find out about how to get involved with Tough Mums...

We think Kate's finally getting the swing of it!

From Corrie to saving lives for Simon Gregson

I've just been made official shore crew! It's an absolute honour to be involved.

– Simon Gregson is relishing his new role with the RNLI

Coronation Street's Simon Gregson, aka Steve McDonald, joins us live from Treardurr Bay RNLI Lifeboat Station in Anglesey with his dog Cookie to tell us about his brand new role with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Simon has recently been made an honorary crew member and has spent significant time with them to gain a deeper understanding of all that they do.

The soap star also reveals he's had enough of getting married on the cobbles. So far Steve McDonald has had SIX weddings with FIVE different women; the latest to Michelle Connor, played by Kym Marsh.

Eat well for less

There is no way I'm going to pay someone for the privilege to cut up my melon or grate my cheese. There is a huge cost difference. Ten times the price in some examples.

– Gregg Wallace

MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace and grocer Chris Bavin reveal their top tips for eating well for less ahead of the start of their brand new TV series..

They reckon some families can save £100 a week if they change their shopping habits, including saying no to pre-packed fruit and vegetables that are already cut up and buying food that is already lurking in your cupboards that you may have forgotten about.

Gregg said: "We think we haven't got time but the cost in time and monetary value of not properly planning is enormous. We need to do proper stock takes before going shopping.

"The saving is enough to send a family on holiday to Florida."

Well we should all stand up and take notice!

Eat Well For Less is on at 8pm, BBC1, Thursday, 3rd September.

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Josh Daniel has the emotional Factor!

It was overwhelming, I didn't know it had got to that extent.

– Josh Daniel

The X Factor returned this weekend, with an audience of 7.9 million.

And in spectacular fashion the talent show delivered the funny, sad and super-talented including our guest, Josh Daniel, who reduced the judges to tears...

The performance of Labrinth's track Jealous particularly struck a chord with Simon Cowell, who was rocked by the death of his mother just days before the auditions started.

Viewers last night saw Simon, visibly upset and wearing shades, walk away from the studio without talking to anyone.

Josh says: "Simon was quiet when I was on the stage so I knew he was quite choked but I didn't realise what happened afterwards until I saw it on TV last night."

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