Sean and Charlotte discuss airport security

Charlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher address the day's big news including Brazil's 7-1 thrashing by Germany in the first World Cup semi-final.

They also give their thoughts on the increased security at UK airports as checks will be carried out on all electronic devices in passengers' hand luggage.

The duo also discuss GMB's summer safety campaign to help parents feel more secure about their children's security while on holiday. Click here for more information.

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UK airport security tightened

Airline passengers coming into and out of the UK will have to show their electronic devices can be powered up before being allowed to fly.

The Department for Transport's (DfT) guidance has been updated following similar advice for passengers heading to the US in response to terror threats.

For more information click here.

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Only 10 per cent of kidney donors are Asian

More than 5,000 people nationally are waiting for a kidney alone and more than a fifth are from Asian backgrounds, but Asian donors make up less than 10 per cent of the register.

Emmerdale actor Wil Johnson is actively involved campaigning to encourage Afro-Caribbean communities to register, he joins us alongside Katheryn Hodgson, who has had a liver transplant and is now waiting for a lung transplant.

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'There were multiples copies circulated'

There will be copies of it within government departments. That all have been destroyed - that's not just credible.

– Labour MP John Mann

David Cameron will appear at PMQs today, two days after he vowed there would be 'no stone unturned' in the row over the Home Office's handling of historical sex abuse allegations.

Labour MP John Mann tells us that he believes the allegations of child abuse at Westminster were known by many Home Office officials.

A dossier containing those allegations is among 114 that have gone missing.

Read more: Ex-Home Office official 'warned to back off' over concerns

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What are The Saturdays waiting for?

It's been a busy time for The Saturdays, especially for new mums Una, Rochelle and Frankie, who have all gone back to work since having their babies.

In between family life and planning weddings the girls have been busy working on the music video for their new single What Are You Waiting For, which is released on 10 August - and we've got a sneeky look behind the scenes for you!

The girls will embark on a 12-date tour this September to coincide with the release of a compilation album of their greatest hits.

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