Who puts a smile on your face?

On Sunday the clocks go back and long, dark days lie ahead. So this Monday we want to put the Good in Good Morning Britain. We want to talk to our viewers about who puts a smile on their face and a spring in their step. Have you got a cheeky announcer at your local rail station or a jokey bus driver on your way to work? Who brightens up your day by being cheerful?

If you would like to film with us to talk about who cheers up your day, email gmb@itv.com by 6pm on Thursday 23rd October. For full terms and conditions visit itv.com/terms.

Candi Staton gears up for tonight's MOBOs

When they invited me I was so excited. It's going to be so much fun!

– Candi Staton

The First Lady of Southern Soul Candi Staton joins GMB to chat about her career, a new album and performing at the 2014 MOBO awards.

She said: "When they invited me I was so excited. It's a great event and it's going to be so much fun."

Candi also revealed her joy at having acts including Florence And The Machine covering her famous tracks, including You've Got The Love.

"It's wonderful. I encourage it, " she added.

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Sean Fletcher suprises another lucky viewer

Good Morning Britain's Sean Fletcher is off to Orlando in November and 100 viewers will be joining him. We had over 28,000 entries to our Breakfast in America competition, and this week he's surprising some of the the 50 winners.

The winners plus one companion will jet off with British Airways from London Gatwick airport on Monday 17th November for a 6 night stay in either Disney's Port Orlean resort or Universal's Cabana Beach resort.

The winner and a companion will also get a one day passes to Walt Disney Resorts Florida and a one day pass to Universal's Orlando parks. They will also have free time to relax, chill out and visit some other Orlando attractions.

Today Sean surprises another lucky viewer.

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The little girl that can finally walk

A mother's invention that gave her wheelchair-bound child son chance to walk has been launched onto the worldwide market.

The new contraption has also helped three-year-old Charlotte Taylor, who was born with cerebral palsy, to walk for the first time. Today Charlotte and her parents join us in the studio to show us how she can now walk side by side with her twin brother Daniel.

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Reeva's parents are 'settled' with the sentence

We are very settled with the sentence. We cannot argue with the justice system

– June Steenkamp

In a world exclusive interview with Reeva Steenkamp's parents, they said they were 'very settled' with the Oscar Pistorius' sentence.

On Monday Pistorius was sentenced to five years for the manslaughter of Reeva. He was also handed a suspended three-year sentence for firearms offences.

June Steenkamp said: "It's not that we want vengeance or to suffer with his disabilities, but he has got to learn you can't go around doing that.

"You cannot argue with the justice system."

Barry added: "We have gone along with the judge and her decision. Only Oscar knows if that sentence is acceptable to him."

To read more on the Oscar Pistorius sentencing visit ITV News

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GPs to earn £55 for every dementia diagnosis

Good GPs will be diagnosing their dementia patients already. This seems to be rewarding poor GPs.

– Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association

Plans to pay GPs in England a £55 bonus to diagnose dementia has been condemned by the Patients Association as 'a step too far'.

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said: "We know GPs receive incentive payments to find all sorts of conditions, such as high cholesterol, raised blood pressure and diabetes - but this seems a step too far. It is putting a bounty on the head of certain patients.

A spokeswoman for NHS England said: "Dementia can be devastating both for individuals and their families."

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The £15,000 phone bill

A Welsh primary school teacher who had his mobile phone snatched while on holiday in Barcelona is facing financial ruin after being told by Vodafone that he must pay a £15,000 bill run up by the thief.

Osian Rhys Edwards called Vodafone soon after a pickpocket made off with his handset on a Saturday night in early August, but Vodafone has insisted it has no record of this call and is now holding him liable for all the calls made before its fraud department cut the phone off.

Osian joins us to tell us all about the ordeal.

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Michael Sheen on his new big role ... for UNICEF

A hard hitting report from children's charity UNICEF reveals that every five minutes around the world a child dies as the result of violence - both in war zones and in their own homes.

Award-winning actor Michael Sheen, who played Tony Blair on screen in the The Queen, has been appointed a UK Ambassador for the charity.

He recently travelled to both Chad and Lebanon to see how UNICEF is working to keep children in danger safe.

He joins us from Los Angeles to talk about his toughest role yet.

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