Six people killed in Glasgow bin lorry crash

Six people have been confirmed dead after a bin lorry careered through streets packed with Christmas shoppers in Glasgow, Police Scotland said.

Eight further people are in hospital receiving treatment for their injuries. Flags will fly at half-mast on government buildings and a special church service will take place later today.

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Congratulations Katy and Adam!

Correspondent Katy Rickitt (formerly known as Katy Fawcett) got married over the weekend to Big Reunion star Adam Rickitt!

Katy was surprised live on air last week when Susanna and John gave her a very special send off ahead of her big day! From all the GMB team - congratulations!

Boxing Day Tsunami: 'It was quite terrifying'

The sea just withdrew a couple of miles which was quite an eerie sight...

– Rory McKee, survivor

This week sees the tenth anniversary of the Boxing Day Tsunami, which struck the coastline of South East Asia in 2004, destroying millions of homes and claiming 230,000 lives.

Nearly 150 Britons died in the disaster. But there were also many survivors. Some of them have been telling their stories as part of a documentary marking the event. Including Luke Simon who recounts the moment the tsunami struck Thailand. We speak to survivor, Rory McKee, who escaped to safety by climbing a tree.

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