Being a mum was 'the most important' thing

I can’t imagine not being a mum and thats first and foremost.

– Dame Julie Andrews on motherhood

In the third part of her interview with Kate Garraway, Dame Julie Andrews discusses motherhood and why she can't imagine not ever being a mum.

Speaking about her other job as mother, she said: "I love being a mum and I think every mum who has a job and kids is a saint". Dame Julie Andrews celebrates 50 years of one of her most popular films The Sound of Music this week .

Dame Julie Andrews: I thought my debut would be a 'flash in the pan'

Dame Julie Andrews: 'I had some garbage to get rid of'

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11-year-old-boy dresses up as Christian Grey

The cable ties he had were tiny little Christmas ties I use for Christmas decorations.

– Mum Nicola Scholes on her son's fancy dress costume

Fifty Shades of Grey has been a huge hit in the box office and the main character, Christian Grey, has an army of fans. But would you dress your child up as him and send him to school?

That's what one Manchester mum did yesterday, she helped her 11 year -old son dress up as the character with a dark side for World Book Day. Talking to Good Morning Britain mum Nicola Scholes said it was Liam's idea and that she'd rather buy him a new suit than a cartoon character's costume - so was thinking long term.

Liam said "with the character being so big and popular over the last few years", he continued, "he's everywhere and it's all the girls talk about."

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Are you more like your dad or your mum?

Baby Kate Garraway with her parents

New research shows that whether you're a man or a woman, you are most likely to take after your Dad.

Scientists have found that although we inherit equal amounts of genes from our parents, those from our father are more dominant. It's hoped the findings could help explain development of disease and find treatments.

We want to know what you think - what characteristics have you got from your parents? Are you more like your dad or your mum?

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A mix of weather as we head into spring

This week has seen a real mix of weather as we've crossed into Spring. Monday started off on a wintry note in Scotland and Northern Ireland with a covering of snow over the hills and at some lower levels across the Central Belt of Scotland.

Further south it's been much drier and sunnier, especially on Wednesday, when just over eight and a half hours of sunshine was recorded in Wiltshire. Find out more about what you can expect this weekend in Alex's weather blog...

Harrison Ford recovering after plane crash

Hollywood actor Harrison Ford is said to be recovering in Hospital after a plane crash in Los Angeles. A World War Two plane he was piloting crashed during an emergency landing on a California golf course.

His son, who visited him at the hospital, tweeted to say his father was "battered, but OK" following the incident.

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