What will the weather be like in 2050?

Sea levels have continued to rise and large parts of Britain are permanently under water, many people are at risk of flooding, and there's no chance of snow at winter with wetter and warmer seasons.

We're not talking about the weather today - but this could be the forecast for September 2050 if we don't take climate change seriously.

Laura Tobin gives us a look into the future to see what the forecast is...

Climate change: The world... but not as we know it

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Wish you were here Kate?

What kind of mom am I? ... a guilty one!

– Kate on being a parent

Hollywood Star Kate Hudson joins us to talk about her new film Wish I Was Here, in which she stars with Zach Braff and also tells us what's she's learned from her famous mum, Goldie Hawn.

Earlier this year the Almost Famous and Glee star launched her own clothing range.

Watch Zach Braff talk about Wish I Was Here on This Morning

Susanna chats clothing with Kate Hudson

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Incredibly close shave for Russian cyclist

A cyclist in Russia had a miraculous escape when he was nearly hit by a speeding car and then had another close shave with a truck. The two vehicles came flying towards the cyclist after colliding with each other at a junction in Moscow.

Not content with merely surviving the incident the man then rushed straight to the truck driver out of his capsized van. Thankfully no one was seriously injured in the incident.

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Benidorm's Tony Maudsley has the Job Lot

He plays the outrageous hairdresser Kenneth in Benidorm and permanent jobseeker in ITV's The Job Lot - we're talking to Tony Maudsley!

The Job Lot is back for a second series and Tony says it's "saucier and funnier" this time around.

Tony plays Job Centre regular Graham in the show alongside Sarah Hadland as manager Trish, security guards Paul (Martin Marquez) and Janette (Angela Curran) and fraud investigator George (Adeel Akhtar).

We catch up with him and Richard Arnold also catches up with the cast on set!

The Job Lot airs on ITV2 on Wednesday September 24.

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A nation of online shoppers

A surge in online shopping is set to generate over £1.35 billion deliveries a year by 2018, according to a new report by Barclays. The UK is predicted to see a 29 per cent increase in shopping deliveries by 2018.

Today we speak to Guy Anker from the website Money Saving Expert to get his tips for getting the most out of your online shop - and we also find out why one modern mum swears by it.

But we want to know your views. Do you usually choose to shop online? If so why?

Get in touch with your comments before 8am on Tuesday 23 September, via Twitter, Facebook or by emailing gmb@itv.com and we may use your comments on the show. You must be 18 and over, terms at itv.com/terms.

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