Top tips on how to wrap a present

If your annual Christmas wrapping session leaves you covered in screwed up balls of sellotape and torn paper, help is at hand. A new video showcasing an incredibly fast and simple technique has gone viral - revealing how to wrap a present in just 12 seconds.

So what is the best way to wrap a present? We've enlisted the help of an expert to show us!

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Not just toys for girls or boys!

Equalities Minister Jo Swinson writes to toy manufacturers and retailers to encourage them to market toys sensibly this Christmas.

The Minister is calling on the retail sector to do what it does best - respond to customers' demands and ensure the greatest choice by marketing toys for all children, rather than for boys or girls.

Jo joins us on today's show - let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.

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A trip to Lapland for one lucky nurse!

Aileen on the sofa when we surprised her with the trip!

There are seven days left until Christmas but just one more day to go until ITV's big Text Santa finale tomorrow. So today, we're highlighting the work of the charity WellChild and one particular nurse, called Aileen Crichton who looks after 30 sick children.

Three weeks ago we surprised her when she thought she had come into Good Morning Britain for a backstage tour but instead she found out she'd been set up! We sent her on the trip of a lifetime to Lapland.

WATCH: There's a surprise in store for one lucky nurse

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