Jennifer Garner talks Men, Women and Children

Ben is so good about breaking things down, and talking about things really normally

– Jennifer Garner on her husband Ben Affleck

In her new film Men, Women and Children, Jennifer Garner plays an overprotective mother who monitors all of her teen daughter's online interactions.

Ross King catches up with Jennifer to talk about how playing the character has affected her own parenting.

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How well do you 'speak bear' Hugh Bonneville?

I think it's very charming and very funny and I think it captures the spirit of Michael Bond's character very well.

– Hugh Bonneville on Paddington

As Paddington hits big screens on Friday, we catch up with Hugh Bonneville, who stars as Mr Brown in the film. Hugh chatted about working alongside A-list stars like Nicole Kidman and he even gave us a rendition of his "bear speak"!

On the subject of Downton Abbey he said he had a helping hand in getting in touch with George Clooney about the Text Santa sketch of the show which features him - the pair are old friends having worked together on the film The Monuments Men.

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Man's bionic arm made with a 3D printer

A man who was born without his right hand has been fitted with a bionic one by an engineer who scanned his left hand and then made another with a 3D printer.

Daniel Melville contacted Joel Gibbard after seeing his appeal for funding help to develop affordable robotic hands. He offered to help Mr Gibbard test his products and the new hand was created within two days at a cost of just £300. The inventors have just returned from the US where they won a $200,000 prize to help develop the technology in a commercial way.

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Warnings over packaging for Christmas turkeys

Poisonous bacteria found on the outer packaging of supermarket chicken and turkeys have led health officials to advise shoppers to keep poultry in a separate bags in the fridge.

A report this week is expected to confirm that campylobacter, a major cause of food poisoning, is present on the external packaging of thousands of fresh whole chickens sold in Britain each day. The Food Standards Agency said the bacteria grew in the guts of poultry but was being transferred to the outside of plastic put around birds during processing.

Susanna joins chef Dean Edwards in the Lorraine kitchen to find out how to cook a turkey safely.