How young is too young to drink?

Is there a right age to start talking to your kids about alcohol?

As schools look to introduce lessons raising alcohol awareness, we want to know what age you think teenagers should be allowed to drink at home? Perhaps you believe it should be decided by parents on an individual basis? Or do you think there should be clearer nationwide guidance? We'd like to know what age you let your kids start drinking and how? Did it start with a few sips, a whole drink or a diluted beverage? Do you regret your decision? Perhaps you allowed them a sip knowing they'd hate it? Get in touch!

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Join our celebrity Tough Mums!

Just take a look at the famous faces getting ready to put themselves through their paces to join us on the GMB Tough Mums course! Want to join them?

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Celine Dion, the performer and carer

Even though my husband is struggling and fighting really hard, I feel blessed. I'm very thankful for the fans to allow me to have that time to become the wife, the caretaker and to take care of my kids

– Celine Dion

Celine Dion joins Ross King for a chat about coping with her husband's battle with cancer, how her children cope with her career and, of course, her new residency in Las Vegas!

The singer is back after a year long break to care for her husband Rene Angelil whilst also looking after their three boys and opens up about how she feels "blessed" despite the difficulties life has thrown at her.

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The amazing artist with Asperger's

He needed an insular career - and that's exactly what that is. Now he has a business

– Chris's mum speaks of how he didn't let his social anxiety get in the way of his talent

A man who has barely spoken to anyone for 14 years because of his Asperger's Syndrome has shown the most incredible skill for drawing. Chris Baker, who turns 20 today finds it difficult to look anyone in the eye, but draws amazing, life-like pictures of people's faces and buildings. He now has his own exhibition in the Wales Millenium Centre.

We chat to his parents as he looks on in our studio about his amazing talent and how he's making a great career out of it.

Get more information about Asperger's and austism

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Some of Chris's amazing pictures

Kimberly's our celebrity Tough Mum!

Today is the day we launch our search for Tough Mums! Susanna, Charlotte, Kate, and our honorary mums Laura, Sean, Ben plus celebrity mums Kimberley Wyatt, Sam Bailey and Michelle Heaton will unite to prove why they are tough mothers as they tackle a 5k mud-laden obstacle course.

Joining them will be 50 GMB mums - women who have overcome adversity, women and who have come out the other side of a challenging time. Could you be one of them?

Kimberly joins us today to tell us why we're doing this and how you can get involved!

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Gemma helps spread anti-bullying message

Bullies are very, very powerful if we allow them to be

– Gemma Oaten

More than a third of the ten million children going back to school this week are worried about returning because of bullying. In a major survey by The Diana Award it's also revealed that a quarter of pupils have said bullying made them feel suicidal. Therefore charity is calling for more young anti-bullying ambassadors to be trained to help their peers in school.

As celebrities have relived being bullied at school for The Diana Award's #Back2School Anti-Bullying Campaign we're joined byEmmerdale actress Gemma Oaten, who's experiences of being bullied led to her developing an eating disorder.

We also speak to Jack, who was bullied when he went to secondary school because he had come from a different primary school from the other pupils.

Laura's forecast for the week ahead

It's officially the start of Autumn, but why did summer disappear so quickly and what's to be expected this week? Laura tells us in her week ahead.

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Which songs help you beat the back to work blues?

It's pretty miserable returning to work after a Bank Holiday weekend - especially one that's been a washout for much of the country. So to help you beat the back to work blues we've picked some of our favourite songs that help put a spring in our step in the mornings. And we'd love to hear which songs you listen to as you travel to work.

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All together now - 'Workin' niiiiiine to fiiiiiiive, what a way to make a living'...