Do you hide what you spend from your partner?

Are you a secret spender? We want to hear your spending confessions - have you ever hidden anything from your partner? A pair of shoes, perhaps a new gadget or maybe you spent more than you admitted to on a night out?

If so we want to hear from you so get in touch by adding your comments on Facebook and Twitter or by emailing your comments to before 8am Wednesday 3 September for a chance to get them on air. You must be 18 and over, terms at:

Tell it to Judge Rinder

Criminal barrister Robert Rinder has stormed onto our screens in a new courtroom show which sees the Judge rule on real-life cases.

Susanna looks very believable in Judge Rinder's wig and gown!

And rule he does - with a clear-talking manner and classic putdowns, Judge Rinder is a force to be reckoned with! He joins us today to tell us why upholding justice makes essential viewing.

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'A healthy meal at lunchtime is essential for children'

The vast, vast, vast majority of schools are not only ready, are going to be providing those healthy, hot meals today - they're doing so enthusiastically

– Nick Clegg

Nearly two million children in England will receive free meals from today - Nick Clegg reveals why this new policy is so important to him, and responds to critics who believe the changes have been rolled out too quickly.

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Sleep apnoea: Ramm family's bedtime nightmare

Kylie and Michael Ramm haven't shared a bed for the past eight months. During the night, their daughter Phyllisity needs to be brought back to life at least once a week.

Phyllisity suffers from obstructive sleep apnoea, which causes throat to relax and narrow while she sleeps, blocking her airway and stopping her breathing. The couple have put a strict rota system in place so that one of them is awake around the clock to watch Phyllisity. The parents want a machine that would aid her breathing - but so far doctors haven't provided one.

We discover what life is really like for Kylie, Michael and Phyllisity, and ask whether medical breakthroughs could offer hope for the future.

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