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Millions face hosepipe ban as Britain swelters in 'longest heatwave since 1976'

Water customers in England have been advised they'll face hosepipe bans in the coming weeks as temperatures soar.

People in the north west of England have been told to expect the use of hosepipes to be banned in the coming weeks as reservoirs dry up and water resources run low. United Utilities, the organisation responsible for water distribution in the affected area, said that the ban would be in place in parts of Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire.

Calls for Trump to be impeached after declaring support for Putin over US intelligence services

There are fresh calls US President Donald Trump to be impeached following a summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

Donald Trump has been accused of treasonous behaviour after declaring his support for the Russian leader over his own intelligence services. The 72-year-old has been harshly criticised by people close to him and widely condemned by political commentators from around the globe.

Donald Trump shakes hands with Vladimir Putin at a summit in Helsinki. PA.

US intelligence agencies say Russia attempted to help Trump get into the White House during the 2016 election. They say the state used cyber attacks and planted fake news stories on social media to sow discord in the United States and encourage people to vote for the Republican candidate.

The show of support comes just one week after 12 Russian intelligence officers were charged over the hacking of emails during the campaign.

Tube station renamed in honour of Gareth Southgate

Credit: PA

England's return from a phenomenally successful World Cup bid in Russia has seen a London landmark named after the team's manager.

Transport for London announced on Monday that it had renamed Southgate station in honour of England's Gareth Southgate.

Signs at the Picadilly Line station in Enfield, north London have been changed in honour of the manager who pushed England towards their best World Cup performance since 1990.

Sadiq Khan’s message to Donald Trump

For a second time this week we saw Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London on Good Morning Britain.

Mr Khan used the opportunity to send a direct message to Donald Trump after the US President criticised the London Mayor in an interview with The Sun newspaper, stating that he thought he ‘has done a terrible job.’

Mr Trump added: “I think he has done a bad job on crime, if you look, all of the horrible things going on there, with all of the crime that is being brought in.”

Donald Trump used an interview with The Sun newspaper to criticise Sadiq Khan

Credit: PA

Piers Morgan clashes with Trump protester in fiery debate

There was no holding back on today’s Good Morning Britain, when Donald Trump protester Ash Sarkar branded Piers Morgan an ‘idiot’ live on the show.

Thousands are expected to protest against the U.S. President's visit to the UK this week. Meanwhile, the president is set to dine at Blenheim Palace at a dinner hosted by Theresa May upon arrival, where protesters are also planning to demonstrate.

In the heated debate, Sarkar and pro-Trump journalist Andrew Walker debated whether the protests are justifiable.

Sarkar explained: “I’ll be marching in Westminster alongside thousands of other people who found the policy of forced separation unconscionable, who think the sight of our Prime Minister holding Donald Trump’s hand is an utter embarrassment.”

Comparing Trump to Barack Obama, Piers quizzed Sarkar on the number of illegal immigrants that were deported during Obama’s presidency. Sarkar said ‘she didn’t know’.

But the conversation did not stop there. Piers continued: “Can you give me any number? Do you have any idea at all?”

Piers persisted: “You should go and learn some facts about your hero Obama.”

Sarkar argued her case: “He’s not my hero, I’m a communist you idiot.” Before adding that she thought Piers didn’t ‘hold Trump adequately to account’ when he interviewed the U.S. President.

Susanna interjected: “Ash, you have every right to protest.”

Twitter users were quick to comment on the debate, have your say and let us know what you think about the heated debate here.

It's not coming home - England go out to Croatia

The nation was left heartbroken after England lost to Croatia last night in the World Cup semi-final.

Gareth Southgate’s men fought hard, but in the end, were beaten 2 1 after extra time.

Juventus' Mario Mandzukic scored the goal that crushed the dreams of the England team, after scoring the winner on 109 minutes.

In his post-match interview, the England manager remained positive and was full of praise for his young lions. He said: "These players, many of them have really come of age on an international stage - and I couldn't be prouder of what they've done."

Dele Alli and Jamie Vardy