Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. The changing shape of child obesity - experts warn up to a third of youngsters in England are officially overweight

  2. More arctic blasts are on the way as forecasters predict Britain will be gripped by big freeze for days to come

  3. Celebrating Churchill 50 years on - commemorations are underway to mark the funeral of Britain's greatest wartime leader

  4. What do you get a pop prince for his 21st birthday? We unwrap Harry Styles' perfect plans...

  5. Sean's Australia adventure continues, as he meets Skippy!

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Do you struggle to control your kids from snacking?

On today's show, we're discussing kids and weight management.

With one in three children in England now overweight or obese we want to know if you struggle to keep your children eating healthily. Do you find it hard to stop them snacking on sweets, chocolate and crisps? Tell us your tips for getting them to eat healthy food.

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Do you argue about the heating bills?

A new survey reveals that women like the temperature hotter than men in the house, and that if the sexes lived separately, men would pay a whopping £425 less than women on heating their homes.

Do you argue about the temperature/heating bills? Would you be happy to go on camera later today with your other half for a lighthearted piece on thermostat wars?

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