Alice Gross suspect could have left the country

Police investigating the disappearance of teenager Alice Gross believe their main suspect, a Latvian builder, may have returned to his home country.

They've been accused of being slow to act on information about Arnis Zalkans, a convicted murderer.

Good Morning Britain's Breakfast in America

Jack Osbourne has all the details...

The nights are drawing in but here at Good Morning Britain we've got something to really cheer you up. We are offering 100 people the chance to wake up and experience some fun, thrills, sunshine this November In Orlando, Florida.

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Report reveals 46% of cancers diagnosed 'too late'

Dr Hilary Jones

A Cancer Research UK report out today reveals that 46% of cancers in England are diagnosed "too late" when they are at an advanced stage, and are therefore much harder to treat.

The report also estimates that if the best national levels of early diagnosis were delivered across the country, an extra 5,000 cancer patients would be alive five years after diagnosis. Dr Hilary joins us to tell us more.

  • Britain's survival rates for nine of the ten most common forms of cancer are below the European average
  • They say earlier detection of cancer would lead to improved survival rates for more than 52,000 patients
  • The report also said that early diagnosis would save the NHS almost £210 million

We're celebrating 20 years of Friends!

The cast of Friends

Coming up on Monday’s Good Morning Britain, we’re celebrating 20 years of Friends as we chat to Lauren Tom who played Ross' girlfriend Julie, Christina Pickles who played Monica and Ross' Mum, and James Michael Tyler aka Gunther!

Plus this autumn you could be heading to the fun-filled, sun-filled destination of Orlando courtesy of us. We're launching a free-to-enter competition to give one hundred of you the chance to have Breakfast in America this November, and Jack Osbourne has all the details!

Tune into Good Morning Britain from 6am this morning.

Hundreds of thousands join worldwide climate rally

Credit: PA

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have joined rallies across the globe in order to get political leaders to tackle the problem. More than 500,000 people took part in 2,500 marches around the world on Sunday ahead of Tuesday's UN climate summit set to take place in New York, organisers said.

In London, an estimated 40,000 people paraded past Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament. Some 310,000 people marched against the use of fossil fuels and oil in New York City.

Labour party conference kicks off

Labour leader Ed Miliband

The Labour party conference has started in Manchester with the result of the Scottish independence referendum overshadowing every announcement made.

Labour says it will extend the cap on child benefit if it wins the next election, it would mean a rise of just one-percent, annually, until 2017. Government ministers will also see their pay cut.

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What else does Labour plan to do?

Labour leader Ed Miliband has pledged to raise the minimum wage to £8 over the course of the next Parliament if elected in 2015 - but the constitutional reforms promised to Scots if they voted No has already dominated the conference.

Mr Miliband has had to fend off accusations he opposes a ban on non-English MPs voting on English laws out of self-interest. Labour has 40 MPs from Scotland and 29 representing Wales, all of whom are eligible to vote on issues which only effect England. However, Mr Miliband has maintained plans for English votes for English laws would create "two classes of MP".

Party leaders clash over votes for English laws

David Cameron and Ed Miliband are locked in a battle over the Prime Minister's pledge to introduces English votes for English laws alongside greater devolved powers for Scotland. Cameron had promised to answer the "West Lothian question" - Scottish MPs can vote on solely English issues - by banning non-English MPs from voting on England only issues, as part of his promise to deliver new powers to Scotland.

However, Labour leader Mr Miliband has said he does not want to look at plans for devolved powers to England, Wales and Norther Ireland until Autumn next year - after the general election.

Mr Miliband warned having English MPs vote on English laws only would create a two-tier Parliament and overlooked the effect some English-only policies had on the rest of the UK. Labour, who have a loyal following in Wales and Scotland, stand to lose influence in Parliament if English votes for English laws is introduced.