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Top five headlines you're waking up to

Many buildings suffered huge damage on Kos

Credit: Credit: Twitter / @risvan3402

  1. At least two people have died and more than 120 have been injured after a strong earthquake rocked Turkey and the Greek island of Kos. The 6.7 magnitude quake struck in the early hours of Friday morning six miles south of the Turkish city of Bodrum.

  2. O.J. Simpson will be released on parole after nine years behind bars. A parole board in Nevada, USA, decided that the 70-year-old former football, TV and movie star can be released in October.

  3. The UK and Brussels have "fundamental" disagreements over citizens' rights, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator has said. Michel Barnier also insisted there must be "clarification" on Britain's position on a number of issues. It follows the second set of four-day talks with Brexit Secretary David Davis on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.

  4. Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has died aged 41. There were reports in the US that the star had killed himself at his home and was found dead on Thursday morning.

  5. The son of Cecil the lion, whose 2015 killing prompted an international outcry, has also been fatally shot during a hunt, according to conservationists in Zimbabwe. Six-year-old Xanda, Cecil's son, was shot on a "legal trophy hunt" several days ago, a group named Friends of Hwange Trust said on Facebook.

Top five headlines you're going home to

  1. Sir Vince Cable, 74, has been named the new leader of the Liberal Democrat party, elected unopposed to replace Tim Farron.

  2. Meanwhile, the second round of Brexit talks has ended with "fundamental" disagreements remaining between Britain and the European Union on citizens' rights and a stand-off over the so-called "divorce bill" - the amount the UK will have to pay to leave the EU. Brexit Secretary David Davis has urged Brussels to show "flexibility".

  3. The crime rate across England and Wales has risen overall by 10% on last year - the largest annual rise in crime recorded by police in a decade.

  4. Former American Football star OJ Simpson will this evening plead for release from the Nevada prison where he has spent more than eight years for armed robbery and assault with a weapon. A parole board will decide if the 70 year old, who was acquitted of murder in the 1995 'trial of the century', will walk free in October after serving nine years of a maximum 33-year sentence.

  5. Airports across the UK are bracing for their busiest day of the summer tomorrow with tens of thousands of passengers expected to fly in and out.

The fabulous Ruby Wax

Comedienne and mental health campaigner Ruby Wax brought a ray of sunshine to the studio this morning as she spoke about spreading the mindfulness message as part of her Frazzled tour, her daughters following in her footsteps and the hot topic of the morning - 'sharenting'!

Grenfell Tower: Deputy council leader accepts responsibility

As a member of the committee I accept responsibility

– Deputy Leader of the Kensington and Chelsea council, Kim Taylor-Smith

At last night's Grenfell meeting the local residents called for the resignation of the entire Kensington and Chelsea council after their poor response to the Grenfell fire disaster.

At the meeting the residents expressed their ongoing frustrations at the council's lack of support and hundreds to protestors gathered outside to support them.

This morning we were joined by the newly-appointed Deputy Leader of the Kensington and Chelsea council, Kim Taylor-Smith, who was previously a member of the housing and property scrutiny committee which was responsible for overseeing community safety issues.

Watch the full interview above.

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Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. Grenfell council leader, Elizabeth Campbell said she's not resigning "yet" after yesterday's public meeting. The new council leader was faced with boos and heckles from the audience when she tried to deliver her speech to the Grenfell survivors. The local community have criticised the Kensington and Chelsea council for their poor response to the fire disaster.

  2. The BBC could be hit with a wave of equal pay claims by its female stars, according to a legal expert. The BBC's highest earners list show 96 names earning over £150,000, but only 34 are female. An employment lawyer believes the high-profile female stars will be examining the figures closely.

  3. Brexit secretary David Davis returns to Brussels today to conclude his EU negotiations with the hopes of making progress on the method of calculating the "divorce bill". There has been intense criticism that the government's not yet clear on its negotiation objectives for exiting the EU.

  4. One of America's most famous prisoners could be one step closer to becoming a free man. OJ Simpson will appear before the Nevada Board of Parole to decide whether he will be released from prison. If paroled, he could be released as early as October. OJ and an associate were convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

  5. England Women kicked off their 2017 European Championships campaign with a brilliant victory over rivals Scotland. They produced a brilliant performance against the Scots by thrashing them 6 0.