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Brave Hope opts for leg amputation

I was a bit afraid that if I was to ask the doctors they would see it as me giving up but it was the opposite.

– Hope Gordon

Hope Gordon is an aspiring swimmer and rower. Three weeks ago she took the decision to amputate her leg. Hope suffers with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and has suffered with searing pain in her left leg for a decade. So, after crowd-funding £10,000 she opted to have the operation.

Drinking rules change for men

As the number of recommended units of alcohol for men and women changes, there are fears that this will drive women to drink more. Previously, men were advised to drink no more than 21 units whilst women were recommended the lower number of 14 units.

As the drinking rules change for the first time in 20 years, Dr Sarah Jarvis talks about the cancer risks and potential accidents that come with drinking. She shares how we should measure units.

The X Factor originals are back

The X Factor returns to our screens this weekend and Michael caught up with its returning stars, Nicole, Louis and Dermot.

The show is returning to its original magic roots. Louis says he thought the last series was awful and Louis is looking 10 years younger already!

Michael says that the returning judges 'don't need to prove anything.'

An epic Olympic win

Max Whitlock won three golds at the Olympics but says that his bronze was the hardest to win. He won a bronze medal in the all-round gymnastics event, which is Great Britain's first medal in this Olympic event for 108 years

Max says the plane home was 'unbelievable' and he was treated 'like royalty.' Since he returned and stepped off the plane, Max says that life has 'been crazy'.

Team GB rowers glowing from gold

As Team GB return home from a 'good, powerful, ferocious race', meet eight of the Olympic champions. The team, led by a German coach, beat the Germans who took silver which the team seem pleased by.

Phelan Hill, the men's rowing cox says: 'I just sat there and really enjoyed it. I had the best seat in the house.'

The men's team won gold just minutes after the GB women won silver.

Staycations are on the rise this bank holiday

Why would you want to go anywhere else? The staycation economy has become one of the strongest in the UK as holidaymakers spend more time and money on local shores, according to a report.

Some 70% of UK adults have been on or are planning a staycation - a rise of 7% - and are spending an average 6% more per holiday than a year ago, the survey from Barclays Business found.

The news comes as over five million people are said to be heading off for a great British getaway this weekend - leading to 'Carmaggedon' on the roads and the worst congestion seen for years.

It's the long-suffering seaside towns that will bear the brunt of the influx of British tourist.

'Staycate at home' suggests Ben.