Kate's family has a criminal past

Kate's great great uncle in his mugshot in 1884 - is there a resemblance?

Over 1.9 Million historic criminal records spanning over 150 years have been published online on Findmypast.co.uk for the first time revealing that GMB's presenter Kate Garraway had a criminal relative.

The records from The National Archives provide fascinating details of the crimes, punishment and prison standards in England and Wales. Spanning 1779-1936, they allow you to discover villains and victims in your family history and piece together their journey through the criminal system.

Kate's great great uncle was arrested for disorderly conduct and can be seen in his mugshot, taken in 1884. But does disorderly behaviour run in the family? We couldn't possibly comment...

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It's Stephen the laughter Merchant!

I get to do some proper acting, which I think you'll be impressed by.

– Stephen on his theatre role in The Mentalists

Writer, comedian, director and actor Stephen Merchant joins us to talk about treading the boards in the play The Mentalists.

Written by Richard Bean, the award-winning writer of Made In Dagenham, the play is about two men who are holed up in a Finsbury Park hotel room and forced to confront the darker side of their unique relationship.

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Love for tennis runs in their blood

Wimbledon mania is in full swing from today and we're joined there by Jamie Delgado - friend of Andy Murray and a former British number three player.

Plus, Sean speaks to mother and son Linda and Nathan Watt who are just mad about Wimbledon. Linda's been a line judge since 1988 and carried on working through her pregnancy and it must have rubbed off because now Nathan is also a line judge!

Go behind the scenes of Wimbledon with GMB

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Survivors speak out about Tunisia attack

I wish nobody to go through what I saw on that beach.

– Ellie Makin

Extraordinary stories of survival are emerging in the aftermath of Friday's Tunisian terror attack, which claimed the lives of at least 30 British holidaymakers. We're joined this morning by two sets of survivors.

Ellie Makin from Ripon and her friend Debbie Horsfall, both 22, were on sunbeds next to the gunman. As Ellie turned to her right she saw him take out the AK47 and start shooting. If he had turned left they would be dead.

The women join us to talk about the ordeal and we also go live to Coventry to speak to Ross Thompson and Rebecca Smith, who both suffered shrapnel wounds after being trapped in a hotel corridor as grenades were thrown at them.

GMB goes to Wimbledon!

It's that time of year again when the attention of the nation focuses on one postcode - SW19. It's the 129th Wimbledon and Murraymania is back - but can he do it this year?

We've taken our GMB sofa down there this morning where Sean Fletcher is catching up with the latest and Laura Tobin will hopefully be keeping things nice and sunny!

Watch Sean interview tennis player Jamie Delgado and a family mad about tennis

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The thieves who use identity to clear you out

Imagine going to check your band account and finding nothing there

– Justin McKeown

Identity fraud increased by 27 percent in the first quarter of this year. One in four UK adults - 12.275 million people - is believed to have fallen victim to it, losing on average £1,200 each. The increasing number of cases has caused the City of London Police to release guidance on safe passwords, protecting devices, unsolicited calls and the storing and disposal of mail.

We speak to Justin Mckeown who along with his wife lost many thousands of pounds after thieves stole his wallet. They then obtained his PIN from his bank, used it for several of his accounts, then found their way into his wife's account and took thousands from her as well.

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