Should NHS staff lose weight?

Overweight doctors and nurses should slim down to set a good example to their patients according to the new head of the NHS, but do you think forcing them to get fit would help solve the country's obesity crisis?

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Ever met a celebrity on holiday?

Today we'll be showing you the celebrity holiday selfies that reveal where the world's rich and famous go for their summer break, and we want to know if you've ever met a celebrity while on holiday?

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Millions risking health by 'not using holiday insurance'

Holidaymakers need more coverage than their EHIC card provides, Bupa warned.

Some 8.5 million British holidaymakers are putting their health and finances at risk by travelling without proper insurance, according to a major healthcare provider.

Bupa warned the millions of Brits planning to go on holiday without insurance they faced bills of tens of thousands of pounds if they needed treatment abroad.

Gaza loses only power station during deadly raids

Over 100 Palestinians are believed to have been killed by Israeli attacks on Tuesday.

The only power station in the Gaza strip was destroyed by Isreali fire during another day of fighting in the escalating conflict.

Amnesty International called the destruction of the power station "collective punishment of Palestinians", as those living in the Gaza strip were already enduring power cuts of 20 hours or more.

Faced with expensive medical bills abroad?

Have you been faced with expensive medical bills abroad because you didn't get travel insurance? Did you assume your European Health Card (EHIC) would cover you if you became ill on holiday in Europe?

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Spandau's Tony is on tour

Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley joins us to talk about about his brand new orchestra tour in theatres up and down the country, his part in the rewind festival, and the Tony Hadley Golf Classic.

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Father's blog becomes inspiration to parents

When it first hit the 100s it was amazing, people from around the world [contacted us] - Sweden, North America, Australia, the Maldives.

– Wayne Little, Daisy Mae's father

It started as a way to cope and to keep loved ones informed, but a blog written by a father about his premature baby's fight for survival has now become an inspiration to tens of thousands of people.

Daisy-Mae was born 103 days early, weighing the same as a loaf of bread. We spoke to parents Wayne and Jen Little.

Find out more about Daisy Mae here