Do you argue about the heating bills?

A new survey reveals that women like the temperature hotter than men in the house, and that if the sexes lived separately, men would pay a whopping £425 less than women on heating their homes.

Do you argue about the temperature/heating bills? Would you be happy to go on camera later today with your other half for a lighthearted piece on thermostat wars?

If so please email before 3.30pm today (29 January). You must be 18 and over. Terms and conditions at

'Whitney Houston made this role really famous'

It's such a big challenge.

– Alexandra Burke

She won The X Factor seven years ago but has since gone onto release two albums, a number one hit, and she's been nominated for three Brit Awards.

And now, Alexandra Burke is going on tour with West End hit The Bodyguard where we'll see her performing some of Whitney Houston's classic hits.

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'This is amazing... maybe we can go forever'

Our family was very well received by the public... the characters have just been endearing to a lot of people.

– Alan Fletcher on the Kennedys

He's the star of Australia’s longest running drama Neighbours - Alan Fletcher has played Dr Karl Kennedy on our screens for the past 21 years.

With the 30th anniversary of the show just around the corner, Sean Fletcher caught up with Alan to find out more about what we can expect, and why on screen wife Jackie Woodburne (who plays Susan Kennedy) may have painted her garden fence a few too many times... Watch the clip to find out what we're on about!

EXCLUSIVE: Dr Karl performs with his band!

Read Sean Fletcher's blog: Soggy Sydney and Sunrise on 7!

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