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Quarter of Brits think marriage should work 'like a phone contract'

You sign up for 18 months: you get unlimited minutes, free calls back home and, if you're lucky, a few cheap cinema tickets. Once the contract is up, you're free to move on - sounds ideal, right?

What if those principles were applied to marriages? A survey of more than 2000 Brits has found that a quarter think that marriage should work the same way as a phone contract - with participants free to change their 'plan' at the end of an agreed period.

Iain Duncan Smith on whether he wants to see the Prime Minister ousted

Theresa May faces up to her mutinous cabinet, as rumours grow that a leadership challenge is imminent.

Leading Brexiteers, including former Conservative Iain Duncan Smith, have denied undermining the Prime Minister by travelling to Brussels to present their own solution to the Irish border problem.

Iain Duncan Smith told Good Morning Britain today that he would NOT want to see Theresa May ousted as Prime Minister.

Vote for your favourite show at the NTAs!

The contenders for this year's NTAs have been revealed and voting has officially opened across the UK. The power is now in the hands of viewers as the public votes for the TV stars and shows they love in a huge nationwide poll.

Good Morning Britain is up for the best daytime award and you can vote for your favourite shows by clicking the link below!

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Sexual harassment is ‘deeply ingrained’ in British culture, according to reports

The life of nearly every single woman and girl in Britain is affected by sexual harassment. That’s according to a report by MPs which says that women suffer relentless harassment in parks, bars, universities, on public transport and online.

Research shows that 64 percent of women have been harassed in public places, 35 percent have reported being groped - and more than 60% said that they don't feel safe walking home.

Maria Miller, the Chair of Women and Equalities Select Committee said that more people need to stand up and take responsibility to tackle the issue. She said: “There are some behaviours that are so appalling bad towards women that they need to be dealt by, not only by the police, but people who are running public services too.”

Plastic straws and cotton buds could be banned in effort to save wildlife

The sale of plastic straws, drinks stirrers and cotton buds could be banned in England in a bid to save what's left of the marine life living in the seas surrounding the country.

Environment Secretary, Michael Gove announced the reforms on Monday as part of the government's fight to removing pollutants and waste plastic from the rivers and seas in and surrounding the UK. It has committed to a 25-year plan to remove the pollutants in a last-ditch bid to save marine species that live in the waters surrounding the UK.