Hero policeman saves baby's life

We meet the hero policeman who saved a baby's life when he stopped breathing by running to hospital with him in his arms.

PC Steve Norton, of the Met Police, took a 999 call from a house in Wandsworth where a newborn baby had stopped breathing but found Harrison Paine unresponsive so picked him up and ran in full body armour to hospital.

Thankfully Harrison went on to make a full recovery.

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EDF cut gas prices by just 1.3%

It's a paltry reduction, we should be getting at least 10%

– Alice Beer

EDF yesterday became the last of the Big Six energy suppliers to cut gas prices in the wake of falling wholesale costs as it said it would cut tariffs by 1.3%.

The Citizens Advice Bureau says that the price cuts are INADEQUATE and that figures published on Thursday will show that a typical large supplier would actually increase its margins over the next 12 months.

Alice Beer and money-saving expert Martin Lewis joins us to have his say.

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Cereals more sugary than in 2012

Children are eating the equivalent of seven and a half Cadbury fingers for breakfast every time they tuck into some popular breakfast cereals, a report claims today.

The charity Action on Sugar says good progress has been made in cutting the amount of salt in cereals but manufacturers need to do more to reduce sugar levels.

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Islamic State threatens to kill hostages

Islamic State militants have threatened to kill Japanese hostage Kenji Goto and a Jordanian pilot today - unless Jordan releases an Iraqi woman facing the death penalty for a series of terrorist bomb attacks.

Kenji wears an orange jumpsuit and holding a picture of a fellow hostage in what appears to be a second video released by ISIS in four days.

His mother has made a tearful appeal to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to save her son.

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