Summer-born babies

Prince George will celebrate his 2nd birthday on July 22nd!

Earlier this year Rosie Dutton won a landmark ruling to start her summer-born daughter's education one year later than usual. Rosie held her daughter back for 12 months because she felt she was to young to start school.

Do you think summer-born children should be able to start school the following September if their parents feel they're not ready? Perhaps your baby was born in the summer and you're concerned about them starting school this September? Or were you born in the summer and wish your parents had been given the option? We'd love to hear from you.

Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter or by emailing before 8am on Thursday 4 June 2015. We may share your comments on the show. You must be 18 or over, full terms and conditions at

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Lesley supports dogs who sniff out cancer

When she's not cooking up a treat in the Downtown Abbey kitchen as Mrs Patmore actress Lesley Nicol is a volunteer for Medical Detection Dogs, a charity which trains dogs to detect cancer and assist those with long-term life-threatening health conditions.

The charity was set up by Dr Claire Guest and little did she know that her own pet dog Daisy would then end up saving HER life!

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Under performing schools to become acadamies

Every school in England rated inadequate by Ofsted will automatically become an academy, under government plans published today.

Up to a thousand schools could be affected over five years. Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary says too many pupils are "languishing in under performing schools" and that by turning under performing schools into academies, it "will ensure thousands more pupils will benefit from a world class education". Critics claim the plan is irrational and impractical.

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Police find body thought to be missing Amber Peat

Police searching for a missing 13-year-old girl have found a body thought to be that of missing teenager Amber Peat from Nottinghamshire.

Amber had not been since since she left her family home in Mansfield on Saturday evening.

Parents say there had been a family argument before she disappeared but that her disappearance was out of character.

Amber's parents have been informed but a formal identification has yet to take place. Police not treating the death as suspicious.

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