Lancashire water crisis takes toll on families

Families and businesses in Blackpool have spoken to GMB about the toll living with contaminated has taken on them. Local residents Julie Welling and her daughters Holly and Amy said the tiny parasitic bug living in the water had made their lives a misery.

Blackpool hotel manager Howard Crump said it had been "very awkward" running a hotel over the busy summer period, as well as hosting 19 weddings while unable to use water straight from the taps.

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Whinge binge: We want to hear your moans!

Right, this is it! It's your last chance to get it off your chest! We're challenging you to try a whinge-free bank holiday weekend (stop moaning, it is possible). But before that - because we're generous types - we want you to get it all out of your system.

Perhaps this wet summer weather is driving you mad? Maybe you can't wait for your kids to go back to school so you can hear yourself think? Do you hate getting stuck in traffic? Can't stand queues at the supermarket? Think there's nothing good to watch on the TV? Whatever it is, we'd love to hear about it in one final Whinge Binge. Why not film yourself having a rant and send it to us?

We'd also like to hear from you if you live with a whinger or perhaps your moaning drives your partner to despair.

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#PhotobombFriday: Have you been photobombed?

George Clooney did it this week, Benedict Cumberbatch is doing it all the time and even the Queen did it last year. Have you been photobombed by a celebrity? Maybe you've had a furry friend gatecrash one of your holiday snaps? Or perhaps a random passer-by has ruined your perfect pic at an iconic landmark? We'd love to see your photobomb snaps so get in touch and they may feature on the show.

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Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. The devastated father of murdered US journalist Alison Parker has urged President Obama to push through gun reform. Andy Parker vowed to do "whatever it takes" to tighten gun laws

  2. The sixth day of agony looms for relatives of the Shoreham air show disaster - a report is expected in a few days

  3. Some 200,000 properties are still being told to boil their tap water three weeks after the parasite cryptosporidium was discovered in the local water supply

  4. Babies as young as two months will be offered the Meningitis B jab from next Tuesday for free on the NHS. Over the past 20 years, between 500 and 1,700 people - mainly babies and young children - have suffered from Meningitis B every year

  5. Fed up of the family whingeing this bank holiday? GMB takes a look at what gets viewers' goat and encourages them to have a whinge binge before the weekend

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What is the perfect bedtime story?

Trying to get the kids off to sleep and keep them entertained? Research revealed an ideal tale lasts eight and a half minutes and includes a dragon, a princess, a wizard and a fairy.

What do you think is the recipe for the perfect bedtime story? GMB wants to know which stories you like to tell your little ones before they go to bed.

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First air show since Shoreham disaster starts today

As families of the victims of Shoreham continue to wait for news of their loved ones, the first UK air show since the disaster prepares to get underway at Clacton in Essex today.

Organisers insist the event will go ahead as normal - with all of the stunts taking place in the sky over the sea so they're not affected by the new civil aviation restrictions.

However they say public safety is the priority at the show, which is due to attract 200,000 people over the next two days.

Another air show at Durham Tees Valley on Saturday has been cancelled.

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Barack Obama broken-hearted after US shooting

US president Barack Obama has said gun crime is a bigger threat to his nation than terrorism as he spoke about the shock killing of reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward.

The journalists were shot dead during a live broadcast on local breakfast TV in Virginia.

The gunman, Vester Lee Flanagan, a former employee of the TV station, and known as Bryce Williams professionally, posted a video of his crime on Facebook, before shooting himself dead.