Meet Mr Selfridge's new love interest

She loves it, we both secretly love the show... I thought she has to come and see this because the set is unbelievable.

– Kelly Adams on taking her mum on set

Hustle and Holby City star Kelly Adams joins us to talk about playing Harry's new love interest Nancy Webb in ITV's Mr Selfridge. This series is the third instalment, charting the rise and fall of the colourful but troubled American entrepreneur, and picks up in 1919 just after the end of World War I.

The charismatic Nancy Webb is a business woman who wants to build homes for ex-servicemen - on the same plot of land Serge (his son-in-law) has earmarked for his aerodrome.

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Mother with breast cancer refuses chemotherapy

I've always been into the natural remedies, it's not really planning to cure myself with the raw food diet, it's getting my body on an even keel so it gives me the chance to fight cancer.

– Kelly Logan on why she chose to eat raw foods

A mother with breast cancer has refused surgery and chemotherapy, vowing that she can beat the disease with vitamins and raw vegetables. Thirty-four-year-old Kelly Logan was diagnosed with stage two cancer five months ago.

She was told she needed surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, but has refused medical care as she is against invasive treatments, in stead she takes herbal remedies, vitamins and eats a raw vegetable diet.

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Duke of Cambridge follows in Diana's footsteps

The Duke of Cambridge has followed in his mother's footsteps - and visited a Commonwealth war cemetery on the first full day of his tour of Japan. Princess Diana laid a wreath at the same war graves 20 years ago.

Prince William is on a week long trip to China and Japan where he will undertake engagements to promote UK relations with both countries. The Duchess of Cambridge is not accompanying her husband as she is due to give birth to their second child in April.

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Could Jihadi John have been stopped?

The man identified as the Islamic State fanatic Jihadi John came into contact with MI5 at least a dozen times, before he fled Britain for Syria.

The security services had tried to recruit Mohammed Emwazi - who grew up in London - before he travelled to the Middle East three years ago.

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The great llama drama: Best tweets and memes

The Twittersphere went crazy last night for two runaway llamas in Arizona. The two llamas on the lam led a sheriff’s team on a chase through the streets of Sun City.

Arizona's ABC 15 Reports live streamed the footage of the two escaped animals - eventually showing the safe capture of the pair - but it didn't stop news publications having a bit of a giggle at the same time!