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Weather blog: Storm Doris

Preparations are underway across parts of the country for the imminent arrival of Storm Doris. Find out more details about tomorrows storm below.

Is it a weather bomb?

Yes and no. It a phrase used a lot by the media but technically meteorologists call it 'explosive cyclogenesis' when the pressure drops by 24millibars by 24 hours.
The storm in the Atlantic dropped by 28mb in 24 hours. (Basically developed quickly) so it's therefore explosive cyclogenesis.

Explosive cyclogenesis

Vinnie Jones gives Ross King a custard pie to the face!

He weren't too complimentary about you, son

– Which A-list celeb has been bad-mouthing Piers to Vinnie?

Shortly after delivering a custard pie straight to Ross King's face for his birthday (watch the hilarious moment below), Vinnie Jones joined us live from our LA studio to tell us about life in Hollywood and overcoming his family health problems.

In 2013 both he and his wife Tanya battled skin cancer and this May the pair will be going out to celebrate 30 years since she had a heart transplant. However life is now going swimmingly for the Jones' in sunny Hollywood and Vinnie was in high spirits as he gave his view on Wayne Shaw's pie-eating, his latest business venture selling carpets and more.

Plus, which A-list star told Vinnie that he isn't exactly Piers' biggest fan during a golfing session? Watch the above video to find out...

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Fancy Piers as your new Corrie love interest, Kym?

It's been a tumultuous time for Michelle in Coronation Street as she comes to terms with having a stillborn baby and her partner Steve turns out to have a love child - and today Kym Marsh joined us to speak about playing the gripping role.

On her character's storyline echoing her own personal heartache - she lost her son Archie in 2009 when he was born 18 weeks prematurely - she told us: "My reasons behind agreeing to ahead with it were in the hopes that it might help somebody somewhere, that someone could relate to it and it might spark people to talk."

Should teachers and pupils connect on social media?

Would you be happy if your child's teacher Facebooked them - in and out of the classroom? And would you mind if they were instant messaging, or sending a Snapchat, tweet or Instagram to one another?

As Good Morning Britain found there's been a 60 percent rise in inappropriate contact between teachers and pupils online, the NSPCC has exclusively told us that they're expecting schools to ban social media communication between the two.

But with one in five parents we spoke to saying they think it's acceptable, who is right?

We visited one school that encourages social media interaction and another that has banned it.

EXCLUSIVE: Brendan Cox on carrying on wife Jo's legacy

The killing of Jo was designed to divide communities and I can think of no better way of responding to that than this huge act of unity

– Brendan Cox

In his first live television interview since his wife Jo Cox's murder last year, Brendan Cox talks to Good Morning Britain about how he's teaming up with royalty to continue her legacy.

Brendan and the Duchess of Cornwall will launch The Great Get Together later today - hoped to be the biggest community event since the Jubilee. It will take place in June, a year on from when Jo was murdered, and people will be invited to come together for street parties, picnics, barbecues and bake-off competitions.

Full list of candidates for tomorrow's by-elections

Labour faces a major test tomorrow as it defends two by-elections, after sitting MPs resigned. There is a serious threat from UKIP in Stoke, which came second last time, and the party is defending the Copeland seat in Cumbria on the same day too. Below are the full list of candidates and key facts you need to know about each area.

Copeland key facts:

  • A by-election was called after Labour MP Jamie Reed resigned
  • Reed has been critical of Corbyn but said his departure had absolutely nothing to do with him
  • Reed has taken up a job in the nuclear industry
  • Labour won the seat in 2015 with a 2,564 majority in 2015. This was the lowest vote share that the Labour Party has ever had in Copeland.
  • The Conservatives came in second place and are in with a good chance to win this time
  • If they do, they will be the first governing party to gain a seat in a by-election since 1982

Stoke key facts

  • Labour has held the seat since it was created in 1950
  • The by-election was triggered by the resignation of Labour MP Tristram Hunt. Like in Copeland, Hunt was a critic of Corbyn.
  • Hunt quit to become director of the V&A
  • He won Stoke-on-Trent Central with 12,220 votes in 2015
  • That was the fifth consecutive fall in the Labour vote share since the constituency was created in 1950
  • UKIP came in second place with 7,041 votes