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We've got a great week for you this week - so good in fact that we've even got a little teaser of what you can expect right here!

On Monday we celebrated 20 years of Friends and Jack Osbourne was in the sunshine state of Florida revealing how you can win the trip of a lifetime, plus from we'll also be chatting to Denzel Washington, Kate Hudson, Lindsey Lohan and more!

Celebrating 20 years of Friends... with Friends!

Fancy Breakfast in America? Jack Osbourne has all the details!

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Special leave for X Factor's Charlie

I'm not sure, maybe it was my nerves or maybe it was my song choice...

– Charlie on why Mel B wasn't impressed with his singing last night

Charlie Martinez was given special leave from the US airforce by the Pentagon to take part in this year's X Factor competition!

Despite winning over X Factor judge Mel B he wowed the 5,000 strong audience at Wembley last night and secured himself a place in this year's boot camp.

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Richard's going gaga for Gaga!

On Friday Richard Arnold chats to singing sensations Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett - they're talking jazz!

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How can we protect our privacy?

It seems to be the hackers have got access to people's private cloud storage online where photos from your phone get backed up.

– David McClelland, technology journalist

More pictures and videos, which appear to show celebrities naked, have been posted online - it's the second leak in less than a month.

The first incident was at the end of August when more than 100 women had their private pictures stolen. We speak to technology journalist David McClelland.

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Celebrating 20 years of Friends

Can you believe it's 20 years ago today since Friends first hit our screens?

The show, based on six friends who hang out in a coffee shop, went on to become one of the most successful sitcoms ever produced. Ross King has been chatting to Jennifer Anniston and Lauren Tom who played Ross' girlfriend Julie, Christina Pickles who played Monica and Ross' Mum, and James Michael Tyler aka Gunther!

The Good Morning Britain presenters recreate the Friends opening titles

What's your favourite scene from Friends?

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Prince Harry's Isabelle's Prince Charming

Nothing could hold back little Isabelle after she spotted her royal hero Prince Harry at the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games. The brave five year old ran straight over to Harry, who promptly swept her up and put her on his shoulders so she could catch a clear view of rock band Foo Fighters.

The once in a lifetime moment stunned Isabelle's parents Adam and Taryn - who watched with pride as Isabelle got a dance with her very own prince charming. The family join us to tell us about the special moment.