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UK churches urged to review security after France Attack

British churches have been urged to review their security after the horrific murder of elderly priest, Father Jacques Hamel in Normandy.

The attack was committed by two attackers Islamic State followers who were subsequently killed by police.

We speak to The Most Reverend Bernard Longley and former Special Branch officer Chris Hobbs.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

Father Jacques Hamel still regularly officiated at mass in Saint Etienne

Credit: Ina Societe

  1. France remains in shock after two Islamic State followers slit the throat of elderly priest, Father Jacques Hamel. The attackers stormed a Normandy church and took hostages before they were killed by police. The men apparently forced Father Jacques Hamel to kneel before killing him and filming it. Adel Kermiche, 19, has been named as one of the attackers - he was on probation and had twice attempted to travel to Syria. Work to identify the second attacker is still ongoing.

  2. Hillary Clinton has secured the Democratic Party's nomination to become the first woman to be put forward for president by a major US political party. Bill Clinton has appealed to voters to elect his wife as the next US president in a speech in which he called her the best "change-maker" he has ever known.

  3. The husband of a British beauty therapist who died in Pakistan has claimed she was the victim of an honour killing for marrying a man outside the family. Samia Shahid, 28, who was originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire, died while visiting relatives in her ancestral Punjab village of Pandori last Wednesday.

  4. President Obama's Kenyan half-brother Malik Obama wants to make America great again - so he' s voting for Donald Trump "because he speaks from the heart" and provides "something fresh". We will be speaking exclusively to the 58-year-old in today's show.

  5. The Government needs to re-affirm its commitment to a national minimum broadband speed across the country to stop hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses falling into a digital twilight zone, according to The Local Government Association (LGA).

The rise in hate crimes

Following the EU referendum, the number of hate crimes reported to police in the UK have increased dramatically with campaigners fearing that many more incidents go unreported.

A hate crime is defined as a criminal offence motivated by hostility or prejudice against someone's race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or gender.

Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, is set to launch a new hate crime action plan, including a drive to punish offenders more harshly by ordering prosecutors to press for tougher sentences in court. A £2.4 million fund is also due to be set up to pay for protective security measures at synagogues, churches and mosques.

We hear from people recently affected both online and in public. We also speak to Jonathan Sacerdoti from the group Campaign Against Antisemitism and Director of Prosecutions, Alison Saunders.

Ben’s Big Challenge continues with a 37-mile run!

We catch up with our very own Ben Shephard on the penultimate day of his epic 210-mile ultra triathlon challenge from Whitehaven to Tynemouth to raise money for the Children's Heart Unit Fund (CHUF).

Having already cycled over 140 miles and swam a mile an a half, today Ben finds himself in Alston, Cumbria where he’ll begin a 37 mile run!

After a gruelling 2 days, he describes the experience as horrific, terrifying, overwhelming and emotional.

The final leg of his challenge concludes tomorrow with a 26 mile run.

Ben takes an ice bath to help soothe those aches and pains!

Ben's joining Whitley Bay dad and lifelong friend, Ivan Hollingsworth, who has raised nearly £500,000 for the Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) through his Seb 4 CHUF organisation.

Ivan, who’s seven-year-old son Sebastian needed life saving heart surgery just weeks after birth, has completed a range of solo and group challenges from Whitehaven to Tynemouth since his first in 2010. This is his 7th and final Coast to Coast challenge.

The full schedule:
- Sunday 24th: 81 mile cycle - Whitehaven to Glaramara
- Monday 25th: 1 mile swim, 65 mile cycle - Derwent Water to Alston
- Tuesday 26th: 37 mile run - Alston to Corbridge
- Wednesday 27th: 26 mile run - Prudhoe to Tynemouth

Donate now on the Seb 4 CHUF website

CHUF: Children's Heart Unit Fund website

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Is it ever okay to discipline a stranger's child?

He assaulted this young boy and that is crossing the boundaries and that's criminal

– Jo Frost

Childcare expert Jo Frost has criticised a pensioner who was photographed holding a child in an armlock on a train to Manchester after the boy was allegedly refusing to take his feet off the seats. Police are investigating the incident, where according to reports the child's parents weren't present.

The picture has sparked a national debate on whether we should ever - verbally and physically - discipline someone else's child.

Supernanny Jo told us this morning that she thinks the man was in the wrong - but not everyone agrees...

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19 dead after knife attacker strikes disability centre

At least 19 people have been killed and at least 25 wounded in a knife attack at a centre for disabled people near Tokyo, in a rare case of mass violence in Japan.

National broadcaster NHK said the suspect was 26-year-old former employee Satoshi Uematsuat, who had recently been sacked from the centre and reportedly told police: "I want to get rid of the disabled from this world."

He handed himself in to police two hours after carrying out the attack apparently carrying a bag with three blood-stained knives.

Officials said Uematsu had been committed to hospital in February for fear he would harm others.

No more rockstar living for Midge Ure

At the ripe old age of 62 you have to look after yourself'

– Midge Ure

Midge Ure has seen it all and for that reason, he's relieved his daughters aren't following in his footsteps! He shares his career highs and lows - from organising Live Aid, Band Aid and Live 8, over 31 years ago, to opening up about his current healthier lifestyle, and headlining the 80's Rewind festival this Summer.

Petition for Emily's Law after teen in ill-fitting life jacket drowns

Emily was the perfect daughter

– Debbie Gardner

Debbie and Clive Gardner have been through what can only be described as every parent's worst nightmare, facing heartbreak and devastation when their daughter Emily drowned while on a speedboat in Devon.

The 14 year old was holidaying with her best friend's family, when their boat capsized and her over-sized life jacket became caught underwater.

Emily Gardner, 14, died after a boat capsized and her life jacket got caught