Anti-Semitic attacks 'double in a month'

Hate crimes have doubled since the start of the Gaza conflict, figures showed.

Attacks on Jews have doubled in the space of a month, according to police and community groups.

More than 100 anti-semitic hate incidents have been recorded in Britain throughout July, including an attack carried out by four youths on a Rabbi outside a Jewish boarding school in Gateshead.

Gaza under intense bombardment overnight

Despite short ceasefires, the fighting continues.

Gaza has come under intense bombardment hours after Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned of a long, drawn-out military campaign.

The house of Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas' leader in Gaza, was also hit by an Israeli missile. There were no casualties reported.

More than 1,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and some 50 Israelis have been killed since the violence began nearly three weeks ago.

The mum misdiagnosed with cancer

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer and being told you have only a couple of years left to live - but then you find out it was a misdiagnosis and you didn't have cancer at all.

That's exactly what happened to Denise Clark, who spent two years preparing to die, in which she wrote farewell letters to her sons and even planned her own funeral.

Denise joins us alongside Dr Hilary Jones.

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The ones to watch at the Commonwealth Games

Sean Fletcher brings us all the latest from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in anticipation of the 100 metres and Women's Boxing events.

But who are the ones to watch today? Watch our video to find out!

Israel confirms 'errant' strike on Gaza school

A young girl inspects the rubble in Gaza.

An Israeli source has told ITV News an "errant" single mortar round was fired into a UN-run school last Thursday, killing 16 and injuring 200.

Pockets of hostilities in Gaza are continuing despite Hamas militants declaring their support for a 24-hour humanitarian truce put forward by the United Nations.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council has urged Israel and Hamas to agree an "immediate and unconditional ceasefire" in Gaza.

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