Is your child still in a pram?

Are you a mum aged 18 and over? Do you have a three and half or a four-year-old who you are still pushing around in a pram? Do you find it easier and quicker to get around, or are you reluctant to let go of the baby phase?

If that is you Good Morning Britain would like to hear from you. Get in touch before 3pm today via Twitter, Facebook or by emailing and we may want to speak to you about appearing on the show. You must be over 18 and over, terms at

Chatting talk shows with Conan O'Brien

You have terrific chat show hosts here, you have some of the best. I think Graeme Norton is brilliant, I think the people you have here are great. The way I’m different is I have no dignity, I will do anything it takes to have a good interview. I have no shred of humanity, I just try to make people laugh… it’s anything goes on our show.

– Conan O'Brien on the British chat show scene

Larger than life late-night talk show legend Conan O'Brien joins Good Morning Britain, to talk about his amazing career and bringing his Conan talk show to new freeview channel TruTV.

Life after the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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Harris sentence is an 'insult', says victim

He took away my childhood, literally

– Wendy, speaking to Good Morning Britain about the moment she was assaulted by Rolf Harris

A victim of Rolf Harris has told Good Morning Britain that the decision to not lengthen his jail sentence is an "insult".

Harris will not see his jail term challenged by the Government's chief legal adviser for being too lenient. A spokeswoman Attorney General Jeremy Wright's office said he will not refer the disgraced entertainer's sentence of five years and nine months to the Court of Appeal.

The decision comes despite his office receiving 150 complaints about the leniency of Harris' sentence. Harris, 84, was convicted as a paedophile following his conviction for 12 indecent assaults at the end of last month.

Watch the video above to hear Wendy talk about her ordeal.

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A picture perfect family

A couple have used photobooth pictures, taken annually for 14 years, to create a photographic illustration of their life together.

Giles Paley-Phillips, 36, and his now wife, Michelle, 32, first popped into one of the public machines in October 2000, when they were an awkward couple a month into their courtship. They found themselves repeating the picture pose once a year, with changing hairstyles, engagement, marriage and two cute children all forming part of their 14-year photo story.

The pictures start when the two were aged just 18 and 23, and chart their life journey as the couple from Seaford, East Sussex, became parents to seven-year-old Elijah and five-year-old Sonny.

Have you got then and now pictures of you and your partner? Send them to us at

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Free doughnuts and how to renew tax credits

Halve gadget costs at Tesco, totally free Krispy Kreme doughnut, diet Coke and YSL foundation samples, plus act now to renew tax credits and grab a last second currency sale.

Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

How a lucky bible saved his life...

To mark the centenary of the first world war, Good Morning Britain has been delving into the history of those that fought and the people who's lives were affected.

Soldiers were sent off to war with a pair of boots, a gun and a pocket bible, and today we speak to one grandson who tells us the story of how his grandad's lucky bible saved his life.

Susanna Reid's first world war past

Sean Fletcher's world war one secret

Find out more about the women who went to work during the war

Is this the youngest soldier to go to war?

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Drinkers who offend to wear 'alcohol bracelet'

Authorities are expecting some 150 offenders to be tagged as part of the scheme.

Offenders who are convicted of a booze-fuelled crime may be forced to wear an alcohol bracelet to monitor their drinking, under a new pilot scheme.

Four London boroughs - Croydon, Lambeth, Southwark and Sutton - will trial the scheme, where offenders are forced to wear the alcohol monitor for four months at a time.

The bracelet measures the amount of alcohol in their sweat and they may face further penalties if they are found drinking.