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Kay Burley: 'I never get upset on telly'

Sky News presenter Kay Burley spoke about the very personal reasons she is taking on her latest charity challenge for Stand Up for Cancer.

Kay, who has reportedly hosted more hours of live television than any other presenter started her career at ITV's TV-AM, explained: “My mum died when she was my age and my little boy was eight months old. I remember her saying to me at the time, ‘I’m going to die’ and I said, ‘I can’t live without you’. And she said, ‘you are going to have to darling and look after your daddy’.

Welling up, she apologised, and said: “I never get upset on the telly.”

Watch the full interview above.

Petition to feature Margaret Thatcher on new £50 note faces opposition

A petition that is calling on Margaret Thatcher to be the face of the new £50 note has received over 8,000 signatures. But as news spreads of the campaign, opinions are split, with some critics going as far to say they won’t use the banknote if Thatcher is on it.

The campaign was launched in response to an announcement from The Bank of England. They’re offering the public the opportunity to nominate British figures to appear on the new £50 note ahead of its redesign in plastic.

Meanwhile, the petition titled: "Margaret Thatcher for the Face of the New £50 Note" is calling for the former PM to be featured, it says, "in the interest of gender equality".

Marks & Spencer slammed for selling hijabs aimed at primary school children

Retail giant Marks & Spencer has come under fire for selling hijabs in their school uniform section, aimed at girls as young as nine.

Critics have accused the store of “oppressing young girls” and are calling for the items to be taken off sale. But Marks & Spencer has said they’re just responding to demand from some schools.

On today’s Good Morning Britain, Dr Amra Bone rejects the backlash and believes that “people should be able to wear what they want in a diverse society.” But Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood says: “M&S should apologise and withdraw the hijab from sale.”

Meghan and Harry are expecting their first child

Kensington Palace has this morning announced that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex: Meghan and Harry are expecting a baby in Spring 2019.

A statement from the palace said: “Their Royal Highnesses have appreciated all of the support they have received from people around the world since their wedding in May and are delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public."

Pizza and pies could shrink under government plans to tackle obesity crisis

Considering one more slice of pizza with extra toppings included? Think again, tough new Government plans to tackle the rising obesity problem in the UK have been revealed and they include shrinking pizzas to reduce calories.

Our favourite cheesy treat, pies, ready meals and sandwiches will be subject to calorie capping with Public Health England claiming a “drastic” approach is needed to fight obesity.

New figures have come to light revealing that severe obesity in children has risen by more than a third in a decade. Around one in five school kids are considered to be obese by the time they leave primary school.

Your pizza might be about to lose its toppings

British government invests £26m in fighting illegal wildlife trade

Prince William will today give a keynote speech to world leaders and international anti-hunting charities in a bid to stop the global trade of wild animals.

The speech comes as the British government pledges £26million to fight the illegal trade - one which makes the world's criminal gangs in excess of £15billion a year, according to an estimate from WWF UK - a leading conservation charity.