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Top five headlines you’re waking up to

  1. The California couple who were accused of torturing their 13 children have pleaded not guilty. It is alleged the couple committed years of abuse, leaving their children malnourished, undersized and cognitively impaired. The couple’s alleged acts were brought to light when their 17-year-old daughter climbed out of the window and called 911. She said she had been plotting her escape for two years.

  2. Boris Johnson has raised a prospect of building a second crossing between Britain and France. The Foreign Secretary said "good connections" were important between the two countries, and suggested the Channel Tunnel might simply be "a first step." Johnson went on to say that the countries had agreed to establish a panel of experts to look at major projects.

  3. Former British boxing champion Anthony Small has been charged with encouraging terrorism. The 36-year-old Muslim convert from south east London is accused of encouraging acts of terrorism after posting a video on social media in September 2016, the Metropolitan Police said.

  4. A drone has been used to rescue two teenagers who got into difficulty swimming in rough seas in Australia, in what has been hailed a "world first". The drone dropped an inflatable raft to the pair, which the boys were able to use to get back to safety. The drone was able to reach the two boys in just 70 seconds, compared to the six minutes it would take for a more traditional rescue.

  5. Is it wrong for children to have a ‘besties’ in a playground? Well, that’s according to one psychologist who supports this growing trend in American schools. Prince George’s school have discouraged it pupils from having ‘best friends’ - but is this the right approach to take for young kids? We’ll be discussing this topic during the show.

Top five headlines you're going home to

  1. A wolf who escaped from an animal sanctuary was recaptured after being on the loose for five hours. Thankfully, the wolf was lured into a trailer by 62-year-old Teresa Palmer. She said: "The fact he went through a field of sheep on his way shows he would never be a threat to the public". There's now growing speculation that his enclosure gate at the Wolf Conversation Trust site may have been left open deliberately.

  2. Thousands of people have been left without power as the snow and gale-force winds slammed into the UK. Some parts of Scotland were greeted with a thick blanket of snow this morning, while winds reaching over 70mph caused damage in the southern part of the country.

  3. Last month Wales recorded the highest number of people visiting accident and emergency for any December. The average number of patients visiting A&E in December 2017 was 2,656 - that’s 5.4% higher than December 2016. The Welsh government figures were released after The Royal College of Emergency Medicine in Wales warned that patient safety was being "compromised daily" due to the extreme department pressures.

  4. England cricketer Ben stokes is due to appear in court on an affray charge on the same he’d be making his international return in New Zealand. Mr Stokes will face the Bristol Magistrates Court on February 13 for the incident that took place outside a Bristol nightclub in September. The charge of affray is made under the Public Order Act 1986 and effectively relates to fighting in public.

  5. Radio and TV presenter Chris Tarrant is “sorry” after pleading guilty to drink-driving. The 71-year-old was over the limit while behind the wheel of his Mercedes on 16th December. He has been disqualified from driving for 12 months and fined £6000.

The biodegradable balloon you can swallow to lose weight

A new biodegradable balloon is offering gastric bypass patients a less invasive alternative to gastric surgery. Patients in the UK can now swallow a balloon that inflates in the stomach and suppresses hunger for four months before disintegrating and leaving the body naturally.

Dr Hilary Jones joined us this morning to tell us more.

Micro-cheating: Beware the emojis that could get you in trouble with your partner

You might not think anything of sending a friend a jokey emoji on social media but now experts are warning you should do with caution, as you could be sending out the wrong message - and end up being accused of 'micro-cheating'!

The concept stems from the modern digital age where people might like an ex's picture or send a flirty wink or kiss to someone who's not their partner.

Would you be furious with your other half if you saw them doing this? Or is it all a big fuss about nothing? Nadia Essex says she's gone as far as dumping boyfriends because of the emojis they've sent...

Watch the discussion above and let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Piers Morgan nominated Villain of the Year

In today's Showbuzz with Richard Arnold we're finding out which Coronation Street star is coming back to the cobbles, Ben Shephard and the Good Morning Britain studio have a cameo role in a gripping new drama... plus could Piers Morgan officially be named Villain of the Year?

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Remember, deals can change quickly, even while I’m on the programme. So always double-check the terms and conditions before spending. Plus, while I hope these deals will save you cash, don’t spend if you can’t afford it, don’t need it, or won’t use it.

Top five headlines you're waking up to

  1. Britain is to boost its contribution towards security at border controls in France by tens of millions of pounds. Ministers will announce the £44.5 million cash injection as Theresa May meets French President Emmanuel Macron in a high-profile summit today (Thursday). The Government said the extra money will go towards fencing, CCTV and detection technology in Calais and other ports along the Channel.

  2. The Duke of Cambridge will today launch a nationwide programme to help military veterans, their spouses and dependants find work in the NHS. Nearly 50 health trusts have already joined the programme, which is is run by NHS Employers and supported by the Royal Foundation. It's been successfully piloted by five NHS organisations over the past two years

  3. Dylan Farrow is due to appear on television today to discuss her sexual assault allegation against her adoptive father Woody Allen. The 32-year-old is said to be 'outraged' over being ignored and will say she wants to 'bring down' the filmmaker. Allen, 82, who has always denied the allegation, was investigated over the claim that he molested Farrow in an attic in 1992 when she was seven, but he was not charged.

  4. Police officers in Tennessee have invented a new online game show on YouTube called Busted Bingo, in which they choose at random a criminal with an arrest warrant out on them. The game involves officers pulling numbers out of a bingo wheel which correlate to a wanted criminal who is then tracked down. The host of the game, Sheriff Wayne Anderson, explains the rules, before picking "one lucky winner who gets an all-inclusive stay at the Sullivan County Corrections facility".

  5. An Australian father dismissed police when they said his son had run away and hired a helicopter to trace him to the site of a car crash. Samuel Lethbridge was saved after 30 hours trapped in a car wreck when his father Tony tracked him down after searching for him on foot for 24 hours. Samuel had failed to return to the family home at Lake Macquarie on Sunday morning after a Saturday night out with friends in the nearby city of Newcastle. We'll be speaking to Tony and pilot who helped him on today's show.

Should children be made to learn the National Anthem?

It's deeply, deeply embarrassing

– Ash Sarkar

How well do you know the National Anthem?

It’s something we should all know, according to Romford’s MP Andrew Rosindell, who's calling for the it to be taught in schools across the country.

Andrew wants the teaching of God Save The Queen to be a part of the curriculum.

But going head-to-head with Andrew was a senior editor from an independent media organisation, Ash Sarkar, who’s branded the idea as 'embarrassing' and dangerous.

Watch the full debate above

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