'I've got my hen do next weekend, so excited!'

I'm more scared about Harry's stag than I am my hen!

– Rebecca Adlington on her fiancé's stag do

Olympic swimming star Rebecca Adlington joined us to chat about her forthcoming wedding, with a hen do next weekend it's nearly time for the big day!

She also spoke about her recent weight loss and gave us her take on the Commonwealth Games post retirement.

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Rebecca Adlington in her GMB dressing room

'Our parents didn't speak for at least three days!'

We just burst our crying every now and again when we found out what had happened!

– Bars and Melody on hearing Simon had pressed the golden buzzer

One duo who know what it's like to audition for Simon Cowell are Bars and Melody, he liked them so much, he pressed his golden buzzer for them on Britain's Got Talent - much to the shock of them and their family!

And this week they released their anti-bullying song Hopeful, which is currently number two in the midweek charts. They chat to us about their new found success and what fame is like for a teenager!

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Homeowner takes on energy giants... and wins

They're very intimidating the energy companies...

– Barry Payling, who took npower to court

A homeowner has taken one of the big six energy giants to court and won after they repeatedly harassed and threatened him for money he didn't owe.

In a David and Goliath style legal battle, people's champion Barry Payling, 62, represented himself against npower in his second case against an energy firm in four years.

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Charlotte's World War One past

There were more than 16 million deaths in World War One, and dying with many of the wounded were their stories, leading to many forgotten lives.

We go on a journey of discovery with our presenters as they piece together the jigsaw puzzle of their families WW1 pasts, today it's the turn of Charlotte Hawkins.

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John Stapleton's summer job

Then... and now!

John Stapleton re-lives his job as a road worker, John worked with his local council in the early 1960s when he was 16 years old fixing roads in the Saddleworth area of Greater Manchester, he used to earn around £3 a week.

At that time, John admits that he was more tea boy but he was known to wield a pick axe and push a wheel barrow around. This time John went back to Oldham Council Highways team to mend a couple of the 15,000 potholes they have to repair each year.

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