Are you a full-time working mum?

Are you a full-time working mum? Did your own mum stay at home when you were growing up?

Good Morning Britain are looking to film with three generations of women from the same family who have had very different experiences of bringing up their children - although the youngest generation may not have had children yet. If this is you, please get in touch by emailing by 6pm today. You must be 18 and over, full terms and conditions at

Ben's joining Ruth on This Morning!

Ruth and Ben on the set of This Morning

If you've not had quite enough Ben Shephard for one morning then fear not because he's presenting This Morning with Ruth Langsford today!

So tune in on ITV from 10:30, and while you're at it - why not visit the This Morning website too?

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Could we see a Lovejoy come back?

I wanted it to come back, when they asked me about it...

– Ian McShane on whether Lovejoy will return to the small screen

Ian McShane, the Golden Globe winning star of Deadwood, Lovejoy, Pillars of the Earth and Kung Fu Panda, joins us to talk about his new film Hercules in which he plays Amphiaraus.

We asked him whether he would like to see Lovejoy return to the small screen, but it seems a come back is in the hands of the writers!

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'I had to give him mouth to mouth!'

I was just scared, I didn't know where I was, what I was feeling!

– Zach Selby on his collapse

Whether you look back fondly on a first date or cringe with the memory - one couple will have no trouble remembering theirs.

Chloe and Zach went on a remote camping trip with friends - but after Zach collapsed from severe chest pains - the date ended with Chloe saving his life by giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation.

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