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That awkward moment when...

They say you should never work with children or animals... Even if it's your own? Judging by correspondent Nick Dixon's appearance on GMB this morning - yes!

Whilst doing a live from his home about the amount of sugar in breakfast cereal, three-year-old Brody decided it was 'daddy time', and promptly placed himself on Nick's lap. Right before his live.

To make things worse he then started eating the chocolate that was laid out for props... It's worth a watch and an "aww"!

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Eastenders stars Shabnam and Kush join us

She jumped on him, it's so out of character for her

– Rakhee Thakrar

Eastenders stars Rakhee Thakrar, who plays Shabnam Masood and Davood Ghadami, Kush, join us to talk about a very dramatic week in Albert Square.

After months of anticipation, viewers on Monday night finally saw Shabnam and Kush kiss after she finally accepted she has feelings for her friend.

They also reveal their excitement at the upcoming live episode - but say they are very much in the dark as lots of alternate endings have been planned.

And as we celebrate random acts of kindness this week they tell us if they've ever been on the receiving end from any.

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Linda Robson climbs Ben Nevis for charity

Ten children a day are diagnosed with cancer and thankfully three quarters survive.

Birds of a Feather actress and mum of three Linda Robson is an ambassador for the Children with Cancer charity. Her daughter Bobbi is running the marathon to raise money for them and later on this year Linda will be climbing Ben Nevis to raise money for the charity.

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The hero policeman who saved baby's life

We meet the hero policeman who saved a baby's life when he stopped breathing by running to hospital with him in his arms.

PC Steve Norton, of the Met Police, took a 999 call from a house in Wandsworth where a newborn baby had stopped breathing but found Harrison Paine unresponsive so picked him up and ran in full body armour to hospital.

Thankfully Harrison went on to make a full recovery.

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