Getting on air... whatever the weather!

It's the job of the hard working people behind the camera at Good Morning Britain to make sure that our live broadcasts make it to air whatever the weather.

Satellite truck engineers like Greg Wood are the unsung heroes of the show - it's their responsibility to monitor feeds, check signals and react quickly if anything fails!

So how do they do it? Correspondent Nick Dixon has been finding out...

Lights, camera, action... Behind the scenes on Oscars night!

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Playful pensioners are Off Their Rockers

Mostly because I didn't think it was very funny.

– Rosemary on how she keeps a straight face!

Troublemaking OAPs Rosemary Macavie, Seb Craig and new face Joan Hooley are the three stars of the hugely popular hidden camera show Off their Rockers.

The playful pensioners join us to talk about the third series of the comedy series, which features senior citizens playing pranks on the unsuspecting public.

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Government launches sham marriage crackdown

The Government launches a crackdown on sham marriages today after estimates suggest up to 10,000 sham marriages take place every year.

From today all couples tying the knot will face tougher rules including having to give 28 days notice before getting married and automatic referrals to the Home Office if one or both parties could gain an immigration advantage from the marriage or civil partnership.

Jonathan Swain tells us more, and reveals exclusive footage of a raid at a registry office.

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