Quick-thinking boy saved mum and unborn brother

A schoolboy saved the lives of his pregnant mum and unborn brother when she blacked out in the bath

Julie Argent, 34, was running six-year-old Chay a bath when her pre-eclampsia caused her to fall unconscious into the water. The schoolboy realised his mum was in danger but stayed calm and turned off the taps, phoned his grandmother to help and dialled 999, staying on the line for 12 minutes until paramedics arrive to pull Julie out of the water.

Chay's quick thinking saved his mum and his baby brother Loan was born two days later
The boy attended St John Ambulance Badgers First Aid courses - and that helped him stay calm in a crisis.

We catch up with Julie and Chay to find out more about their amazing story.

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Babe's getting naughty in Albert Square...

EastEnders' Annette Badland joins Good Morning Britain to tell us about Babe's naughty storylines in the soap this week!

In the Square Elaine's new man Jason makes himself a home after being introduced to the Carters - but not everyone is happy he's shacked up at The Vic.

Linda admits to Mick that shes uncomfortable having a strange man in the house, so the couple interrogate Jason about his feelings for Linda's mum.

Rugby players lack concentration without brekkie

It's the third day of our 50 million meal appeal as part of ITV's Tackle Hunger initiative and this week we're looking at hungry children in the UK, focusing on those who go to school on an empty stomach.

As part of our Phones For Food We have been monitoring a group of 12 school rugby players from John Roan school in South East London. We have done physical tests with them and we've asked them to assess their concentration and mood throughout the day - when they had breakfast and when they did not. The researcher's tests showed a 30 percent drop in concentration when the boys didn't have breakfast - plus they told us themselves that they felt a dip in their energy levels.

Help our Phones For Food appeal

Thank you to the following experiment participants from The John Roan school, Blackheath:

James Keating
Luih Tobin
Lukas Liorancas
Joe Episcopo
Val Reader
Eden Mallul
Matt Holmes
Jay Ogretman
John Ashbourne
Abdul Adebayo
Alfie Freeman
Harry Simmons

Also thanks to Paul Hough, Lead Sport and Exercise Scientist and his team of researchers from St Mary's University, Twickenham.

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Rain will give way to sunshine after Wednesday

Yesterday rain will carry on today - but at least we can look forward to some sunshine tomorrow. Watch Laura Tobin to get the rest of Wednesday's forecast.

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Poll shows parents are blighted by pester power

The Government should introduce stronger rules on junk food advertising to save parents from 'pester power', according to the British Heart Foundation.

A poll of 1,000 parents for the charity found 74 percent are frequently asked by their children to buy them unhealthy snacks.

Some 42 percent of parents said their children were triggered by junk food available at supermarket checkouts, while 26 percent said offers such as buy-one-get-one-free made their children pester them.

Almost four in 10 said their children were influenced by TV adverts for junk food, while 24 percent were affected by other advertising, such as banners in shop windows.

We chat to psychologist Emma Kenny (and her boys) about pester power and what we can do to control it!

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Missing toddler found in field half-mile from home

I couldn't give up on this kid. Thank God.

– Rescuer Victor Sutton

A toddler was found in a field half a mile from home two days after going missing

Rainn Peterson, two, survived two days in the cold and rain after going missing from her great grandparents' home in Ohio on Friday.

She was found by North Bloomtown resident and volunteer rescuer Victor Sutton, who let police know that he had found the girl in an emotional 911 call.