How will you use your extra second?

Time will quite literally stand still overnight. An extra sliver of time - a leap second - is being added to the clocks around the world to adjust to the inaccuracy of the spinning Earth. The pause will take place just before midnight tonight.

So how are you going to use your extra second today? An extra moment's sleep? Say a vowel out loud?

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Kate's family has a criminal past

Kate's great great uncle in his mugshot in 1884 - is there a resemblance?

Over 1.9 Million historic criminal records spanning over 150 years have been published online on for the first time revealing that GMB's presenter Kate Garraway had a criminal relative.

The records from The National Archives provide fascinating details of the crimes, punishment and prison standards in England and Wales. Spanning 1779-1936, they allow you to discover villains and victims in your family history and piece together their journey through the criminal system.

Kate's great great uncle was arrested for disorderly conduct and can be seen in his mugshot, taken in 1884. But does disorderly behaviour run in the family? We couldn't possibly comment...

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