Has the warm autumn affected high street sales?

The mild weather and Indian summer has caused a pre-Christmas slump on the high street.

Yesterday Next and M&S both warned that sales for their winter ranges were down by such a degree they threatened profits. M&S will release their results next month, and H&M and John Lewis also say the warm autumn has led to a drop in sales.

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World exclusive look at Take That's new video

Good Morning Britain has a world exclusive look at the new single These Days from Take That!

The video for the single, which is released on 23 November, shows the band members in a comedic day in the life getting read for a TV performance. The band say the song is a nod to the music that defined their early years.

Are pupils praised too much in the classroom?

It's often said that encouragement goes a long way but a new study suggests that lavishing praise on pupils is unlikely to help them improve in the classroom. Instead there is a risk it can leave youngsters feeling that their teacher had low expectations of them in the first place.

We speak to head teacher Susan Papas for her take on the study.

We want to know what you think. Are pupils praised to much? Do you think that parents should be careful of praising too much?

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