'I'm not saying it you'll get me into trouble!'

Kate Garraway discovered that Hugh Jackman is nicknamed 'guppy' because of the way he flips about in his sleep - but did he ask Kate what was weird about her Ben wonders?

Kate was too shy to say claiming Ben would get her into trouble because they purposely left that bit out the edit!

She ended by saying "this is why there shouldn't ever be a threesome on the sofa"... Ooh err missus!

Hugh Jackman on movies, mullets and nicknames!

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Myleene Klass: 'I don't live by regrets'

Myleene Klass joined us on the show to talk about her charity work in Nepal, Susanna asked her about the headlines she recently made the press for, her opinions on children's party etiquette.

Myleene said: "There's been so much that's been said and I understand from your position it's a question you certainly want to ask", she added, "for me at the time I was in Nepal and that's the real perspective builder so when everything was really full on I just was like holding dying babies and then when you see that and you're looking at the mother's eyes and you think right I'm here with Save the Children, you wanna save the children and not deal with that."

When Ben asked her whether she regretted the tweet she said "do you live your life by regrets Ben?"

Myleene Klass tweets her opinions on children's party etiquette

WATCH: Myleene Klass' Nepal video diary

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Stem cell treatment helped me walk again

It was this amazing, amazing treatment.

– Holly Drewry

Holly Drewry, like most of us, took walking, dancing even running for granted until she was hit by the debilitating neurological condition Multiple Sclerosis. Within weeks of the birth of her daughter Isla, Holly lost the ability to move without the use of a wheelchair.

Only three weeks after receiving a pioneering new stem cell treatment at Sheffield teaching hospitals NHS trust, Holly was able to walk again. She said: "It feels like a big dream", she added, "never did I think I'd be as healthy as I am now."

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Hugh Jackman: My wife fell in love with the mullet

When I met my wife I had a mullet.

– Hugh Jackman on resurrecting the 80s hair trend

Is the mullet haircut the way to go? Hugh Jackman certainly seems to think so! The Hollywood star chatted to Kate Garraway about his latest role - playing the villain in Chappie.

He says it was fun to play the baddie and explained how his wife fell in love with him the last time he sported a mullet - which is why he didn't mind so much doing it again for this role.

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