1 Million Minutes

There are more than 1 million older people who are chronically lonely. Yet it only takes a minute to make someone’s day.

Christmas and the New Year is one of the loneliest times for older people. That’s why Good Morning Britain is launching our 1 Million Minutes campaign to ask you to pledge just 30 minutes of your time to help an older person.

We have teamed up with The Silver Line, Royal Voluntary Service, Age UK and Campaign to End Loneliness to offer you specific volunteering opportunities or you can just pledge to help an elderly neighbour, friend or relative before Christmas.

So what do I need to do?
Pledge as much time as you can offer using the buttons below

The Snow White cast spread some festive cheer

Lots of you have been telling us how you have been spending time with older people for our 1 million minutes campaign. See how Su Pollard, Jamie Rickers and the cast of Snow White got on when they pledged their minutes to visit a home in Tunbridge Wells.

If you would like to help a lonely older person in the new year, pledge your time now.

Barbara Windsor backs our 1 Million Minutes campaign

Almost 41 million minutes have so far been pledged to our 1 Million Minutes campaign.

Actress Barbara Windsor recently pledged an hour of her time by visiting an Age UK centre in Kensington to meet some people who benefit from their regular tea dances.

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1,000 lonely older people are waiting for someone to become their Silver Line friend

You can be any age to volunteer - you don't have to be old to do it because young people can do it in their lunch hours from work

– Sue Smith - Silver Line volunteer

Today we met two of Silver Line's volunteers, including Susanna's mum, Sue Smith, who was inspired to volunteer after seeing 95-year-old Bob Lowe talk about the charity on Good Morning Britain.

We were also joined by Linda Southan, who speaks to 82-year-old Joseph on the phone each week.

Sure told is of how she wants to encourage others to follow her lead and sign up. Since launching our 1 million minutes campaign several hundred people have come forward to volunteer, but the charity still need hundreds more.

Over a quarter of older people dread Christmas

Since we launched our One Million Minutes campaign at the beginning of this week, we've had a staggering response.

Over 29 and a half million minutes of your time have so far been pledged to help older lonely people this Christmas.

We find out what happened when Kate stepped 40 years into the future to see how it might feel.

Plus, we chat to Esther Rantzen, the loneliness campaigner who set up the Silver Line - one of the charities our campaign is helping.

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Joe, 89, seeks work to stop him 'dying of boredom'

Joe Bartley , 89, has placed an advert in his local paper asking for a job - because he can't stand the boredom of being stuck at home in South Devon.

The pensioner believes there are thousands of people like him - who end up being sidelined because of their age - when they still have so much to offer.

He just wants the chance to prove himself in a new job.

Luckily, since being on GMB the offers have come pouring in!

Pledge to spend time with a lonely older person with our 1 Million Minutes campaign

Susanna and Kate age 40 years for GMB's 1 Million Minutes campaign

Our presenters Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway were aged 40 by makeup artists ahead of our 1 Million Minutes campaign which launches next week.

The pair were aged by a professional team, who have previously worked on Game Of Thrones and Star Wars. They applied prosthetic wrinkles and age spots to their skin and fitted them with grey wigs.

Watch Kate's dramatic transformation below

And here's Susanna's transformation...

Susanna and Kate took part in the experiment to get an understanding of how it feels to be older.

For the campaign, viewers are being asked to pledge their time to volunteer for a lonely, older person this Christmas. Over a million older people in England are chronically lonely and have been dealing or coping with loneliness for years, according to Age UK.

By pledging just fifteen minutes to an hour to speak to an older person, help make them lunch or do some shopping for them, GMB hopes to make a difference to lots of lives. The ambition is to receive a total pledge of one million minutes.