1 Million Minutes: We reveal how many minutes have been pledged

Our 1 Million Minutes campaign has drawn to a close for 2017.

This year, it's been dedicated to helping people overcome loneliness, especially in later life.

In November we launched the campaign with the help of Dame Joan Collins and 102-year-old George Emmerson. And this morning, we're back with George to reveal just how much time people have pledged.

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1 Million Minutes: How volunteering can help combat loneliness

This year our 1 Million Minutes campaign is dedicated to combating loneliness in later life.

The charity Age UK has found 800,000 older people had little or no contact with anyone over the festive period.

Diana Moran, an Age UK supporter, who some of you may remember as the Green Goddess, joined us this morning to talk about the benefits of volunteering.

1 Million Minutes: Pledge your time to help someone lonely

Hens can combat loneliness

Since we launched our award winning 1 Million Minutes campaign for 2017, to help end loneliness in the UK, we've had a fantastic response with people pledging more than 22 million minutes of their time.

Today we met some lovely ladies, otherwise known as Hensioners, and their feathered friends who are part of a unique project called HenPower to combat loneliness in Gateshead.

With a packed sofa, we got into a very flappy situation with our special guests, when the chicken on Kate Garraway's lap attempted to take a leap of faith, leaving Ben Shephard petrified!

Have you made your pledge for our 1 Million Minutes campaign yet? Join the campaign and make your pledge now

Kate struggles with a hen that joined us on the show today!

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Lonely war veteran is delighted after receiving hundreds of Christmas cards

As I read each page, my handkerchief got wetter and wetter

– War veteran, Harry Winters

We had the pleasure of speaking to war veteran Harry Winters, who received over 200 Christmas cards from well-wishers across the globe as a bid to lift his spirits.

This brilliant gesture arose when Mr Winters admitted to his friend and former Royal Marine that he felt lonely and isolated. So that friend, Jules Walker, posted a call out on social media asking people to lend their support to the great war hero.

The amazing 96-year-old received cards from as far away as Hawaii and Australia as an act of gratitude for his service during the war.

If you want to send Harry a Christmas card please send it to c/o the Forgotten Association at 4th floor, 2 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0DH.

1 Million Minutes: Pledge your time to help someone lonely.

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We surprise inspirational young carer Joshua Agate

I want to be playing out with my friends, but at the same time, I just want to stay with my mum and help her

– Inspirational young carer Joshua Agate

Over the last two weeks we've been asking you to spend your time rather than your money this Christmas for our 1 Million Minutes campaign to help end loneliness.

Today we meet a young carer, nine-year-old Joshua Agate, who helps look after his mum who has disabilities and two younger siblings when his dad works away from home.

Joshua and his parents Kirsty and Ryan join us now alongside Action for Children ambassador and actress, Jenny Agutter - and we had a little surprise for him!

1 Million Minutes: Pledge your time to help someone lonely

The Duchess of Cornwall backs 1 Million Minutes campaign

Our 1 Million Minutes campaign has been backed by the Duchess of Cornwall, who spoke to Good Morning Britain exclusively about why she’s encouraging everyone to speak to somebody lonely this Christmas.

The Duchess said: “Volunteering is the best thing anybody can do. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, everybody's got a little bit of free time which they can give to help other people.”

Join the campaign and make your pledge now

Vince Cable: 'It's very difficult to admit to being lonely'

Liberal Democrats leader Sir Vince Cable joined us this morning to talk about his personal experiences with loneliness as part of GMB's 1 Million Minutes campaign.

During the interview our pledge counter hit the 15 million mark, showing just how many of you are taking the vow to help someone suffering with loneliness, whether they're an elderly relative or someone living by themselves.

Sir Vince reminded us of how loneliness can affect us at any age, sharing his experience of being an awkward teenager coping with his mother having a mental breakdown.