1 Million Minutes goes global!

Our 1 Million Minutes campaign has officially gone global, with our follow breakfast broadcasters continuing to spread the message as far as Australia and South Africa!

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Vince Cable: 'It's very difficult to admit to being lonely'

Liberal Democrats leader Sir Vince Cable joined us this morning to talk about his personal experiences with loneliness as part of GMB's 1 Million Minutes campaign.

During the interview our pledge counter hit the 15 million mark, showing just how many of you are taking the vow to help someone suffering with loneliness, whether they're an elderly relative or someone living by themselves.

Sir Vince reminded us of how loneliness can affect us at any age, sharing his experience of being an awkward teenager coping with his mother having a mental breakdown.

1 Million Minutes 2017

1 Million Minutes is Good Morning Britain’s award-winning campaign to encourage all of us to give as little as 30 minutes of our time to help someone who is lonely.

Our aim is to get as many minutes as possible to help people this Christmas and into 2018.

So what do I need to do?

It’s really easy. All you need to do is click the pledge button below telling us how many minutes of your time you want to pledge. Then scroll down below to find the volunteer opportunities available. If you are a school or group and are interesting in going into a care home, please go through to the Neighbourly section for more opportunities.

And we would love you to tell us what you're pledging to do. Emailus at gmb@itv.com or share it on Facebook or Twitter with #1MillionMinutes.

Brendan Cox: 'Jo believed in stronger communities as the best answer to loneliness'

Our 1 Million Minutes campaign has already inspired thousands of you to pledge your time.

Sean has the latest update on our appeal to help those feeling isolated and alone this Christmas.

Plus, we're joined by former footballer Clive Allen, who is an ambassador for The Sporting Memories Foundation, and Brendan Cox, the husband of the late MP Jo Cox.

Pledge your time to help someone lonely here.

Joan Collins helps launch our 1 Million Minutes campaign to end loneliness

Loneliness is a silent epidemic that affects millions of people in this country. We are encouraging viewers to give up just a few minutes of their time this Christmas, to help tackle this growing problem. Every minute pledged will make a difference

– Joan Collins launches our campaign

Joan Collins has helped launch our 1 Million Minutes campaign - encouraging people to pledge their time to help an older person who is socially isolated.

It's called 1 Million Minutes, because there are estimated to be more than 1 million older people in the UK who are socially isolated - not speaking to a friend or family member in a week.

This year’s campaign aims to build on the success of last year’s award winning campaign and will run until the end of the year, with lots of volunteering opportunities.

Find out more and pledge your time here

1 Million Minutes

There are more than 1 million older people who are chronically lonely. Yet it only takes a minute to make someone’s day.

Christmas and the New Year is one of the loneliest times for older people. That’s why Good Morning Britain is launching our 1 Million Minutes campaign to ask you to pledge just 30 minutes of your time to help an older person.

We have teamed up with The Silver Line, Royal Voluntary Service, Age UK and Campaign to End Loneliness to offer you specific volunteering opportunities or you can just pledge to help an elderly neighbour, friend or relative before Christmas.

So what do I need to do?
Pledge as much time as you can offer using the buttons below

The Snow White cast spread some festive cheer

Lots of you have been telling us how you have been spending time with older people for our 1 million minutes campaign. See how Su Pollard, Jamie Rickers and the cast of Snow White got on when they pledged their minutes to visit a home in Tunbridge Wells.

If you would like to help a lonely older person in the new year, pledge your time now.

Barbara Windsor backs our 1 Million Minutes campaign

Almost 41 million minutes have so far been pledged to our 1 Million Minutes campaign.

Actress Barbara Windsor recently pledged an hour of her time by visiting an Age UK centre in Kensington to meet some people who benefit from their regular tea dances.

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