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You've reached the home of GMB's Celebrity Weather, where we get guests on the GMB sofa to have a go at giving us the daily forecast!

With a helping hand from Laura Tobin some prove to be a dab hand... while some others could do with a little practice!

Celebrity Weather with... Fleur East

Want to know the weather in your area over the weekend? Want to have the latest meteorological findings relayed to you by a celebrity?

Of course you do! That's why you're here! Taking her place to the left of Laura's weather screen today is the incredibly talented Fleur East... so without further ado let's hear the latest famous forecast.

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Celebrity Weather with... Katie Price

She's been a pit girl, a model, a singer, a reality TV star and author and now she's appearing in Woking this Christmas when she plays the Wicked Fairy in pantomime Sleeping Beauty.

Is there anything Katie Price hasn't turned her hand to?

Well, yes, actually. She's never presented the weather....until now! Ladies and gentlemen please allow us the great pleasure in introducing Katie Price and the weather in your area for the forthcoming week ahead.

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Celebrity Weather with The Teletubbies

Unfortunately the weather's not looking too great for Bonfire Night - it's all a bit wet and gloomy... good job then that the Teletubbies decided to interrupt Laura's weather report to bring some well needed 'sunshine' to the proceedings!

And when we say sunshine, we mean chaos.

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Celebrity Weather with Marcus Butler

Want to know what the weather's going to be like in your area over the weekend? Debating whether or not to stay indoors or venture out over the next few days?

Then no need to crane your neck looking towards the sky - simply watch our serious and informed report on the weather over the next 72 hours courtesy of our Celebrity Weatherman Marcus Butler.

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