GMB calls on a real midwife

The word midwife actually means "with women" and that is always within our hearts as midwives

– Sarah Faith

GMB's on a tour this week visiting some much-loved TV towns! We've tracked down some perfect places which have been made famous on television and are meeting the real life people who live there.

Yesterday we met a real-life farmer in Emmerdale but today, have your hot towels at the ready as we're about to Call the Midwife. The drama is often filmed at The Historic Dockyard Chatham in Kent, thanks to its naval base architecture and cobbled streets.

And we meet real midwife Sarah Faith, who thinks there's more to like without the bike, about being a midwife in 2015!

Meet Emmerdale's real-life farmer

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Zayn and Perrie split

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have split up. The former One Direction singer is said to have left the Little Mix star completely devastated after calling off their engagement two weeks ago, just four months after he quit the world-famous boyband to "save their relationship". A source told MailOnline: "Perrie is absolutely devastated. Zayn called off the engagement two weeks ago, she's so upset."

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GMB meets a real farmer in the Dales

Ever wondered where your favourite TV shows are filmed? All week we are live from some of the small screen's most famous backdrops and meet the real life characters. Today we join Laura from the world of ITV soap Emmerdale, where she meets real young farmer Georgina Fort. However the 26 year old has no time to visit the Woolpack! Up early milking her cows, we find out if her life is as dramatic as those who live in the Dales...

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It's a Blue Steel battle!

After watching the highly-anticipated Zoolander II trailer, things got a little steely in the GMB studio as Ben Shephard andRoss King practiced their 'blue steel' - the trademark intense gaze and pout used by Ben Stiller's hapless character in the film.

But who do you think does it better?

Emmerdale's Anthony and Charley answer your tweets!

Emmerdale cordially invites you to the wedding day of Pete Barton and Debbie Dingle... but beware, for things may end up rather explosive, and who knows who will survive.

Big drama and danger is expected on what is supposed to be a day of bliss in the Dales, and actors Anthony Quinlan and Charley Webb, who play the possibly ill-fated couple, answer your tweets.

'The whole fete stunt took a whopping 21 days to film and was great fun!'
- Anthony and Charley

'That all depends – I read the script over and over to get the story in my head, but I learn the actual words the night before filming'
- Charley

'It’s amazing. It’s always nice to have a big story and great to have a challenge!'
- Charley

'I love both! I’m really enjoying Emmerdale at the moment because it has such great story lines'
- Anthony

'They were both so different that you just cant compare the two'
- Charley

'What did Debbie see in Ross? And why did she not walk away when she had the chance?' Katie

'Debbie loves both men. Ross has a dangerous element and Debbie does love a bad boy. She found out that Ross was the father of Moses – it was one betrayal too far!'
- Charley

Emmerdale's most explosive storylines!

When an out of control fire, caused by Chrissie, sets gas canisters alight they explode hitting Debbie and Pete’s wedding helicopter which is flying overhead

What a week it is for the Dales - perhaps the most dramatic we'll ever see yet!

A car fire, exploding gas cannisters, followed by a helicopter crash into the village hall... is there any chance of survival?

We take a look back at some of the Dales' most explosive moments over the years...

Chrissie (Louise Marwood) and Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) can only look on in horror when they see a huge explosion hitting a helicopter that is flying over

The damaged helicopter hurtles towards the village hall where Debbie and Pete are holding their wedding reception. Their big day ends in disaster

Emmerdale's other explosive moments...

Emmerdale's Chrissie on Dales drama

She's a woman scorned, she just sees anger and red, she doesn't see anything else!

– Louise Marwood on Chrissie Sugden

Death and destruction is heading to the Dales, and we'll be catching up with some of its stars to find out who is about to meet their summer fate on Emmerdale this week.

Louise Marwood who plays Chrissie Sugden ignites the action tonight in a dramatic episode which sees her setting her cheating husband Robert's car on fire!

But she says: "That is only the beginning!"

GALLERY: The most explosive moments from Emmerdale

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Henry Cavill admits he's scared of flying

I went back to Jersey for a local rugby match and I went for a drink afterwards and there was a crowd of people behind me and I thought life isn't what it used to be.

– Henry Cavill

He is known as the Man of Steel but now he's also The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Brit heartthrob Henry Cavill joins us to tell all about starring as super smart CIA agent Napoleon Solo in Guy Ritchie's new action thriller which is set at height of Cold War.

David Beckham makes a cameo in the movie but Henry admits he was gutted their filming schedules didn't coincide.

He says: "I completely missed seeing him. I'd love to meet him and see what he's like in person as he is a national treasure."