Unbroken success for Angelina

I got to marry my love, and my son became a teenager

– Angelina on why she's loved this year

Angelina Jolie chats to Richard Arnold about her film, Unbroken which shows she's great behind the camera as well as in front of it, as she produced and directed it!

She also tells us why she had to go back to school to get her latest job directing her husband Brad Pitt.

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Jennifer Garner talks Men, Women and Children

Ben is so good about breaking things down, and talking about things really normally

– Jennifer Garner on her husband Ben Affleck

In her new film Men, Women and Children, Jennifer Garner plays an overprotective mother who monitors all of her teen daughter's online interactions.

Ross King catches up with Jennifer to talk about how playing the character has affected her own parenting.

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How well do you 'speak bear' Hugh Bonneville?

I think it's very charming and very funny and I think it captures the spirit of Michael Bond's character very well.

– Hugh Bonneville on Paddington

As Paddington hits big screens on Friday, we catch up with Hugh Bonneville, who stars as Mr Brown in the film. Hugh chatted about working alongside A-list stars like Nicole Kidman and he even gave us a rendition of his "bear speak"!

On the subject of Downton Abbey he said he had a helping hand in getting in touch with George Clooney about the Text Santa sketch of the show which features him - the pair are old friends having worked together on the film The Monuments Men.

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Jennifer Aniston: 'I'm proud of my work'

I'm in a wonderful place, I'm happy, I'm excited, I'm proud of my work.

– Jennifer Aniston

Richard Arnold catches up with Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston to talk about her movie Horrible Bosses 2!

Jennifer returns with Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis as everyone's favourite "working stiffs", who struggled under the yoke of supervisors so monstrous and out-of-control that they felt their only recourse was to bump them off.

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David Beckham opens up about his marriage

I'll never forget, she just burst out uncontrollably crying. That was one of the points that I knew I had a wife that really understood me

– David Beckham on the moment he told Victoria he wouldn't be going to a fourth World Cup

Footballer David Beckham has opened up about his loving wife Victoria Beckham in exclusive new footage from his new DVD Into The Unknown.

Richard Arnold joined us to tell us all about it!

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Only The Young keep positive about the future

We were never really ready to leave the competition.

– Only The Young

Only The Young joined us to talk about their experience on the show and hopes for the future after leaving the X Factor at the weekend.

The band left the show on Saturday, they said the last 24 hours has been "pretty mental".

Only The Young - growing before our eyes!

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