Choose Laura's bridesmaid outfit!

We want you to decide what Laura wears to our Four Weddings and a Breakfast Show live on Friday's show!

The choices are:
- A red coat/ dress teamed with navy blue accessories
- A lacy blue dress with silver shoes
- A textured, floral jacket/ top/ skirt ensemble

Please let us know which outfit you'd like to see Laura wear during the four live weddings on Friday's show by taking the poll below - and don't forget to tune in to see the nuptials!

Please note the poll will close 12 midday on Thursday 11 February!

Don't look down, Ben!

Today Ben Shephard conducted an interview from a slightly different location than the GMB studio sofa - down the side of ITV's 300ft tower!

Our presenter abseiled down the mighty building as he chatted to extreme climber Jimmy Chin about new film Meru.

Jimmy's advice for Ben? Don't look down!

Jimmy and Ben make it!

Susanna's never been so relieved to see her co-presenter