150,000 fans flock to San Diego Comic-Con

Ben Affleck dons his batsuit for the upcoming film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the film isn't out until 2016 and stars Henry Cavill as Superman.

The picture is honour of Dark Knight's 75th anniversary and was part of a collection of Batman images displayed at Comic Con - the annual festival for all discerning sci-fi, comic book, movie, and TV super fans. Ross King was on hand to help him through his first Comic-Con.

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'Will.i.am flew me out to LA!'

You can't dream this stuff up!

– Leah McFall on her new found fame

Standout talent from 2013's The Voice Leah McFall joins us to talk about her debut single Home which features none other than her mentor Will.i.am!

Having worked with Will.i.am for around a year and a half, she said he's great at offering support, and is really funny.

Find out what happened when Susanna met Will.i.am

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Fifty Shades of Grey trailer exclusive

It's the book that everyone was reading and now Fifty Shades of Grey has become a hotly anticipated film, but will it live up to readers' expectations?

Jamie Dornan and Don Johnson's daughter Dakota are stepping into the iconic roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Here is the UK TV first look at the film...

Warning: This trailer has some scenes of a sexual nature

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Dame Helen Mirren's 12 minute exercise secret

Dame Helen, who turns 69 on Saturday, says she is a 'classic yo-yo dieter'.

She has always fluctuated by 10lb - and is currently at the top end of those 10lb! But rather than hit the gym, she said that it takes her just 12 minutes of exercise a day to keep herself fit.

She follows the Royal Canadian Air Force exercise plan, which was created by a doctor in the 1950s. It is a stretching and toning regime originally designed to keep the men and women of the force fit in a quick way without gym equipment.

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Jay Z and Beyoncé to split up?

Jay Z and Beyoncé are going to split up once their joint On The Run tour is finished, after they failed to patch things up with marriage counselling.

The couple, who have been dogged by split rumours for months, are said to be planning a trial separation but do not want to go ahead with a divorce.

Jay Z and Beyoncé before the rumours started

So what's the truth of the matter and where did it all go wrong? Ross King is live in LA to tell us more!

Jay Z attacked by Beyoncé's sister

Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange issue statement

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Rears of the Year go to Vorderman and Murs

TV star Carol Vorderman has been ranked top of the bottoms - for a second time.

The Loose Woman and former Countdown brainbox is the first person to take the Rear of the Year title twice.

The male winner of the prize is singer and television host Olly Murs, who showed he has the X Factor when it comes to a shapely bottom by beating Andy Murray amongst others.

The duo were chosen in a public poll for the annual award, with organisers saying they received more than 10,000 votes.

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