So Olly, what's this about you and Caroline Flack?

The X Factor returned last weekend with a brand new batch of wannabe stars. Our next guest, Olly Murs, has graduated through the ranks from hopeful to host and has had a successful pop career with three number one albums and four number one singles.

Kate sat down with Olly to talk about what it's like having celebrity friends and if there was any truth to those rumours about a possible romance with Caroline Flack!

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Britain's grumpiest medic is back

Martin Clunes is back playing the nation's favourite grumpy medic, Dr Martin Ellingham, in ITV's Doc Martin.

In the last series the doc's alienated his estranged wife Louisa (played by Caroline Catz) to such an extent that she set off for Spain with their young son - will he manage to win her back?

Also returning for the new series are Dame Eileen Atkins as Martin's formidable Aunt Ruth, Ian McNeice as Bert Large, Joe Absolom as his son Al, Jessica Ransom as receptionist Morwenna Newcross and Selina Cadell as pharmacist Mrs Tishell.

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Celine Dion, the performer and carer

Even though my husband is struggling and fighting really hard, I feel blessed. I'm very thankful for the fans to allow me to have that time to become the wife, the caretaker and to take care of my kids

– Celine Dion

Celine Dion joins Ross King for a chat about coping with her husband's battle with cancer, how her children cope with her career and, of course, her new residency in Las Vegas!

The singer is back after a year long break to care for her husband Rene Angelil whilst also looking after their three boys and opens up about how she feels "blessed" despite the difficulties life has thrown at her.

Watch part 2 of Ross's interview with Celine

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Eat well for less

There is no way I'm going to pay someone for the privilege to cut up my melon or grate my cheese. There is a huge cost difference. Ten times the price in some examples.

– Gregg Wallace

MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace and grocer Chris Bavin reveal their top tips for eating well for less ahead of the start of their brand new TV series..

They reckon some families can save £100 a week if they change their shopping habits, including saying no to pre-packed fruit and vegetables that are already cut up and buying food that is already lurking in your cupboards that you may have forgotten about.

Gregg said: "We think we haven't got time but the cost in time and monetary value of not properly planning is enormous. We need to do proper stock takes before going shopping.

"The saving is enough to send a family on holiday to Florida."

Well we should all stand up and take notice!

Eat Well For Less is on at 8pm, BBC1, Thursday, 3rd September.

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