Here comes the bride!

Susanna and John had a sneaky little surprise planned for correspondent Katy Fawcett this morning - a good luck message for her and future husband Adam Rickitt!

Katy's off to get married to the singer this weekend - so we couldn't send her off without sending the happy couple our love and best wishes - see you on the other side Mrs Rickitt!

Frankie is hoping for the perfect Saturday

This is live and you're really in the spotlight, I'm really out of my comfort zone

– Frankie Bridge

Saturday's star Frankie Bridge admits she still doesn't feel she's mastered the art of Ballroom and Latin dancing - despite reaching this weekend's Strictly Come Dancing finale.

Frankie said: 'I don't think I've really mastered it. Kevin is a fantastic teacher but I absolutely love Ballroom which i'd never done before. It's scary. I'm used to being with four other girls. With this, you're really in the spotlight and you don't want to let anyone down.'

Frozen director apologises for Let It Go

It's the most popular animated film of all time, earning $1.27 billion worldwide, but now the movie's director Jennifer Lee has apologised for the hit song Let It Go.

Jennifer admits a year ago people would say how much they loved the film but now people say they are fed up with the songs!

Jennifer told the Hollywood Reporter: 'I've gone from, 'Thank you,' to, 'Sorry!'

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We meet Dumb and Dumber To star Jim Carrey

Jim pulls one of his famous funny faces

When I started to realise how important the film was to people I thought there is a lot of negative stuff going on in the world, maybe they need these two people

– Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey reveals he was reluctant to make a Dumb and Dumber sequel until he realised how much the original film meant to fans worldwide.

Dumb and Dumber To, a Farrelly Brothers production which also stars Jeff Daniels, comes a whopping 20 years after the first.

Jim said: "I don't really think about doing sequels, I don't like doing the same thing over and over again. I was being badgered constantly by fans."

Jamie's comfort food at Christmas...

Chef Jamie Oliver joins us in the studio today to chat about his latest book Comfort Food! The book features foods Jamie's loved throughout his life, and some ideas which he found after reaching out via social media, to ask others about their favourite comfort dishes.

Jamie also chats about his plans for Christmas and how he intends to spend it with his family!

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Ben and Jamie chat Christmas!

Gareth Malone's military choir

From surgeons to celebrities, choirmaster Gareth Malone has proved he can get even the most out of tune singers pitch perfect.

His latest challenge has been a true test of his skills, getting one hundred military wives to sing in harmony and form a super choir fit to perform at the world famous Proms. The two episodes transmit on BBC2 on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 24 December at 9pm.

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