Surprise Surprise! Sheridan's becoming Cilla!

Sheridan Smith has been channelling everyone's favourite Scouser in her new role as Cilla Black for ITV drama Cilla.

Charlotte Hawkins caught up with her to see how it was playing such an iconic figure.

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Getting happy with Pharrell Williams!

Most of this whole entire experience of Happy, I attribute to everyone elseā€¦

– Pharrell Williams on the success of his song

Richard's been chatting to singer songwriter and snappy tune extraordinaire Pharrell Williams!

He's responsible for the most downloaded track of all time, selling 1.6 million copies of his single Happy.

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Tim's dusting off a TV classic...

It's hard to believe it's been over a year since comedian Tim Vine wowed us all with his Justin Timberlake dance routine on Comic Relief.

And this year, he's been impressing audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe where his one-liner was voted the funniest of the festival.

And now he's dusting off a TV classic, as tonight sees the return of a brand new series of Celebrity Squares...

These two are on to a thriller...

He's got TV [BAFTAs] they give them to everyone!

– Noel Clarke on Reece's award collection!

Reece Shearsmith and Noel Clarke join us to talk about their roles in ITV's thrilling new drama, Chasing Shadows, which follows a police unit as they track down serial killers.

Reece hinted at the return of the League of Gentlemen and the pair had an award-off on the sofa, Reece has won two BAFTAs for TV, Noel has one one for film - does that match up to the same? It might if Noel has any say in it!

Watch Reece Shearsmith talking about Chasing Shawdows on This Morning

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'This gob of hot camel spit flew out of nowhere!'

Luckily because I've got reflexes of a viper I ducked out of the way!

– Ralf Little on why it's not always filming with animals!

The Royle Family and Two Pints of Larger and a packet of Crisps star Ralf Little is chatting to us today about his move from royalty to mucking out in his new BBC drama Our Zoo which started this month.

The show is based on the inspiring real story of the eccentric Mottershead family who established Chester Zoo in the 1930s.

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