Piers Morgan vs sumo wrestler mum: 'How dangerous are you?'

Record-breaking sumo wrestler and mum of three, Sharran Alexander, was live on Good Morning Britain today and did the unthinkable - she managed to get Piers Morgan to admit that he felt intimidated by her!

Sharran stands at over 6 feet tall and currently weighs in at 150kg and has found that some men are intimidated by her size and height. The 53-year-old says she's gentle by nature despite being the UK's only female sumo wrestler.

Chris Kamara returns to host new series of Ninja Warrior UK

The man with the most famous moustache on telly Chris Kamara has told Good Morning Britain about his excitement for the new series of Ninja Warrior UK, which he hosts with Ben Shephard and Rochelle Humes.

In honour of the great man, our guest presenter Eamonn Holmes donned a Kamara inspired tash for the entire interview, which reminded Charlotte Hawkins of a certain Agatha Christie detective and drew a few other comparisons on Twitter.

Watch the full interview above.

Slime: the craze taking over the UK

It's the craze that is taking over the UK - a sticky mixture of glue and kitchen cupboard essentials creates slime. Teenagers across Britain are obsessed with the concoction - but how is it made?

How to make slime at home

We asked Mark Thompson, a science broadcaster and author to show us how to make slime.

The amazing story of the Real 'Narcos'

This morning we were joined by the real 'Narcos' agents who brought down notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar and the blood-soaked Cali Cartel that followed in his brutal wake.

Former DEA agents Javier Peña and Steve Murphy are the key players behind hit Netflix TV series Narcos - which chronicles their part in the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) team which targeted the feared Colombian.

Watch the full story above.

Catherine Tate is all set to host the Olivier Awards!

We had the pleasure of talking to one of Britain’s best-loved comedy actresses.

Catherine Tate joined us ahead of hosting the prestigious Olivier Awards live on ITV on Sunday 8th April.

The award-winning comedian and writer also discussed her recent documentary about saving the British Bulldog and Adele's brilliant attempt at impersonating her well-known character!

Watch the full interview above.

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