Grand Designs guru Kevin McCloud brings the show to a live audience

He's spent nearly two decades fronting the popular property show Grand Designs, charting the highs and lows of building some of the country's most spectacular homes.

This weekend, award-winning property guru Kevin McCloud will be showing aspiring developers how it's done in person as Grand Designs Live returns for its 12th year.

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Line of Duty's Patrick Baladi reveals he's the 'baklava' man!

It's Jed (Mercurio's) writing - his attention to detail, the intricate web he weaves. He keeps us guessing.

– Patrick Baladi on the secret to Line of Duty's incredible success

It's the crime drama everyone's talking about - last week's episode of Line of Duty left viewers on the edge of their seats once again, but still no closer to working out who the man in the balaclava really is.

Everyone's a suspect in Sunday's finale, including lawyer Jimmy Lakewell, played by Patrick Baladi.

Will he help us shed some light on who the balaclava man is?

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'I just missed my brother' - Bros on reuniting after rift

Famous pop twins Matt and Luke Goss haven't performed on stage together for decades - but now Bros are back!

The eighties sensations joined us this morning to talk about their upcoming tour, documentary and why they decided to reunite after a rift.

"I just missed my brother, I missed hanging out with him", Luke told Piers and Susanna.

Tinie Tempah: 'Piers, you're super cool'

He's the UK’s most successful rap artist with more number one singles than any other British artist this decade and this morning the incredibly talented Tinie Tempah brightened up our sofa.

After spending seven years on top, the rap star spoke about his exciting new album Youth, having more number ones than Ed Sheeran and also revealed how tiny his temper really is...

Plus, did Tinie make the shocking revelation to admiring and wanting to be our very own Piers Morgan? Watch the full interview here.

After the interview we played a fun little game. We wanted to test Tinie's temper and we couldn't think of anyone better to try and push him to his limits than Piers Morgan. Watch below:

BGT: Prize money would help fund dancer's spinal surgery

It hurts quite a lot but when I dance it just takes my mind off it

– Julia Carlile, 15, who needs surgery on her spine

All-girl dance troupe Just Us won the hearts of the nation on Britain's Got Talent this weekend and were fast tracked to the semi-finals after judge Alesha Dixon pressed the Golden Buzzer for them.

For 15-year-old Julia Carlile, dancing in the semi-finals might be the last time she ever dances, as the life-changing spinal surgery that she desperately needs could leave her unable to do what she loves again.

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Soul legend Alexander O'Neal speaks on being fired by Prince

Good things come out of bad situations

– Alexander O'Neal speaks on his relationship with Prince

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Prince's death and we were joined by one of his former musical associates, R'n'B star Alexander O'Neal.

Best known for his hits Fake and Criticize, Alexander shared his personal memories of Prince - and described being fired by him as the making of his career.

The soul singer also spoke about his new book, All True Man, where he openly talks about the struggles of growing up in Mississippi and battling his drug addition.

Watch the full interview above.

The Durrells on facing their fears during filming

I have a very bizarre phobia

– Daisy Waterstone found filming one scene particularly daunting due to her strange fear...

Daisy Waterstone and Callum Woodhouse have been lighting up our screens on Sunday in the BAFTA-nominated ITV drama The Durrells and the pair joined us this morning to talk fake moustaches, A-list lookalikes, weird phobias and more.

There were also blushes in the studio when Ben asked Daisy the name of her burlesque troupe!

Watch the interview above to find out more.

Callum's waiting for his call from Hollywood to play a younger Matt Damon!

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