Hello... Is it Lionel you're looking for?

Lionel Richie's love affair with the UK continues as he hits our shores for a tour.

His 2016 arena dates follow a phenomenal year here for Lionel, which saw a sell-out tour with incredible live reviews, a number one album, a GQ Award and a truly sensational Glastonbury moment.

The four-time Grammy Award winner and legendary music icon caught up exclusively with Ross King.

Richard's Absolutely Fabulous movie role!

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is the new film everyone's talking about and our darling Richard Arnold has got a role in it (as well as every other celebrity in the country, it seems!).

Yes, Eddie and Patsy are back and it looks like they're in a spot of trouble after they might have killed a certain globally famous supermodel...

Richard, sweetie - we love your work!

Orphaned puppy joins family of cats

Now here's a story to make you go "ahhh".

Little Bobby the puppy was left all alone just days after he was born when his mum was fatally hit by a car. Staff at the home he was taken to decided to see how a cat would feel about him joining her litter... and so far, so good!

The story led Piers to compare himself to Bobby when he first joined GMB. A puppy amongst kittens? More like a cat amongst pigeons, Piers...

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Bear Grills Piers

He's usually the one giving our guests a grilling with his no nonsense interviewing style, but today the tables were turned on Piers as Bear Grylls grilled our tenacious host in a game of 'either or'.

Piers had to answer a number of fiendishly tricky questions in under a minute or risk a forfeit - fitting of Bear's extreme survival training.

Those of you who are of a squeamish persuasion best look away towards the end of the video...

The forfeit was supplied by Crunchy Critters

Bear Grylls announces first live immersive arena tour

Adventurer Bear Grylls, star of Mission Survive and The Island, has become known around the world as one of the most recognised faces of survival and outdoor adventure.

Announcing his first ever live arena tour Endeavour: Your Adventure Awaits, Bear is on the sofa sharing tales of his adventures and how to survive in the wild.

In his arena tour Bear will be taking audiences on an immersive expedition across the globe, using ground-breaking new technology to explore some of the most spectacular wonders of our planet.

Prince William and Prince Harry in Star Wars cameo

Prince William and Prince Harry are to make their big screen debuts, in upcoming Star Wars film.

Visiting the Star Wars set at Pinewood Studios last week, an audition wasn't needed as Prince William and Harry donned Storm Trooper costumes and filmed a surprise lift cameo.

The Princes join a trend of secret Storm Troopers, including Daniel Craig who was reported to have been under one of the iconic outfits in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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