Your chance to get Harry Potter tickets!

With the stage show of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child officially opening, plus the book coming out over the weekend, it seems the world has gone Harry Potter mad all over again!

But with tickets being sold online for over £1,000 how can we make sure we get to see the magic? Luckily Michael Underwood's got some good news...

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Ben and an unsuspecting Kate take an ice bath!

After 4 gruelling days of running, swimming and cycling in his ultra triathlon challenge, we thought Ben Shephard deserved a little treat at the end of today's show. So we got him an ice bath!

But our Ben is nothing if not generous, so decided to share his present with an unsuspecting Kate Garraway. Next time, don't stand too close!

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Should Ben keep his beard?

Ben has grown a rather impressive beard whilst undertaking his amazing ultra triathlon challenge. Should it stay or go? Vote now on Twitter.

The rugged look seems to be getting plenty of positive feedback from our viewers. Although Ranvir describes it as a national health hazard.

Ben's mum wants it gone. But it's you who have the power to decide... so it's to beard or not to beard! You can vote on Twitter until 06:15 on Saturday 30 July.


No more rockstar living for Midge Ure

At the ripe old age of 62 you have to look after yourself'

– Midge Ure

Midge Ure has seen it all and for that reason, he's relieved his daughters aren't following in his footsteps! He shares his career highs and lows - from organising Live Aid, Band Aid and Live 8, over 31 years ago, to opening up about his current healthier lifestyle, and headlining the 80's Rewind festival this Summer.

What made Jennifer Aniston so emotional?

Actress Jennifer Aniston was in Italy on Saturday at the Giffoni Film Festival to receive a lifetime achievement award, which understandably made her well up with pride - but what else caused her to get her hankie out?

Taking questions from young members of the audience, there was one teenager in particular whose query got a particularly stirring response from the Friends star, who recently hit out at the media for making comments about her body.

Watch to find out what got Jennifer feeling emotional...

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Happy third birthday to Prince George!

As the little prince celebrates turning three today, we take a look back at some of his most memorable moments and the latest royal snaps. We're sure you'll agree, it's pretty clear to see how the little prince has captured the nation's hearts!

Prince George looking cuter than cute in these new pictures released today!

Pictures taken for George's third birthday by Matt Porteous.

Prince George on his swing at the Duke and Duchess's family home in Norfolk.

Another snap of Prince George in the garden.

The Duke and Duchess present their bundle of joy to the world for the first time

A jet setter from an early age!