Christina Ricci: Fame didn't affect me as a child

I didn't really take in being famous until I was much older

– Christina Ricci

Hollywood star Christina Ricci told us today that as a child actor she "didn't feel famous".

Known for her roles in The Addam's Family films and Casper, the 36 year old revealed she was too busy enjoying her time on set to feel the pressures of being in the public eye. "I didn't really take in being famous until I was much older," she said.

Russell Watson's new lease of life

You have to make the most of everyday that comes along

– Russell Watson

One of the UK’s biggest selling classical artists, Russell Watson joined our sofa today to talk about his latest album, True Stories. He started as a Mancunian bolt cutter who then went on to spend 16 years at the top of the classical charts.

In the interview Russell speaks on meeting and performing for President-elect Donald trumps 15 years ago: "He had nice things to say about me so I liked him at the time."
But would he perform at Donald Trumps inauguration if he gets asked? We asked him.

Russell then went on to speak on recovering from his brain tumour and his new lease of life, telling us: "Live life to the absolute fullest".

'I've had more tweets about my mum than my audition!'

Fame's not ever anything that I've been chasing. I just love music.

– Charlie Drew

Charlie Drew stormed the blind auditions on The Voice on Saturday night, causing to admit that he regretting not turning his chair... and that he won't hesitate to steal him!

However the singing hopeful told us he's more than happy in the "safe hands" of Welsh singing sensation Tom Jones.

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The East End meets Strictly

I think I'm the happiest I've been in the 36 or 37 years in the business

– Shane Richie

The mean streets of the East End joined forces with the dancing world of Strictly when Shane Richie and Laura Whitmore joined us on the sofa to discuss their new play Not Dead Enough.

Laura revealed the number of kissing scenes they had and of course we couldn't let Shane leave without asking him about Redwater, the EastEnders spin off series featuring Kat and Alfie.

With all of Shane's great work over the last three decades, is he our new national treasure? He has a thumbs up from us!

Ten ways GMB will cheer up your January

It's officially the most miserable month of the year but don't be blue - we've compiled ten recent moments from Good Morning Britain that will put a smile back on your face!

1. Take a leaf out of Piers' book and turn an insult into a compliment

He's probably the only person in the world who can brush off being compared to a toad.

2. And if your morning's bad, think of the time Kate lost her contact lens...