Brendan Cole talks Strictly exit rumours and gets a brand new dance partner

Am I coming back next year? Am I not?

– Brendan Cole is slightly ambiguous about a return to Strictly...

Strictly Come Dancing pro Brendan Cole two-stepped his way into the Good Morning Britain studio today with his new dance partner - Charlotte Hawkins' adorable daughter Ella Rose!

Brendan, who paired up with Charlotte on Strictly, not only gave his former dance partner a bigger bouquet of flowers than Piers Morgan but he also cleared up the rumours about him leaving the dance show...

Watch the full interview above

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Sananda Maitreya says changing his identity saved his life

Eighties superstar Terence Trent D’Arby, now Sananda Maitreya, told Good Morning Britain why, in 2001, he legally changed his identity to save his life.

Speaking from Italy the singer said: “I have succeeded in the world that I have established for myself, away from all the madness. You have to understand that almost all of my close peers, almost all of them, are dead."

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Ed Sheeran injured in London 'bicycle accident'

Singer Ed Sheeran has reportedly broken his arm after being knocked off his bike in a supposed road accident in London.

The star posted a picture of himself in a cast on his Instagram account on Monday after reports circulated of him being involved in an accident.

"I've had a bit of a bicycle accident and I'm currently waiting on some medical advice, which may affect some of my upcoming shows", he wrote.

"Please stay tuned for further news. Ed x".

We're sending all our well wishes to Ed for a speedy recovery!

Showbuzz: Our Charlotte leaves Strictly Come Dancing

Monday’s Showbuzz digest includes saying goodbye to our Charlotte Hawkins after she became the latest celeb to leave Strictly Come Dancing - but which one of the show’s original dancers has hinted it could be his final series?

Plus, find out why James Corden's had to apologise on social media after some ill-judged jokes landed him in hot water...

Showbuzz: Dolly Parton on her goddaughter Miley Cyrus

I always had faith in her. I always knew Miley would be fine because she's talented and she's smart.

– Dolly Parton on goddaughter Miley Cyrus

The queen of country Dolly Parton talks about her relationship with goddaughter Miley Cyrus, and anticipation builds ahead of The X Factor's Six Chair Challenge.

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Jim Davidson: 'There is a stigma that doesn't go away'

I thought it was a done deal. It doesn't matter if I'm guilty or innocent, I'm another one that's been trawled up.

– Jim Davidson

In light of the recent allegations made against Harvey Weinstein, Jim Davidson has opened up about his own experiences of sexual assault accusations on Good Morning Britain.

Referring to the many women coming forward with stories of harassment about the Hollywood heavyweight, he said: "I'd like to see if he's arrested and I'd like to see if he's charged. And then I'd probably discuss it. But it's not very nice all of these things, very unpleasant, and there is a stigma that doesn't go away, I've got to tell you."

Showbuzz: Foo Fighters break their O2 curfew

Rockstar behaviour today in Showbuzz as Foo Fighters are sued for breaking an expensive curfew. Plus Taylor Swift fans will be excited to know the pop princess has built a social media app called The Swift Life.

Watch above for the latest star gossip.

Craig Charles and Robert Llewellyn on the return of Red Dwarf

Here we are two old broken-down TV stars still peddling this thing in space!

– Craig Charles jokes to GMB

Dave Lister and Kryton joined the GMB team on the sofa to talk all about 30 years of Red Dwarf, including the new series and older trivia around the iconic TV show.

On wearing Kryton's mask for an episode Craig Charles said: "I thought at one stage I was crying and I wasn't, I was just sweating out of my eyes!"

He also revealed that Alan Rickman was originally almost cast as the character Rimmer and how Patrick Stewart nearly once sued them.

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