Dame Joan Collins speaks on 'Legs-it' and Brexit

I’m not a person who can sit around doing nothing and I’m sure that neither of you are. Also they say if you retire you don’t live that much longer

– Dame Joan Collins

Today we were joined by Hollywood star and Queen of showbiz, Dame Joan Collins. Dame Joan talked about whether she will retire, being a ‘Brexiteer’ and her thoughts on the ‘legs-it’ controversy.

On her support of Brexit, Dame Joan told presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid: “I think it’s going to be very good for us.”

On yesterdays ‘legs-it’ controversy, she said: “Was I offended? Well no I actually giggled and then I showed it to [husband] Percy and I said, ‘what do you think of these legs’ and he said, ‘yours are better’”.

Watch the full interviews here.

Latitude announces 100 comedy names for 2017

Are you going to Latitude Festival this summer?

The Latitude Festival has the biggest amount of comedy in one place for any festival - it leads the way in Comedy.

It is often the platform Comedians use when trying out a new show - before taking it on the road or to the Edinburgh Festival.

Today they named 100 comedy names for the comedy bill across the Comedy Tent, Cabaret, Literary and Poetry Tent. It's the most comedians you will see in any one place at any one time any-where.

Here are just some of the shows headline acts:

Dara O'Brian
Simon Amstell
Dom Joly
Katherine Ryan
Chris Ramsey
Joel Dommett
Andrew Maxwell

To find out more information about the event click here.

Political Sex Pistol: Johnny Rotten backs Brexit and Trump!

The working class have spoken, and I stand with them!

– John Lydon on Brexit

Godfather of punk, anarchist and former Sex Pistol John Lydon, AKA Johnny Rotten, was on the show this morning promoting his limited edition new book Mr Rotten's Songbook. Having built a career on his anti-establishment views, he didn't shy away from talking about todays political landscape.

Lydon came out in support of Brexit claiming the working class had spoken and that he would stand by them. He also claimed he could see a possible friendship in Trump, praising his ability to terrify politicians. Rotten himself inspired a generation of anarchists.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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Hollyoaks hunk Duncan James spills the beans on the latest soap murder

They have a gorgeous wedding but in true soap fashion it all goes a little bit wrong ... Ryan comes home and finds Amy dead

– Duncan James reveals an upcoming murder in Hollyoaks

Hearts were melting as Hollyoaks hottie, Duncan James, joined us in the studio this morning. Duncan found fame in boyband Blue but recently made a move to acting, starring as Ryan in British soap Hollyoaks - a role he claims saved his life!

Duncan's character, Ryan Knight, is engaged to Amy Barnes. They previously split up because he slept with Mercedes McQueen, but he is now set to marry her in a special preview episode shown on E4 tonight. However Duncan has revealed that living happily ever after sadly will not be the case....

Piers Morgan's mouthiest moments

It feels a bit quiet today, what with Piers Morgan officially gagged for Comic Relief.

That means no talking, no writing articles and certainly no tweeting.

It feels strange having an hour pass without a new opinion of Piers' bestowed upon us... so we decided to take a look back at some times when he REALLY made sure his voice was heard.

When he challenged Mason Noise's ego...

Do you think the ego’s writing cheques the body’s maybe not quite able to cash?

– Piers Morgan asks the questions others might be thinking

X Factor contestant Mason Noise made headlines with his fiery behaviour towards judges when he was evicted - but it was nothing compared to what he faced in Piers when he went on Good Morning Britain the next day!

When he took on a trophy hunting schoolgirl...

How would you feel if I came to your house one day and I hunted down your pet cat and I killed it and then posted pictures of me celebrating the slaughter of your pet cat?

– Piers Morgan poses a rather difficult question

#ShirtPiersUp: Help us make Piers wear a SPURS shirt!

So, it’s the moment everyone has been waiting for…

In support of Red Nose Day, I have begrudgingly agreed to stop tweeting, writing, broadcasting and just generally running off at the mouth for 24 whole hours. As you can imagine, this doesn’t come naturally and I anticipate some relentless taunting (I’m looking at you, Gary Lineker…).​

I've agreed to be shut up to an even greater degree... by wearing a Spurs shirt. That is if the British public raises the total to £50,000.

So if you would like to see me suffer a great humiliation for a great cause, sponsor me now. ​

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