GMB rolls out the red carpet for Dame Joan Collins

You are basically wearing the same dress!

– Piers wasn't the only one to notice

We rolled out the red carpet for the fabulous Dame Joan Collins this morning - and then she arrived wearing the same dress as Susanna! Alas, there were no red faces in this frock off!

She's been courted by the world's most handsome legends - but which of them would Dame Joan like to be stranded on a desert island with? The glamorous legend didn't hold back as she shared some iconic memories... and even got Piers to read a sexy snippet from her latest novel, The St Tropez Lonely Hearts Club.

Why would you want to show your bottom?

– Dame Joan wasn't a huge fan of Madonna's latest, controversial outfit

Dame Joan also spoke about ageing gracefully and some of her more outlandish moments - it didn't take Piers long to sound out her opinion on Madonna's headline-grabbing outfit from this weekend's Met Gala.

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Seth Rogen's ideal neighbour? Adele!

In my group of friends I'm not the funniest one by a long shot

– Seth Rogen

Writer, producer and actor Seth Rogen joins us live to talk about his new movie Bad Neighbours 2.

He tells us what he really hates about his own neighbours, who he'd like to be stranded on a desert island with, plus Piers asks him why he once said on a chat show that he'd like to kill him... awkward!

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Who got cheeky at the Met Gala?

It's the night of the year when the stars go head to head to become the most noticed on the red carpet... and this year's Met Gala did not disappoint.

From humongous frocks to flesh-baring costumes the celebs were clearly trying to make today's headlines as they ramped up the futuristic theme. But which one went particularly far with her bum-flashing outfit?

Some say if you've got it, flaunt it... but Piers does NOT approve!


Vox Fortis hit the high notes

It's the year of the choirs on this year's Britain's Got Talent - with one already swooping a Golden Buzzer - but this weekend Vox Fortis also managed to hit the right notes with the judges.

They join us with the news that they're already one member down. Will they continue as a foursome?

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Hello... Is it Lionel you're looking for?

Lionel Richie's love affair with the UK continues as he hits our shores for a tour.

His 2016 arena dates follow a phenomenal year here for Lionel, which saw a sell-out tour with incredible live reviews, a number one album, a GQ Award and a truly sensational Glastonbury moment.

The four-time Grammy Award winner and legendary music icon caught up exclusively with Ross King.

Richard's Absolutely Fabulous movie role!

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is the new film everyone's talking about and our darling Richard Arnold has got a role in it (as well as every other celebrity in the country, it seems!).

Yes, Eddie and Patsy are back and it looks like they're in a spot of trouble after they might have killed a certain globally famous supermodel...

Richard, sweetie - we love your work!

Orphaned puppy joins family of cats

Now here's a story to make you go "ahhh".

Little Bobby the puppy was left all alone just days after he was born when his mum was fatally hit by a car. Staff at the home he was taken to decided to see how a cat would feel about him joining her litter... and so far, so good!

The story led Piers to compare himself to Bobby when he first joined GMB. A puppy amongst kittens? More like a cat amongst pigeons, Piers...

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