We visit the Platts to find out what's next for them...

They've been through murder, betrayal, blackmail and unwanted pregnancies... and now the Platts are set to face their biggest loss!

Ahead of a devastating week on the cobbles Katy Rickitt is live on the Coronation Street set with Helen Worth, Jack P Shepherd, Tina O'Brien, Ben Price and Lucy Fallon better known as Gail Tilsley-Platt, David Platt, Sarah Louise Platt, Nick Tilsley and Bethany Platt.

We know their beloved Kylie Platt will leave the Street forever but when and how? And what will happen next for one of Corrie's best loved families?

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I think Trump is a very dangerous man

– Brian May

Queen guitarist Dr Brian May joined us this morning to talk about why he's still passionately trying to stop the Government from culling badgers, the state of UK politics and why he prevented Donald Trump from using We Are The Champions at his rallies.

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How will Kylie Platt meet her sticky end?

She's meeting a stickier end than a sticky bun in the glue factory

– Nihal Arthanayake

It's no secret that Corrie's Kylie Platt will soon be meeting her end in a dramatic exit from the cobbles this week - but how will it happen?

Nihal Arthanayake tells us what he knows (without giving TOO much away, of course) - and it really doesn't look good for poor Kylie.

Meanwhile, Nihal also went to the Finding Dory premiere to chat to Ellen DeGeneres about making the sequel 13 years after Finding Dory. Watch the above video to find out more!

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